SpongeBob is finally invited to spend time with Sandy's family and old friends, as he has been looking forward to staying in her homeland for a long time now, albeit their half-breakup means that they are trying to hide their relationship and wait for the right moment, and at the very first moment, after causing an incident en route to Texas, he is afraid to screw up somehow. Regardless of some awkward moments and mishaps, he has a great time with Sandy's family and friends, along with other acquaintances including Sheriff Concord the raccoon sheriff from Bride of a Frog Mutant, Sandy's censi whom her mother is training under, Cowfish Craig (From a SpongeBob computer game) who visits Trinity Bay where he and Sandy met for a family reunion, Sandy's black-tailed jackrabbit enemy and later friend Rusty Crockett, a shy Ice Age 4 Louis-like pocket gopher whom Sandy rescued from a hawk outlaw named Lou, a cactus mouse and fangirl of Sandy named Jessie, Sandy's swimming instructor American mink Jack Wetter, a crow on par with Jeremy from Secret of NIMH named Clint, a robin named Rob, Sandy's currently-elderly pre-Bikini Bottom roadrunner steed Chestnut which might be asking for a dramatic and sad scene, and Dandy (whom SpongeBob still shows dis-satisfaction with because of prior dating history and even gets into a bitter overreacting misunderstanding) and bonds are nevertheless made, and SpongeBob gets to understand much of Sandy's culture outside of what she explained before, and often times ended up embarrassing her for her moments in episodes like Texas, Pressure, Chimps Ahoy, Atlantis Squarepantis, Karate Island, Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy, and Kenny the Cat, all while explaining how he fell in love with her, as his first female friend who taught him a lot about the world outside his home, and how seeing her in just her helmet underwater made him see her as a new Sandy, which instantly turned into love later on. However, past faces from Sandy's hometown show up in the form of the troublesome bullies Greasy, Hairy, Skins and Bosco, who are back for trouble again, and intent on making SpongeBob look like an even bigger fool than he technically already is, especially after events like the high-school reunion, hoping to turn Sandy against him, one time by blackmailing what he likes about her, and another by framing him for something he didn't do, and later on getting help from a gray pig bandit lord named Hog Blank in a subterranean water-ridden land near Lake Livingston at Point Blank called Unlively Territory that even Sandy was forbidden to go to even in the year she got her scientist career, hoping that they can actually outsmart a smart squirrel like Sandy, and avoid the merciless poundings of karma.



(Texas State Fair Music)

Rango The Video Game Soundtrack - Jenkins Cousins' Homestead

Rango The Video Game Soundtrack - Jenkins Cousins' Homestead

(Suspense Music)

The Lego Movie Videogame - Flatbush Rooftops Escape From Flatbush Mission Theme (Tension & Fight)

The Lego Movie Videogame - Flatbush Rooftops Escape From Flatbush Mission Theme (Tension & Fight)

(Battle Themes)

Exploring the Overlook - Borderlands music

Exploring the Overlook - Borderlands music

Smoking Out the Bunker - Borderlands music

Smoking Out the Bunker - Borderlands music

(An Unknown Song By Sandy, SpongeBob: Oh, boy, another song. Maybe it'll make me cry, maybe it'll make me aroused. Who knows?)


