The Boiling Isles

The Boiling Isles

The Demon Realm is the homeworld of Eda, King, Amity Blight, Willow, Gus, Tibbles, Bosch, Warden Wrath, and Principal Bumpa. Despite it's name, it is a world of fantasy creatures including griffins, vampires, and so on (As well as giraffes, which were banished to Earth), as every myth made by humans were from this world leaking to Earth. As revealed in the SAFA series, the Boiling Isles, the setting of The Owl House, rests on the Lovecraftian world of Yuggoth, which has changed a noticeable lot since it's description in Lovecraftian lore, and that it was only adjacent to Pluto for a short time during Lovecraft's time. The realm itself was made by Azathoth, the ruler of Mischievers, to create monsters. But the inhabitants rebelled and broke off as their own world, and with help from Yuggoth's native race, the Mi-Go, banished them away forever thanks to the manufacture of Lovecraftium, an unstable metal that can harm Outer Gods. Luz Noceda currently resides here to become a witch, and currently fights against Azathoth's family and learns about the history of H.P. Lovecraft, who was a UUniversal Crusader who took the biggest risk of exploring what was outside dimensional space, the domain of Outer Gods.



Yuggoth is the setting planet, in which the Boiling Isles is situated. Like in Lovecraftian horror, it is the home planet of the Mi-Go, seahorse-shaped insect-like fungi that are renowned alchemists and the creators of Lovecraftium, historically called 'Iagh-metal'. Before Azathoth arrived, the Demon Realm and these planets were like a normal fantasy dimension where the Dreamlands allowed sleeping humans to live their fantasy and even willingly become reincarnated as a demon with a form of their choosing through any means of dying, and had it's own identity free of any Lovecraftian horrors. But when Azathoth arrived, Yuggoth was chosen to quarantine Mischiever-infected Earth lands by transporting them there. As a result, Yuggoth became the wonderland of Lovecraftian fiction while the other Lovecraftian fictional planets orbit the same system. Azathoth always returns in a few millennia to try and claim the Demon Realm again, but Lovecraftium weapons allowed the inhabitants to drive him away, but not before he undoes the fantasy they molded.

The Boiling Isles

The Boiling Isles is the central setting of The Owl House. It is located primarily within the skeleton of a giant titan.

  • The Owl House: A small cottage located on the cliffs outside the Bonesborough. It is the home of Eda, King, and currently Luz. It is secured by a sentient owl door decoration that serves as the consciousness of the house named Hooty.
  • Hexside University: Commonly misspelled and/or confused to be called 'Hackside University', this is a school of witchcraft and where Willow, Gus, and Amity attend. The Principal is named Principal Bumpe.
  • Bonesborough: The local town on the Isles.
  • The Market Place: A marketplace within Bonesborough where Eda runs a stand and sells objects found in the human world. It is where the Luncheon can be found.
    • Adegast's Palace: The palace of the good wizard Adegast. It was left in ruins after being attacked by a servant of Hastur, who assimilated Adegast into a puppet as a former Mortal Napper, alongside others, until liberation with the servant's defeat, the palace recovered quite well. Adegast was a renowned critic of the Conformity and Steamworks, thus isn't popular with either of them.
  • The Library: The local library of the Boiling Isles that is like any average library, except its books are enchanted and can levitate.
  • Lovecraft Forest: A forest that held well to its name of being extremely Lovecraftian in flora and fauna, including primitive Shoggoths that behaved like intelligent wolves, and tentacle forests.
    • Tsathoggua Temple: A giant temple found inside N'kai Caves, where Tsathoggua resided and the former residence of Rothrock.
  • The Conformitorium: A city-like asylum/prison and colony plantation of the Administration of Conformity where ever since the declaration of it's Prime Minister, was a site that held those with abnormal behaviors or traits, dubbed 'abnormals', to be held against their will by Warden Wrath to 'make normal'. The City is mainly the home of Conformity Guards and staff. In thanks to Luz, the abnormals have escaped the area after Warden Wrath's defeat.
  • Cat Village: A cute and wholesome village of tiny cat munchkins and one of the few places in the Boiling Isles actually decent. Though it did unfortunately suffer an attack from a servent of Hastur like with Abegast, assimilating a few inhabitants in the process, but upon the cat munchkins' liberation, the town began recovering.
  • Bloodstorm Bar: A bar for vampires that earned it's name for being in vampire country, where it literally rains blood, graphic but normal for vampires. The bar is where vampires that can't go their urges go, thus often even the mere act of entering the bar will leave you being a free snack to them, even if you're with the Conformity.
  • Sunbaked Meadow: A desert paradise for reptilians of the Demon Realm. It mostly holds small reptile villages. Reptoblade and his daughter Bladia were from this meadow as it is the homeland of the Metaltiles, reptilians capable of growing blades from their bodies and enable them to be good weaponsmiths. Though a lot of them have been turned into slave laborers by Steamworks, which the Conformity had allowed because the Metaltiles are repeat resisters of the Conformity, explaining Bladia's rebellion attempt cut short by the Administrator himself.
  • Gyraffe: A ruined city of the giraffes, and home of Raffia. It was once a vibrant place as giraffes were once in touch with nature and capable of great things, but the city fell into ruins after the giraffes got exiled from the realms for being too pushy about their nature-protectionist views.
  • Maskatonic Valley: A valley literally situated in the heart of the island, and the home of King Asmodeus, and the location of a vibrant and lawfully-protected Whippoorwill Forest Park.
  • Skull Cave: A Lovecraftium-rich cave situated in the island's skull that is now under a Steamworks Operation.

Outside Boiling Isles

Due to its enchantment of bringing quarantined Mischiever lands from Earth to its surface, the lands of Yuggoth outside the Boiling Isles are essentially containing all fictional locations of Lovecraftian lore. But the Dreamlands are actually native here.

  • The Richer Mainland: A large continent under Conformity influence. As suggested, it is a large continent that is richer and better situated than the Boiling Isles as a whole. It is where the Conformity Senate resides and is the holder of many Conformity operations.
  • Dreamlands: A magical land that covers most of Yuggoth's land and can be accessed to humans via dreaming.
    • Kadath: The capital city of the Dreamlands where rests all-powerful dream wizards called 'Great Ones', located in the highest northern mountain of the Dreamlands.
  • Arkham: A former-Massachusetts city situated near Salem which is like the Boiling Isles, but much richer, and more responsible with magic trade and scholarship. It also rests inside the skeleton of a giant non-humanoid titan.
    • Miskatonic University: Arkham's top magic school and the most attended magic school on Yuggoth.
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