Queen Destiny
Vital statistics
Title Destiny the Changeling
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Changeling
Faction Pure Changeling Kingdom
Description Pure, Highest Pure Changeling Form, Nice, Sympathetic, Bold, Wise, Respectful, Sacrificial, Beautiful
Skills and Abilities High-Level of Magic, Shape-Shifting, Flight
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Destiny Kingdom (Home and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Queen Destiny is an Equestrian Changeling and the sister of Queen Chrysalis. She and her sister were separated from each other long ago by their parents when they got a divorce, and while Chrysalis was raised by the mother, Queen Throx the 500th, Destiny was raised by the father, King Seta, who was much more into peace and diplomacy than conquest and war, which was the main reason why he divorced from Throx. When Seta succumbed to the same insect-like hibernation Throx went through, which has been known to take years, or even a near-millennia, to complete, Destiny took over as queen of her father's kingdom. All the Changelings in her kingdom are more diplomatic and never resort to violence to solve their problems unless necessary, and they obtain their food by asking for it through other kingdoms. Thus, as the millennia passed, she gained the highest form a peaceful Changeling could reach.


Destiny was born looking like the rest of the gruesome-looking Changelings as a daughter of King Seta and Queen Throx the 500th, the 500th descendant of the chemically-evolving Changeling race that lived underground and fed off of the love of plants that 'were planted with love'. However, this tactic was getting outdated due to their love being finite, causing two separate eras of famine and mass cannibalism. So Throx gave birth to Chrysalis and made her the princess of the Changelings. Chrysalis brings the idea of harvesting love instead of relying on it from terrestrial life. Thus Throx proposed a plan to begin such a quest. However, Seta wasn't so supportive, as Throx wanted to gain love through invasion, while he saw that they could just share love with other beings, regardless of Throx's disagreements due to the complications as well as their appearances being so revolting to outsiders it would be all but impossible (The Changelings unable to shapeshift at this time).

Thus Destiny was chosen to carry on her Seta's idea of sharing love with others since her pure heart made her an outcast to her gruesome and creepy siblings. Thus, after a 60-year war to debate about how they harvest love, the two rulers divorced and put themselves into a long hibernation, leaving Chrysalis and Destiny the new queens of their respective kingdoms. Chrysalis found her own magic-harnessing way of exiting the Changeling Underworld, through the unintentional help of Starswirl the Bearded, while Destiny found another way out of the Underworld. She discovered shapeshifting abilities like Chrysalis' kingdom by discovering a magic pool of the same origin as the pool Chrysalis used to harness their shapeshifting abilities, and both kingdoms retreated to faraway lands to establish kingdoms of their own.

Over the next few millennia, while Chrysalis would conquer and steal love from others, Destiny would share love with other races as they learned to love something as gruesome-looking as them. After years of this, her Changeling subjected changed appearance from gruesome to more beautiful and love-oriented. Destiny became the beautiful butterfly she is today, and continues to be a rival to Chrysalis as a better and more successful kingdom. However, both kingdoms would eventually set their sights on Equestria, which they discover has more love than any other kingdoms in their world. However, Chrysalis got to Canterlot before Destiny and with the events that have transpired following Chrysalis' defeat, Destiny was forced to postpone her plans to make peace with Equestria since Chrysalis would likely have made the race look horrible.

Fortunately, Celestia ended up coming across Destiny's Kingdom when she discovered clues on the Changelings' past. Thus the two races have formed an alliance that they had to keep secret until the damage done to the Changelings' name thanks to Chrysalis was healed. They kept this a secret for a long time until Thorax came into the Crystal Empire. After earning the trust of it's inhabitants, Celestia and Destiny felt that it might be a chance for her kingdom to meet the ponies of Equestria, yet are still weighing their options.

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