Detective Hardson Core

Detetive Hardson Orrel Case

Detective Hardson O. Case is an Alternate UUniversal Macorlean from Planet Jespillionact. He is an alien being who is an android and former member of the Lawgivers under the leadership of Maxxus until he was killed in the line of duty by a highly-persistent and deadly cybernetic criminal, and when he died, the criminal, in revenge for his lawless home planet turned into a lawful world, he revived Hardson as an android sleeper agent, which proven to be a costly mistake cause he regained his moral center very quickly, proving that his sense of justice is stronger then any program. Even programs meant to prevent Hardson from hurting his creater had failed miserably, as the criminal had his ass promply beaten to an embarrising pulp and beaten to mental retardation, leaving him crying like a baby. He returned to the Lawgivers for a while until retirement as a detective for the AUU Grand Council Security Force, having a drone assistant named Qlarra to accompany him. He is an absolute lawgiver as his time with the Lawgivers gave him an absolute law-enforcing instinct, as he will immediately arrest anyone who commits a crime before they even knew he reacted. His cybernetic android composition gives him enhanced abilities, strength far greater than an average mortal being, has brought down people as big as a Triyskan, have taken down entire Gruid criminal armies, has cracked nearly-impossible cases, and has been heralded on his first day as a detective in the Security Council for solving all 98 of the unsolved cases in the Apeirogon's databanks, making him among the best law enforcers in the AUU. He continues his virtually-immortal life enforcing the law, and one of his current concerns is the murder of Sir B.S. Yertle, the previous leader of the Yortle race until being assassinated by someone whom he mistreated because of his legacy of not being nice (to put it nicely) and simply abusive.


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