Derek Cody Glidester
Derek Glidester
Vital statistics
Title The Anonymous Revealer
Gender Male
Race/Species Timor flying dragon (Draco timoriensis)
Faction Independent Blackmailing Bully
Description Jealous, Grudge-Holding, Insensitive, Mean, Stubborn, Disrespectful, Insulting, Unsympathetic, Selfish, Vengeful
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Stealthy Photographer
Status Still at Large
Location Dragon Realms (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Derek C. Glidester is the primary antagonist of The Blackmailing Burden. He is a flying lizard photographer who makes a living by secretly blackmailing whoever he desires without getting caught with his special night-visioned camera.


Derek grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As a kid, Derek was really sneaky, but was always caught by his big brother Michael, and little brother Josh, and punished. Josh worked for paparazzi while Michael worked at McDonalds. Derek, however, wasn't that bright for his behavior and unsuccessful stealth attempts.

Derek knew he would get his chance to get payback on his tattle-tailing brothers if it was the last thing he did. He almost got away with it when he stole his father's wallet, and framed Michael for it because Josh got his picture. Because Derek wouldn't let him get away with it, Josh made hundreds of duplicates of the picture showing Derek's stunt, and Derek tried so hard to get rid of them all. His father, however, fell for his stunt, and punished Michael. But after a few attempts, Derek's father finally saw one of Josh's pictures, and gave Derek a good spanking.

After that, Derek had enough of always getting caught and hated Josh for taking the picture. So, in a quest for payback, Derek stole Josh's camera, and blackmailed him by revealing his secret crush to the public. Josh was laughed at and humiliated, and confronted Derek. Derek refused to give him his camera back until he apologized for tattle-tailing on him along with Michael. Of course, Josh didn't do that, and to prevent him from tattling again, Derek threatened to destroy his camera. So Josh remained silent, and Derek continued blackmailing him as Josh still refused to apologize.

Then, Derek went after Michael. He blackmailed him by taking pictures of him making out with his girlfriend, and revealing it to the public. Michael was also unable to stop him as Derek threatened to turn his girlfriend against him. Josh and Michael were blackmailed of their lives, and still refused to do what Derek said. This went on for months, and Derek was starting to get popular for publishing the funniest newsprint ever, and nothing could stop him.

But then, after Derek had blackmailed his brothers by taking pictures of them in the shower, they both had enough. They decided to finish it by sneaking the camera away from him, and blackmailed HIM by taking funny pictures of him in his sleep like straws up his nose, his thumb in his mouth, his mouth full of water, and even his finger up his nose. Then when they were done, they slid the camera back on his neck, and went off.

The next day, and Derek having no idea what happened during his sleep, he came to school only to find himself being laughed at. Then he discovered his brothers' stunt, and got furious. Now, with his humiliation, Derek was teased, teachers hated him, his friends abandoned him, and his parents even found out, and gave him an even HARDER spanking, and forced him to give back the camera after convincing him by whipping him with a belt. After that, he was the laughing stock of his school.

Derek, having been humiliated for the last time, had decided that Josh and Michael are gonna pay for this. he discovered that Michael was cheating on his girlfriend with a hotter chick. he took the picture, and post it all over the shcool at night, and destroyed all video camera eveidents. the girlfriend, betrayed, has become so mad that she murdered Mike and the other girl out of desistation. Derek was actselly horrived by this, his intention was serious humliation, not an arranged murder. then, he desided to lie by saying that it was "The Annomimus reveler", and that he is a mysterious photo journelest that makes people suffer by reveling the most embarising secrets, and sometimes, it would either ruin lifes, or even end them. Josh know that's a pile of slop, and privately, had Derek to admit it. but Derek blackmailed Josh into staying silent by saying Josh was the anomimous reveler, and he will go to jail for arranging a murder. Josh stayed silent, and the poor deluded girl was taken to jail.

Years later, at age 25, and Josh at age 14, Derek had been respected because since Michael's 'accident', and because Derek now saids he knows the anmomimus reveler, and the reveler will punish those that wrong him. he became popular out of fear because people were afraid for their most embarrising or incrimination, or even alienating secrets. Josh is sollawed by guilt, and is doomed by a vow to not say it was Derek's fault, or he would be punished for a crime he did not commited. Derek joined the popperrazsi and got a new night vision camera. Josh vanishes and has yet to be seen.

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