Ding Clumb Doom
Ding Clumb Doom
Vital statistics
Title Darkspawn Lord of Confusion and Mystery
Gender Male
Race/Species Darkspawn
Faction Darkspawn
Description Sadistic, Deceptive, Cryptic, Mysterious
Skills and Abilities Natural Darkspawn Abilities, Doom Rubik's Cubes Give Him Ultimate Power
Status Still at Large
Location The Banished Realms (As of currently)
Alignment Pure Evil

Ding Clumb Doom is the Darkspawn Lord of Confusion and Mystery that was born during the Second Cartoonian War to be the perfect encryption agent. Nevertheless, not even he could stop the Darkspawn from being sealed up again. He was the only Darkspawn who remained unbanished. While he was close to defeating the heroes near the end of the war, he was banished thanks to the heroes solving the puzzle of his source of power: the Doom Rubik's Cubes. These two cubes were how Ding was able to resist the banishment of the Darkspawn. The First Rubik's Cube, Rubik Alpha, gives Ding unlimited godly power. The Second Rubik's Cube, Rubik Omega, both limits his power to keep it stable and keeps him out of the Banished Realms. If the Omega puzzle is solved, then Ding is banished. It will take a sudden doomsday to allow him to try and get revenge. Ding was based on Pinhead from Hellraiser, having needles on his head, and he wears a suit with colorful squares on it which light up when he uses his power. He has a variety of powers that make him virtually unstoppable unless the Omega puzzle is solved.


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The Rubik's Cubes were forged by Architect and Malefor to give him a massive amount of godly powers. Alpha is the main source of his power, while Omega restricts it so he can maintain control. With Alpha, he mainly has the powers of Pinhead. Except instead of using chains as a weapon, he uses magical whips to grapple or lash at his enemies. He also has the power of telekinesis, able to levitate objects, as well as himself, with his mind. He is also capable of resisting several projectile weaponry such as guns and futuristic blasts with his magic and regenerative healing factor. He can even reform himself when he is blown up with a missile or an explosive. He can also teleport to any area he wants at ease. He can even use his energetic manipulation to create holographic minions that look similar to demons and other Darkspawn.

Aside from his Pinhead-like powers, Alpha even grants him other abilities. He has the natural powers of a Darkspawn, preferring to use fear and trickery to his advantage. He uses his mind-control ability to alter people's behaviors and make them go into fights and arguments. He even allows people's fears to come alive in their minds long enough for them to back down. He is also capable of transforming into any kind of animal he wants, and can even communicate with unsentient ones. He is also a genius in various sciences and alchemy. He has brutal strength, and can survive underwater and in space. He is also able to use his mind control to give his enemies prolonged confusion, and his puzzles are god-like and can rarely be solved by any mortal.

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