Junjie is once again at his utter extremist worst again, this time choosing a new recruit that Mirage has banned for his untrustworthy nature: The Destructinator, the rogue Head Eliminator that rebelled against it's master The Darkness, and was defeated by a powered-up Timmy Turner in Wishology. But because of his rebellious nature, as well as his all-powerful nature after absorbing magic wands, he thinks ahead and has a curse placed on him that will kill him again if he rebels. However, the curse is highly defective and was only powerful enough to cartoonishly humiliate him instead of destroying him, otherwise freeing Destruct to turn Junjie and pals into his bitches. Thus, with him back, the heroes are in for a big surprise. Timmy himself comes in after revealing that Junjie did him a favor by helping him out with his homeworld, as he restored it back to his robotic dystopia, this time doing a much more sinister use with it than what he did before. Thus, after getting Turbo Thunder to help again, and with Jorgen agreeing to have Timmy's friends and family temporarily knowledgeable of his fairies again for extra aid (Even though they weren't around following the Destructinator's reign), the heroes have to help take care of a reckless act committed by Junjie, especially since the Villain League is alerted and demands that they take care of it because the Destructinator is no doubt gonna be trouble for both them and their villain team enemies. Thus, after taking it up with the friendship-cured Darkness who reveals that the Destructinator was always a rebelling creation from the first moment it created him, and always had an egotistical edge to him, believing that destroying the Chosen One was a logical choice because he found the Darkness' quest for friends through appearing like a dark entity self-defeating and stupid, and tried many times to make it evil, every time failing, and later convinced it to create the Eliminators to act as enforcers out to look for the purest of people, only for it to be his secret henchmen force to make the Darkness look like pure evil. When he lost it all upon his 'unmaking', despite fearing he would jeopardize his quest, he waited for the Chosen One to defeat him, and clearly left clues for Timmy to realize it's true nature so it couldn't be threatened by people like the Destructinator again. So, it's up to the heroes to defeat him once again, but it's clear that the Destructinator, with his all-powerful nature, is not going to be fooled by simply absorbing remote-controlled explosives again. How will they save Timmy's world?

PTE Redux Conditions: This episode may get a redux in the foreseeable future, and serve as a reference for building up the Nicktoons Hero Gang.



(Final Showdown With Turbo Timmy, the Heroes, and Destructinator)

Strike Force Heroes 2 music Missions 5, 9 (The Meeting)

Strike Force Heroes 2 music Missions 5, 9 (The Meeting)


The Destructinator Returns

Junjie's Room

  • Junjie: (They were in a room) YES! YES!
  • Galaxhar: It's alive! ALIVE! ALI- Oh, no, now it's dead!... OH, NOW IT'S ALIVE AGAIN!!! (They all cackled)
  • Junjie: Now, you got all the fail safes, right?
  • Galaxhar: Yes. You made it pretty clear. (Suspenseful music played as a familiar black-shirted robot in CG was seen coming out)...
  • Destructinator:... Eliminate Timmy Turner!
  • Makunga: Heh, expected THOSE to be the first words he said.
  • Destructinator:... Where am I?
  • Junjie: You're alive, Mr. Destructinator. And we have a plan for you to get the revenge you want, on not just Timmy Turner, but all his little friends outside and inside his world.
  • Destructinator:... You sure do not look like it.
  • Junjie: Trust us, we do. We've been fighting certain Nicktoon friends of his. They're a nuisance to us. If we know them, we know Timmy Turner. And if I may recall, he had your ass handed to you by tricking you into absorbing remote-detonated explosives.
  • Tai Lung: D*** move, really.
  • Destructinator: Hey, you try and get over your master's silliness and self-defeating goals. THEN you'll understand.
  • Junjie: Now then, we've brought you back so you can help us defeat not just YOUR enemies, but OURS.
  • Destructinator:... And I should care about that, why?
  • Junjie: Why? Well, we DID bring you back. Plus, we DID make sure you don't go any further. We know how you tend to be on the traitorous side, so we put that fail safe within (A poof was heard)...
  • Destructinator:... You DO know I have magic, right? (He showed off his wand attachments, and showed him the detonator)... Is THIS the fail-safe you were referring to?
  • Junjie: Oh, no, uh, that's just the DECOY detonator. We wouldn't show you the real thing OR let you access it that easily. (Chuckles) But, uh, we do need that back. It was Blowhole's!
  • Destructinator: Oh, don't you worry. I'll hold onto it REAL tight! (He crushes it)... Whoops!
  • Makunga:... PLEASE tell me there's another failsafe!
  • Junjie:... No!
  • Destructinator:... You know? Why would I wanna serve someone who is too incompetent to have competent failsafes, even around someone as clever as me?
  • Makunga: I don't know! WHY WOULD HE?!?
  • Junjie: Makunga, don't rub it in! Just... Just get- (He poofed away)...
  • Galaxhar:... Well, we're f****d!

