Titan (Final Space)


Destroids, also called Titans in some worlds, are a rogue former class of Destroyer Outer Gods that served a more overkill purpose of mortals adapting to Outer God destruction. They were created by Arachnitects, godly arachnid weavers of the Outer Gods, or at the least seperate Outer God patheons not connected SAF's Multiverseal Hierarchy or shared shared Multiverseal Oceans in that segment, and the authors of an unstable quantum dimension which would be known in some lores as 'Final Space', a forbidden zone to even other Outer Gods. They created the Destroids to aid in layering and safeguarding dimensions from interdimensional threats until they reach the edge of the multiverse where they met the unconquerable Invictus the Outer Demon, who poisoned the Destroids with chaos and turning them into nihilistic destroyers. The All Mother and The Grand Amoral Elder deemed them too destructive to even themselves after this and with help from the last uncorrupted Destroid Bolo first cast them and Invictus in the Hibernation Realm, until a clever selection of them named Destroxxus, Octotlju, Eyvisolar, Khillure, and Curstorus as seen in the image, and the chosen pawns of Invictus, managed to evade such a fate, and were then imprisoned in Final Space, a purgatory far worse than the Hibernation Realm. But they tried to claw their way out of Final Space creating spacetime tears until several dimensional jumpers sealed up many of their first hole, creating Finalfinites, pieces of Final Space that took shape, form, and sentience in dimensions. But these creatures create cosmic imbalances that threaten to free the Destroids, and yet some dimension jumpers are able to send the Finalfinites back to Final Space before they shatter Final Space into their dimensions. With the Destroids calling the Finalfinites their tragically unwitting pawns, these creatures have been one of the most dangerous threats to the multiverse.
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