Dinia Illen Altories
Vital statistics
Title Sk'reenis (Skorner Name), Professor-Lieutenant Altories, AUU Diana Altaras (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Skorner
Faction Heili Runner's Crew
Description Ambitious, Bold, Tough, Resourceful
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, High-Tech Ingenuity, Scientific Intelligence, Military Training
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Independence, Scyria (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Angthrom System) (Hometown)
Alignment Good
Dinia I. Altories, birth name Sk'reenis, is an Alternate UUniversal Skorner from Planet Scyria. She hails from a colony on Scyria founded by the Union of Independent Systems with permission from the United Sentient Races Alliance in one of their efforts to maintain some level of keeping uneasiness on a down-low, even when tecnecally UIS doesn't typically need permission from the USRA for just about anything, this one time just for the sake of diplomatic politeness. Dinia is a Scyrian Global Government Agent that served well in the army and fought in the planet's most inhospitable outer wastelands, and even fell in love with a hacker of immeasurable skill named Santrago An Sanct, until they accidentally destroyed their home colony's protective obelisk field, irradiating the surface and driving the colony underground. She and Santrago aimed to help the colony leave the ruined land and gained help with the arrival of Heili Runner, Meya Liu, and an overambitious Chredder chemist named Edwyn Stonewell. Despite not getting along with Heili due to her being of a rival race, they form a friendship out of their similarities and almost dies when Stonewell betrays them and becomes a giant tentacled monster, only to be healed by her teammates Busty, Milidia, Joris, Qendru, and Grants, who all die when they sacrifice themselves to seal away Stonewell while Dinia leaves. Dinia follows Heili and her friends to the dead Scyrian Era capital of Ar Cretacion, where she finds a giant tech suit piloted by a dead Santrago, whom she resurrects as a synthetic biomechanical android while using his suit to rescue Heili and Meya as they finish their journey to find the answer to reterraforming Scyria.


Sk'reenis was born as the daughter of two deceased UIS scientists who died from studying the wildlife in the most inhospitable areas of Scyria, leaving her raised in an orphanage where she got her adopted name Dinia. There she was a very rough delinquent who snuck out at curfew hours to avoid the strictness of the orphanage's caretakers, being a free spirit who despite not knowing her parents, had their qualms of wanting to learn and discover. Then one day she came across a piece of Scyrian technology which was a hidden map of all forms of Scyrian technology on the planet. From then on, as she got older, she kept this map a secret and used it to sneak out and go on adventures. But when she became 14, another orphan discovers the map and her secret life and blackmails her into doing terrible things to the orphans as forms of retaliation. After weeks of this, when her actions cost her her love interest, she finally stands up to him by admitting the truth herself and allowing her to get the bully beaten up by all the orphans. Despite still being punished, she was met by a scientist who invited her to a science camp where more Scyrian artifacts were held. She accepted and she gets more freedom than before. After a month, however, she discovers that the bully was adopted by a government official and shuts down the site, taking all the work for himself to capitalize on as revenge on Dinia.

After this, Dinia abandoned everything and became an independent scientist studying more artifacts. Once she becomes 20, she is invited to be an agent for the Scyrian Globe Government to protect the technology from those who would abuse it. She fights her way high through the ranks and gets her own team which includes Busty, a Pisc who risks his life to get recognition, Milidia, an engineering Memnmean with too much knowledge than she knows what to do with, Joris, the student leader Marxan who takes the job seriously, Qendru, a rough Rocken combatant scientist and tamer, and Grants, the underappreciated Tirod rookie student. But the bully ends up becoming a rival for a moment until he gets fired for abusing his power when he accidentally steals her ideas. Confident once more, Dinia gets so good she is heralded as a governor despite her reluctance. To build new advancement in the name of the UIS, she gets help from outsiders with help from an immeasurably-skilled hacker named Santrago. But they discover that the obelisk of their home of Independence is malfunctioning and though they fix it, it's caused damage to the protective ozone layer above them, immediately poisoning and overheating the obelisk and irradiating the entire area. The inhabitants are forced to retreat underground, where they discover an underground jungle of fungi and bioluminescent lifeforms all affected by the caves' rich amounts of enhancelement, which they use to build an underground base of operations.