Living Room

  • Destructinator: (He went in and noticed a few belongings to Foop, and his homeworld)
  • Thug Leader: HEEEEEYYY!!! (It went like this)
All Bubble Blowning Babies Will Be Beaten Senseless!

All Bubble Blowning Babies Will Be Beaten Senseless!

  • Thug Leader: You may not know it, robot! But we gotta rule around here, about intruders! (He snaps)
  • Everyone: All intruders who know the location of the Villain League will be beaten senseless by- (The Destructinator punched the Thug Leader into the air and out of his socks and shoes as he screamed and everyone was shocked)... (They panicked)

Mirage's Room

  • Mirage: (She was minding her own business until the Thug Leader crashed into her quarters)
  • Thug Leader:... Every... Able-bodied... Oh, f*** it!

Living Room

  • Thug #1: (As much of them were magically warped into animals) WET YOURSELVES AND RUN BY BABIES!!! (They started running)
  • Plankton: (With Karen) Whoa, whoa, where's the party, guys?
  • Thug #2: ROBOT!
  • Thug #3: BLACK SHIRT!
  • Thug #5: MAGIC WANDS! (They ran off screaming)
  • Plankton:... Oh, I'll take care of this! Karen? (She starts to display a defensive protocol as she fired laser beams rapidly, but Destructinator absorbed them with his red vortex mouth, and sprout guns just like it)... Oh... Crap!
  • Destructinator: Thank you, sir! May you like another?
  • Plankton:... Don't you mean, may I like another? WAIT, WAIT, TRICK QUESTION, I DIDN'T MEAN-
  • Destructinator: GLADLY! (He fired the laser cannons as they panicked)
  • BLAST!
  • Plankton was still fine, but it was revealed that he was poofed into Karen's screen.
  • Plankton: "...... Well this stinks."
  • Karen: "Not THIS again! (An alarm was raised as Destructinator wreaked havoc trying to escape until the Council stepped in)"
Villain Pub - The Boss Battle

Villain Pub - The Boss Battle

  • Destructinator: Hello!... And goodbye! I'm alive and ready to wreck s*** and take names.
  • Mirage: And whose fault is THAT I wonder?
  • Cobra:... It was Junjie, wasn't it?
  • Destructinator: Depends, is he a fox in a dark blue robe-
  • Destructinator: And, I'll take that as a yes! So, are you gonna get out of my way or what?
  • Cobra: And risk being scolded by those Lodgers and have them beat us up in another tirade for whenever Junjie messes up? Absolutely not! We have magic too if you hadn't noticed! Jafar?
  • Jafar: With pleasure! (He charges until Destructinator poofed in his lamp causing him to turn around pitifully) You all are not fulfilling enough for this!
  • Cobra: Clever d***! Well, you're still not going anywhere!
  • Destructinator: Then watch me plow through you like bowling pins! Normally, I'd use my magic to teleport out of here, but... This seems like a good warm up!
  • Mirage: We shall not give you the pleasure! KILL HIM!
  • The Leage's entire forces charge!

