Denahi is the main antagonist of Spongebob's adventures of Brother Bear, and a corrupted pawn of Fagin and Shadow Fagin, and a brief ally to Boss Wolf, the wolf/gorilla army, and Lord Shen before Boss Wolf and Denahi seperated in the wasteland part of the Dinsey Ice age realm.


Denahi is like a bully to Kenai but still loves him in everyway in the beginig he's a protagonist but in the middle till the climax he's a villain also he's one of the villains to not be evil but to be when at the final fight of the film it looks like his anger has desended to maddness and evil. Also his role of a villain is a good one cause Kenai was turned into a bear and Denahi tries to kill him.

Brother Bear[2]Edit

Denahi advises Kenai against avenging Sitka's death as it may anger the spirits, but Kenai sets out to kill the bear anyway. Kenai does so and is transformed into a bear by Sitka. As Denahi arrives at the scene of the fight, he sees scraps of his brother's clothes and Kenai in his bear form. Believing that his brother lost the fight and was also killed by the bear. Denahi begins to hunt Kenai's bear form relentlessly across the wilderness, not understanding that the bear is actually his brother. He first sees Kenai in the woods where he hides behind a tree. When Denahi comes out to attack, Kenai sees him and tries to talk to him not knowing that humans don't speak bear, so Denahi tries to stab Kenai

Role in the series

cause of Yru17 requesting the villain leage not to appear in the spongebob verson of brother bear (Slight exsection of the appearence of Shadow Fagin and the brief villain reprhase of Lord Shen and Boss Wolf), Scroopfan made the idea that Villains can't enter the ice age realm cause of it being protacted by the spirits, but the villain leage's dark magic found it's way to corrupt him into a pawn, before the spirits had something to say about, so as of now, he is no longer a villain leage member.