Ruby Carol Heels
Deputy Ruby
Vital statistics
Title Deputy Ruby
Gender Female
Race/Species Antelope jackrabbit (Lepus alleni)
Faction Sheriff Garrot and his Deputies
Description Tough, Smart, Nice, Symapthetic, Hyperactive and Enthusiastic at Times, Charming, Beautiful, Heavy Southern Accent
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Revolver, Seductive Abilities, Martial Arts, Agility, Reflexes, Strong Kicks
Status Alive
Location Pastoon
Alignment Good

Deputy Ruby C. Heels is an Antelope jackrabbit from Pastoon who is noted for her ruby-colored eyes and her beauty. She works as the head deputy for Sheriff Garrot since he needed assistants to help investigate the Mafia Alliance's hold on Pastoon through the crime boss known as Criminal Sanchez, as well as to fill in extra duties in Dodge City. Ruby has wanted to be in law enforcement for years, and has been a great learner in her schools. She even discovered how to charm people with her eyes as a distraction in battle. She, along with the four ground squirrel Summers siblings, have proven experienced enough to assist Garrot in his investigation, being exceptionally skilled in gunfights. She learned grips and twist techniques after years of being hit on in her teenage years, and even an attempted rape. One example of those that are attracted to her is Garrot's son, Ralph, though only hesitantly.


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