Dwight Uford Doggs
Vital statistics
Title Dunce, Diggidy Dunce
Gender Male
Race/Species Sand-Yellow Xomot (Ancocyon yellowstus)
Faction Independent Outlaw Robber
Description Functional, Stupid, Limited But Not Always Useful "Cunning", Mean, Annoying, Insulting
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Expert Digger, Hard-as-a-Rock Helmet, Shovel-like Cybernetic Buck-Tooth
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Carbungia (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Wandican System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Stupid Evil
Dwight U. Doggs, AKA Diggidy Dunce, is an Alternate UUniversal Xomot from Planet Carbungia. He is a slender burrowing canine who is an underground burrowing robber that stole things from beneath for anything he can make and sell for a massive profit, and even sell stolen valuables until being stopped by Sheriff Moreland in thanks to that Dwight was a complete dunce and that it takes him forever to even get the answer of a basic math problem. He is a quick subterranean bully who has been teasing from underground since he was a pup, he was shunned and denied a proper job for his growing criminal status and thus resorted to being a subterranean robber that now resides in Moreland's maximum security prison.


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