Deydred Ordo VanHollax
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race/Species Sogethallans
Faction Defender of Abductee Village
Description Skeptical, Mistrustful, Highly Aware, Socially Aware
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Massive Strength And High Jumping From Small Planets, Can Absorb Energy, Staff
Status Alive
Location Dragma (Current Abductee Residence)
Alignment Good

Deydred O. VanHollax is an alien that currently resides captive on Planet Dragma. His race, the Sogethallans, an old rival race of the Tangeans, are capable of massive strength, energetic powers, and physical capabilities as a result of their highly energetic star and their massive super planet giving them the ability to absorb any kind of energy and wield it against their opponents and their planet's superheavy gravity allows them to have superhuman strength on smaller planets. When he was stranded on Dragma, he was the only abductee that was the closest to escaping Dragma before being captured. As a rough former soldier and mercenary, his awareness and intelligence is heightened, and thus he can read people the best, see a race's strengths and weaknesses, but cannot outsmart the Dragmites because of their infamously flawless tactics that are too good even for him. This awareness also allowed him to be severely mistrustful of Kava Ralthe, knowing he would betray them sooner or later, but his cynicism and his severe mistrust out of protectiveness and his job as strict defender of the abductee village makes him hated to the other villagers.


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