Poindexter Terrence Webble
Vital statistics
Title Dexter Fangasium (Online/Fan name)
Gender Male
Race/Species Valley Uogga (Uoggaline valleyus)
Faction Heroes Act Fan Club
Description Obese, Nerdy, Smart, Enthusiastic, Melodramatic, Silly
Skills and Abilities Good Photographer, Natural Animal Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • HA Fanbase, Vinzotyx (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Daily Hangout)
Alignment Good

Poindexter T. Webble, Online/Fan name Dexter Fangasium, is an Alternate UUniversal Uogga from Planet Vinzotyx. He is a moderately-obese mid-teen leopard/oncilla-like feline who has been a great admirer and big fan of the Heroes Act and ever since they took residence on his home planet in the Hero Hive, he has always gotten great pictures of the Heroes Act in action, though only on his home planet, particularly when Xandy and Hudson Turbo are doing sky stunts in the ecumenopolis heights. He has a great life as he is dating a perky pretty feline nerdette named Holly Rusa Squabble who formerly worked as a 7-month investigative journalist for the Dimensional Journalist Bureau on Tinter and now hangs out on Vinzotyx with Dexter. Dexter is the leader of a massive fan-club for children of 10-17-older years old where they were surprisingly able to receive enough money to afford a large get-together building and fit it with amazing renovations including video game consoles, a virtual gaming room, a perfect Omninet connection, a website, arcade, C&C-brand synthesizers for cuisine, and entire library full of movies and video games, and various others that would make virtually any nerd happy. Dexter is the head of this entire fan club, and as a dedicated nerd who likes anything action-oriented, he plays card games such as Wars and Weapons, even affording a holotable to make the games realistic, as well as other popular card and/or role-playing game. The entire building even has great views and a massive holodeck to allow it to get any possible appearance. Certain Heroes Act heroes come to actually liking and showing up to the fan club including Xandy, who casually brings the child-loving Nytrox with her, Clifton Clever, who is a dedicated fanboy himself, Zosimo the Smart, who is ALSO a fanboy, Leliana (future), Chase Cannell (future), and Warlene (future). Dexter is reputed as a very imagination-filled boy who does anything to support his idols, and is actually a risk-taking brave child who will run in the face of danger just to get a good photo, and after previously accidentally causing the heroes to lose focus with his holo-camera's flash, he made mods to prevent the camera from being a distraction, getting loads of cash for the photos he gets, some of which help in his fan club base's budget. He is like a combination of Clawhauser, albeit not as fat but just as fanboy-prone, and Lorne from Sam and Max.


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