Dinia and Santrago then discover a faint signal in a safe location and they plan to leave the Lapse Wastes to go there using teleportation, naming the plan the Escape Project. After 7 years, the two begin to develop their base of operations into a powerful station defended from the native subterranean wildlife. Meanwhile, the bully has even been turned into a monster by the enhancelement, who has since been pestering the station with an unfettered hatred for Dinia. This shows her the potential dangers of the enhancelement and prohibits it's research. But she also discovered that the bully has been hiding away artifacts needed for the Escape Project, as he doesn't want them to leave before he kills them. Soon she comes across Meya Liu, bathing in the bioluminescent forest lagoon being watched by her animal army. She gets escorted to the station and slowly finds out more about her, as she refuses to sleep out of caution and saying she prefers to sleep with her animals, which she decides to comply to. Santrago finds her interesting for her ability to tame wild animals and convinces Dinia to let her return to her campsite and relocate it near the station. When Meya returns, she brings in Heili Runner and Edwyn Stonewell, two people she had history with. Heili and Dinia are at first adamant about each other because of being from rival races, but slowly come to accept each other as equals and soon enough friends, a rarity in the AUU.

Dinia appreciated the new company, but found Edwyn in particular very peculiar as he studies extensively on enhancelement, fearing he'll become another monster and tries to limit his ties to it. Meya helps supply the station with animals including the Rokours, bioluminescent creatures to drive off Eerioses, and she even personally slays the bully in cold blood as a mercy kill. Heili on the other hand, provided all the useful information about the Scyrian technology and how they come to the discovery that the enhancelement that illuminates the underground wildlife was a power source for the ancient race, learning just about everything about how they lived but not how they died. Edwyn overhears about the enhancelement properties and pushes his experiments up to make better machines with it, especially since he collected tons of liquid enhancelement in a secret warehouse. When Dinia denies him his greater footsteps on enhancelement, he is convinced that she's trying to steal his work and while Heili, Meya, and Santrago go to the surface obelisk to link the Escape Project to the teleportation grid, while also discovering it's highly unstable and threatens to destroy the Lapse Caves, attempting to shut it down from the control room itself. Edwyn uses his secret enhancelement on animal testing, and tests it on Meya's pet cergline Sho, turning it into a monster that Dinia kills. As punishment for this, Dinia cuts him from enhancelement experiments entirely by refusing animal testing, angering him. Upon the return of Heili, Meya, and Santrago, Meya is distraught at Sho's death and blames Heili for trusting Edwyn, ending their friendship harshly even when Dinia calls her out for it. But she finds Edwyn missing the next day and discovered that Edwyn had injected himself with his enhancelement, morphing into a gargantuan tentacled monster intent on killing Heili out of jealousy, Meya for her interference, and Dinia for betraying him. The three are thus in a fallout of mistrust for what they turned him into and are forced to hesitantly work together to defend the station from Stonewell and his monsters for weeks. Then Dinia dies from a penultimate battle against Stonewell where he suspects a surprise attack.

Meya finally has enough after this death and goes on to fight Stonewell with a tech suit and all the animals in the station forbidding Heili from coming because of trusting Stonewell from the beginning. After he is defeated by Heili and Meya, Dinia's five students revive her only for the six to encounter a surviving Stonewell, who regenerates and adapts rapidly into a worse monstrosity. The team retreats into a tech cave where Stonewell corners them. They discover that the cave was a Scyrian facility meant to create genetically engineered creatures and there are huge sarcophaguses that contain them. With only one left, the five students save Dinia from dying again and hold Stonewell long enough for Dinia to contain him. But Stonewell drags the five students with him, leaving them no choice but to sacrifice themselves even with Dinia's pleas. Emotionally distraught, Dinia swears to reunite with her friends and help them on their next step, following them through the Escape Project portal to Ar Cretacion.

Dinia arrives and admires the wonders of the abandoned capital city and then discovers Santrago near-dead in his tech suit after his diversion from his other friends. Distraught, she takes his body and takes control of his suit, fighting her way through new creatures and old ones corrupted with the same substance that overtook Stonewell. After deleting it's power to 10%, she finally reaches Base Cretacion and reunites with Heili and Meya, saying that her students resurrected her and sacrificed themselves to contain Stonewell and allow her to escape. She says that Santrago is still alive in a small trace but can't be regenerated because of being poisoned with enhancelement. So she decides to resurrect him as an android while also helping him use his psychokinetic abilities and reverse-engineer it into portable psychokinetic scanners. She even made a scene about missing his birthday.


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