The Destructinator's History

Timmy's House

  • SpongeBob: (The heroes came)... Wow!... (The people who helped in Wishology were present)... I guess Timmy decided it wouldn't be fighting Destructinator again without you guys.
  • Timmy: Yes. I asked Jorgen to restore their memories to help until all this is over.
  • FOP Trixie: Yeah. Sure, we weren't around for most of it, but... Hopefully we will now.
  • Mr. Turner: But... Where's Vicky and Crocker, and... Dark Laser for that matter?
  • Shenzi: Well, Mr. I'm Always Interrupted Every Time My First Name Is Mentioned Turner, Crocker and Vicky were one of his first victims since they're... Obviously Villain Leaguers.
  • Mark: Sucks, really.
  • Shenzi: And for Dark Laser? Oh, I'm sure that Darth-Vader-ripoff isn't that much concern nowadays.
  • AJ: I decided to call the other Nicktoons for this as well.
  • SpongeBob: We'd like that. In fact, I don't think Jimmy and Timmy have interacted much since their Jimmy-Timmy specials, Nicktoon reunions aside.
  • Jimmy: (He and the others came)... No joke.
  • Danny: Yes. And... WOW! This fan art of this ghost girl, is STILL getting me nuts!
  • Tak: My franchise hasn't been touched on in a LONG time.
  • Otis: And WE'RE glad to throw some punches for our Nicktoon friends.
  • Cosmo: YAY! NICKTOON REUNION! (He magically summons a pulley) SLIMIE!! (He yanked it as everyone was slimed by Nick slime)
  • Chester:... Gross, but still nostalgically pleasing.
  • Cindy: And I decided to come, too. Have been DYING to see Timmy for a long time.
  • Sandy: Hey, voice actor twin.
  • Cindy: Hey!
  • Jimmy: Sheen, please. I know you feel a little too special since you had a show before I rescued you from Zeenu, but come on.
  • Icky: Okay, okay, okay! Before we make this another exposition dump, does ANYONE know how we're gonna beat this thing?
  • Jorgen: Well, if we are to beat Destructinator again, we must get info from the ONE person who knows him more than anyone else.
  • Icky: "The show's creator?"
  • Jorgen: "Well, tecnecally you're not wrong, but no!" (The sunny Darkness came in)
  • Darkness:... Hello, friends.
  • Icky:... Oh, yeah, that's right! His master! Good call.
  • Darkness: It is concerning that my head eliminator would be back and swearing revenge. Then again, he's always been like that.
  • Icky:... I must ask... If you were just looking for friends... Then why were you looking like a giant scary evil-looking black hole while doing it? Seems self-defeating if you ask me.
  • Darkness: It's a way of helping people in the galaxy not judge something by it's looks. But... I HAVE heard this criticism before. In fact, Destructinator was the first who said it. Why do you think he was rebellious to begin with?
  • Mrs. Turner: I guess that makes sense.
  • Darkness: You see, the Destructinator... Was always a faulty creation....


  • (Darkness): As the first one from my league of Eliminators, he was faulty, but grew from that faultiness, to where he got smart enough to become ambitious. I remember the time he confronted me about my true goal all too well....
  • Eliminator Destructionator was seen pushing harder then the other Eliminators.
  • (Darkness): Though he was hard to trust, he was good. REALLY good. But... He had the greatest hand in making me look like the monster you briefly saw me as.
  • Destructinator: Master, this is starting to get ridiculous! What good is looking for friends when all you do is have us come in and suck people?
  • Eliminator #1: That's what she said! (Destructinator punched him) DOOF!
  • Darkness: I am aware of this. Other Eliminators had their doubts. But know, this is how I plan to have them open up more.
  • Destructinator: Are you kidding? We destroyed worlds, for Christ's sake! That's not making friends! What is wrong with you? This is self-defeating, and stupid! What is the point?
  • Darkness: Someday, you will understand.
  • Destructinator: Not likely! (He left)
  • (Darkness): He DID make me question my ways, but to a certain extent. So, I had to ensure to only destroy worlds as a last resort. Worlds like Turbo Thunder's were before this conversation. If I was going to complete this, I had to look less evil. But... Destructinator came to a devastating conclusion. If I was going to look evil all the time, he might as well MAKE me evil.
  • (Chester): Wow! That's a bit diabolical!
  • (Darkness): A bit? It WAS diabolical.
  • (AJ): I can agree with you on that one.
  • (Darkness): So he started rallying up the Eliminators to secretly commit rebellious nature, as he intended to destroy the Chosen One as soon as we got him, just to spite me. He was doing this, because his ambition made him question my nature, and go against it. Then... It finally got the best of him.
  • Destructinator: I will not return! You cannot make me! (He attacked the Darkness)
  • Darkness:... But I can UN-make you! (He did so as his parts drifted off to Earth)
  • (Darkness): Knowing how truly malicious he became, and with everything he did being clear, I had to show my men whose boss.
  • Darkness: Timmy Turner is NOT to be eliminated!
  • Eliminator #1: Right! TOTALLY clear on that!
  • Eliminator #2: Timmy Turno, NOOOO, ELIMINATO!
  • (Darkness): But I was not done there. Knowing the hardiness of the Destructinator, I had to do something to get everyone to know my true nature. So... I had to do the best thing to offer Timmy Turner the clue he needed to find out. I watched him defeat the Destructinator. And... It was quite amusing.
  • Destructinator: I cannot be stopped, Chosen One! Thanks to you, I have magic, I have destructo-pits, and I have all the power in the universe!
  • Turbo Timmy: Not all the power! What about all those weapons you stuffed in the Earth? You don't have those! (He sucked them up)
  • Destructinator: BUT NOW, I DO! (Cackles) And now, at last, you WILL be eliminated! Any last words?
  • Turbo Timmy: Yeah! When I crashed into you in space, I sorta grabbed your detonator! (He was shocked) Don't mess with the Chosen One! (He pushed the button)
  • Destructinator: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- (He was blown up)
  • (Icky): (Laughs) HE ABSORBED ALL THE EXPLOSIVES- (Laughs) And y-, AND YOU JUST BLEW 'EM UP!! (Laughs) You're right! THAT, was amusing, and I never stop laughing even all the way from 2009! What a sucker, literally AND figuratively!


