Vital statistics
Title Aerial Combatant for Captain Blot
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Griffin
Faction Griffin Mafia (Formerly), Blot's Crew
Description Rough, Mean, Mentally-Repressed
Skills and Abilities Natural Griffin Abilities, Throwing Net
Status Still at Large
Location Griffinmainia, Equestria (Homeland); Destiny Islands (Formerly); Madagascar (Formerly); Wherever Professor Eagle Beak Resides As Of Emperor Lu Kang Part 2
Alignment Evil

Dilyan is another Airel combatist and Scout in Blot's Crew. He is also a strong flyer and can restrain anything that trys to escape. His weapon of choice is a throwing net.


Dilyan was born in the Griffin valley of Equestria. When he grew up, his mean-spirited and arrogant nature lead him to become part of the Griffin Mafia. He was a feared but successful agent and did his job with no mercy whatsoever.

However, one failed mission to steal Celestia's crown lead him to be banished to Mythos with the Griffin Mafia abandoning him, deeming him a failure that would've wasted time and reshorses to rescue. Dilyan had an ironicly noble reasoning to even help those crooks. His father was a useless uncaring drunk and his mother is in a coma. Though his mother was saved by his other siblings, Dilyan feared he ended up being known to his own family as a disgrace, and currently unable to prove otherwise. He joined up with other exsiled mythic beasts of Equestia, eventally found a harpy princess who thinks she's not, eventally escaped via a poucher ship, and had an undetermined future in Desteny Islands.

Eventually, he was found by Captain Blot and his crew. Dilyan was very relucent cause the last time he joined questionable criminals, it bit him in the ass VERY badly metahoricly. Blot manages to convince him pirates are not much like mobsters that they always have eachother's back unless THEY'RE SURE they're dead to join his pirate crew, and put his past behind him. Dilyan agreed, and joined Blot's crew.

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