Dev Evton Veluper
Vital statistics
Title D. Felupter (Scroopfan Name)
Gender Male
Race/Species Uonon
Faction Attempted Secessionist Group Establisher.
Description Crippled Legs, replaced with spider-bot legs.
Skills and Abilities Granted Enhancement Abilities, improved gun skills, surprising ability of being sneaky.
Status Imprisoned
Location Alpha Station
Alignment Egoist and Prideful evil.
Dev E. Veluper is an Alternate UUniversal Uonan from Planet Lindora. He is a paraplegic ape being and an intelligent capitalist out to take anything for the United Sentient Races Alliance from the Union of Independent Systems. After he kills the mother of Agent Solus (Mostly by accident and/or back when he was younger, less focused and less experienced with a gun) and gets crippled by Bullabull forces, he replaced his legs with combat machinery and went to the isolated planet of Mechonon to upgrade it. He aimed to steal the planet for the USRA from its technical leader, Marvin Mechson, through contract and debt. Mechson refused to give it up, but due to a magic fritz terminating the ability of imagination and therefore inventing, it made it easier for Dev. But even though he became wiser than the time in Soltomn, it's far from suggesting that Dev doesn't still have a problem with getting too confident with himself and being unable to curb his USRA pride. Of which will play a key part in being Dev's ultimate downfall.
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