  • Darkness: And by watching it all, the plan worked, and I was given what I needed at last. I no longer had to worry about the Destructinator. And the Villain League was VERY hesitant to add him to their ranks, as Mirage believed he was too risky, and that he'd betray them the best chance he got.
  • Lord Shen: And they were right, because that's what happened when Junjie brought him back. They guy is an extremist who has put us and his own team in more danger than we can count. And so far, this takes the cake.
  • Icky: "Yeah, he litterally broken one of TVtrope's most impourent Evil Overlord List rules: NEVER trust a traitor?! I mean, he already broken it with Tirek, but at least Tirek humored Junjie until the time was right, the bootleg terminator didn't even lasted 5 seconds with him without wanting to ditch his ass for his own wishes! A new record, quite frankly."
  • Jimmy: So, do we have a way to beat him?
  • Poof: Poof-poof?
  • Wanda: No, I don't think your smile is gonna have any effect on him like the others.
  • Sheen: What would Ultra-Lord do against a guy like this?
  • Libby: I don't know, but maybe he'd win in the same way we likely will, that is, IF WE THINK PRAGMATICALLY!!!
  • Abby: Well, let's think of something already!
  • Squidward: Let's just wish the son of a bitch away!
  • Wanda: One, that requires he be dead in robot terms, and again, against Da Rules! Two, he's got magic, so it won't do any good.
  • Squidward: Figures!
  • Danny: Hey, you can't just solve all your problems with a quick spell!
  • Mrs. Turner: How about we contact your Turbo Thunder buddy? I mean, he and his parents are alive, right?
  • Darkness: And I have restored their homeworld, yes.
  • Cosmo: You can do that?
  • Darkness: Thanks to you, I can. And I have already contacted him upon sensing his return. He should be here any minute.
  • Icky: Well, until then, let's talk about Timmy. How have you been recently? How's Sparky and... That girl neighbor of yours that everyone constantly claims ruined the show?
  • Timmy: Well, normally I would've brought Chloe around, buuuuuut, Nickelodeon had legally asked me, (As he brings out a legal-binding contract) To NOT discuss the show's most controversal topics out loud. And given this is a magical contract that was approved by the Fairy Council, they're watching me, but just know that I can only talk about Chloe as long as we have her stick to the canon show and not here.
  • Icky: Well, yeah, she's been considered just as bad an addition as Sparky, given her addition goes against everything your show stands for, but-
  • Timmy: But nothing! Point is, Chloe and Sparky are off on their own thing when we're with you, and it's best to leave them here. We are still friends, but she's a little touchy about big adventures like ours, and Sparky keeps her company. Bottom line, they don't need any place here.
  • Icky: "(Quietly) Yeesh, I know that kid has the reputation of being considered the character that killed the Fairy Oddparents Show, but-"
  • Poof: BUT NOTHAAAANNNNNNG!!!... (He made a cute face)
  • Icky: "..... That wasn't even meant to be heard!"
  • Wanda: "Sorry about that! Poof has super-strong hearing."


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