Pegeen Sarah Dominox
Vital statistics
Title Dice, Domino (Formerly), Miss Unpredictable, Miss Enigma
Gender Female
Race/Species Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae)
Faction Independent Superhero
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Unpredictable Nature, Tough, Skilled, Enigmatic, Mysterious
Skills and Abilities Natural Penguin Abilities, Super-Agility, Super-Endurance, Healing Factor, Uranium Skeleton, Super-Mentality, Super-Longevity, Invisibility, Possible Probability Manipulation
Status Fictional, Alive
Location Generation Comics Universe
  • Axiom Island, Kratos (Fictional Hometown)
Alignment Good

Pegeen S. Dominox, AKA Dice, is a fictional Superior Adélie penguin published in Kratos' Generation Comics. A member of the famous Axiom family noted for having the extinct ability of probability manipulation on her mother's side, she had been left behind by her parents after they went to the Kratosian Navy, leaving her in the care of her aunt and uncle. As she grew up, Dice became a part of the Army and volunteered to become a test subject for a super-soldier serum. The serum's quantonium gave her uranium bones, greater flexibility, intelligence, and accuracy. She was one of the finest members of the military, and soon moved on to become a mercenary. She stopped 5 separate war conspiracies, and one of them was when she met The Amazing Nine, which helped her stop Grinchgrog from causing a nuclear cataclysm. When they barely succeeded, Dice became an ally. Dice is not only a supersoldier, but she is also an expert in various forms of martial arts, is a skilled marksman, and is a serious strategist. She gained her name because not only was she a famous gambler who never lost, but was also highly unpredictable, experienced in math, had a rare phenomenon of flawlessness like Skipper which her grandmother was a studier of, she could knock people of their luck, she was extremely hard to predict even to her enemies because of her enigmatic mind and life, and basically anything about her was a complete mystery, and she loved it, especially when it's possible for her to awaken the probability manipulation ability once again and restore it after recreating it following it's destruction in a war was all but impossible. Her unpredictable nature, as well as the fact that her own comic books get sales and are popular for the impossible outcomes and the unpredictable nature of her missions that Dice brings, as readers never know what will happen, and are on the edge of their seats as to how she overcomes her enemies. Her powers include super-agility, super-endurance, a healing factor, a uranium skeleton, super-mentality, super-longevity, and invisibility, and possibly even an ability called probability manipulation as her family had been known to possess the extinct ability. *MCode: AhHfIvb???SaSeSlSm


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