Diana Lana Fairgate Sângefernus
Vital statistics
Title Diana, Dantea, Craig Vesling's Ex-Girlfriend
Gender Female
Race/Species Vampire
Faction Embittered Ex-Girlfriend
Description Jealous, Bitter, Envious, Mistake-Prone, Not Always One Of Good Hindsight, Self-Loathing, Insecure
Skills and Abilities Vampire Abilities: Flight, Shapeshifting, Hypnosis, Enhanced Magical Vision, Healing Powers, Walks on Walls, Pure Immortality, Weak to Sunlight, Holy-Bullet Self-Defense Gun
Status Alive
Location Spookavania
Alignment Evil

Diana L.F. Sângefernus is a female vampire from Spookavania. She is a beautiful vampire and was the ex-girlfriend of Craig Vesling when they were in high school, and becomes utterly jealous when he finds newfound love, and a 'Zing', in the Non-Equestrian Changeling named Sirith, hoping that he, as a human, wouldn't find love in such a thing, but because he was raised by monsters, he was able to find beauty in the ugliest of monsters. Her life was tragic from the start as her father was an Alucard-style killer named Dante the Infernal who killed monsters and normals alike until he was imprisoned in a coffin deep underground for eternity. Since then, she was a lone ranger who took care of herself, and did much of her own raising, signing herself up to all her schools, and met Craig in the process, surprised that he was the only human living in Spookavania considering their infamous prejudice against monsters that has been common since their creation in the First Cartoonian War. But they broke up because she ended up selling away his favorite stuffed companion because of it being too worn out, yet Craig still felt connected to it either way, and renounced their relationship. She manages to get it back, but it was too late as Craig had found love in Sirith. Thus, when she becomes utterly jealous and exhausts all options, she ends up getting a drastic measure that doesn't just endanger Sirith, but herself, as she unleashes the spirit of a monster hunter named Kill'o Beastmen, the one who nearly killed her father, and was the only one able to do so. He almost kills her, and thus when he is unleashed, knowing she'd be blamed because of her jealousy, she hides hoping to never be seen again.


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