SpongeBob Finally Spends Time In Texas

Houston Coast, Texas

  • Sandy: (The bus went up to the surface at a bus station run by gannets, seagulls, among other native sea birds as the water gushed out when Sandy and SpongeBob came out, Sandy taking off her helmet and SpongeBob putting on his water helmet) Thanks!
  • Bus Driver: (He started drying up) Not a problem! (He drove back into the water)
  • SpongeBob:... I'm confused, how do you get from the Pacific to here? Isn't it blocked off by Mexico and other stuff?
  • Sandy: There's only one way. We go through the Panama Canal in Mexico, the only known entry from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, that makes sense. (He saw the wide acres of Sandy's home)... Wow!... You're right! EVERYTHING here is big! It was hard to notice the last few times I was here.
  • Sandy: Oh, it was, was it?
  • SpongeBob: Hey, when you're occupied with a mission, it's hard to see the bigger picture. I mean... LOOK AT THIS PLACE! So much space! I mean, I've seen bigger pastures in the water, but this place has no surface so it makes it BIGGER!
  • Sandy: And when you've got greater space, it means you can go on WIDER adventures.
  • SpongeBob:... So, what do you use as transport here, besides roadrunners? (A flock of roadrunners meeped at them and zoomed by)... Speaking of which. (The roadrunners started to fly over obstacles) WHOA! THEY CAN FLY?!? I TOTALLY DIDN'T KNOW THAT!
  • Sandy: Yeah, as terrestrial birds like Shen, they are capable of limited flight. They're the fastest birds capable of limited flight. At our scale, that's our greatest steeds, since horses are too big for us and are best used by humans. Even the miniaturized dog-sized horses are hard to ride.
  • SpongeBob:... So, how do we get to your parents' place?
  • ???: SANDY?!? IS THAT YOU?!? (A crow came in)
  • Crow: Whoa, I'm not gonna eat you! I'm just glad to meet Sandy! I haven't seen her in a while. I was there at her last rodeo. She was amazing! She showed that bullfrog whose the squirrel girl! Heh, that rhymes!
  • Sandy: (Giggles) Why, thank you. SpongeBob, this is Clint. A friend of mine. He... Had a rough life. His father was a legend, until he was killed in action. He was since raised by his introvert mother, and we met at the same school. He since helped me when I needed a faster lift, by taking to the skies!
  • Clint: It's a wonderful thing to know how to fly. You can see a great view, especially in a place like THIS!
  • Sandy: But... Let's just say he was the one who missed me the most. I was always around to have his back since he was framed for harboring alcohol in school by Hairy, Greasy, and Skins, and their parents were just too stubborn to believe us, bringing me to do it the hard way. Since then, me and Clint's families hate them and their parents, and forbid them from getting onto our property.
  • SpongeBob:... Wow, d***s!
  • Sandy: Shoo' right! Their parents told us to get off their property after disbelieving their wrongdoings, and thus we hate them for being irresponsible. Why, just recently, I heard they disowned them after being so humiliated by their actions, especially since they formed that dirty filthy Junkyard Society, and later off moved to San Antonio, leaving them alone, and making them utterly embittered. So, since I hear they're still in town, I feel we need to watch out.
  • Clint: Oh, they are. They're living in that Heil of Texas place in Houston. They're pests that pester the human employees there. They even got a few fired with their antics.
  • Sandy:... Well, then, we'll deal with them soon enough. Right now, we need to get home.

(Cowfish Craig Reunion...)

  • SpongeBob:... So, this is Trinity Bay, huh?
  • Sandy: Yeah, remember, that's the place where Hank nearly tried to rape me. (Sighs) Wish I could think of a less-inappropriate and short term for it. It's also the only place around with a look at the sea.
  • SpongeBob:... You said this was where you met Cowfish Craig?
  • Sandy: Oh, yeah, him! I haven't talked 'bout him since that Employee of the Month game. I met him when I decided to take a little snorkel. First undersea friend.
  • SpongeBob: Hmm, when I met him, I can tell you two had a few things in common.
  • Sandy: Yeah, he said he moved to Waverly Hills, before it became all fancy-schmancy, because he needed to get out and look for a nice cleaner community.
  • SpongeBob:... Sounds like the place changed.
  • ???: Oh, are you kiddin? (Cowfish Craig himself appeared) It's still right as rain.
  • Sandy:... CRAIG!
  • Craig: No need for greetings, yer' parents told me you were coming when I visited them at the Beach City RV Resort yesterday.
  • Sandy:... What were they doin' there?
  • SpongeBob: And that reminds me, what are YOU doing back HERE?
  • Craig: Well, former question, they said they were lookin' so forward to seein' you, they wanted to take a snorkel themselves. Never thought them for that kinda stuff as you.
  • Sandy: Well, Ma said she was an excitable child.
  • Craig: And the latter question, I came here cuz' I'm havin' a family reunion. I come every year. Family's 'bout as important to you as salt is to fish. And you? Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
  • SpongeBob:... I helped give you a new paperweight?
  • Craig: Ohhh, yeah, you're the sponge that cost me property damage to mah floor.
  • SpongeBob: Hey, it fell when I was trying to bring it there.
  • Craig:... I suppose that's true.
  • Sandy: So, how's the family reunion going?
  • Craig: Couldn't have been better. Mah grandpappy's still a little perverted as he tried to put the moves on this other pufferfish. P-HAWH! The guy's gotta stop goin' Master Roshi on everyone and show some REAL boyfriend material. Then again, they say he and his grandson sound alike.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, I can see tha. What... Is it like in Trinity Bay?
  • Craig: Hey, don't take my word for it, why don't you come take a look see?
  • Sandy:... Well, I guess we could spare time. Just lemme get my suit.
  • Craig: Take all the time you need, Sandra. Trinity waters ain't THAT kind to land critters.

Trinity Bay

  • SpongeBob: (It was like a desert with sandy storms, small ounces of kelp, kelp grasses, and wildlife, as a tumbleweed came by)... So... It's like a desert?
  • Craig: Well, yeah! A big frontier of things in the middle of durn near nowhere. But it's home for some sea critters that crawl here.
  • Sandy: I admit, my first time, it was like swimming in a salty river. At first, I didn't think there was much here. Then, turns out, the place has a lotta rare sightings of coral reefs introduced from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Craig: And many people come here from all way out to the Galveston Bay. This place may be a big brown desert with little to see, but keep walkin', and you'll find a good spectacle.

Meeting Tina

Old Little Debbie's Factory

  • SpongeBob: (He, Sandy, Dandy, and Ammermann arrived there)... She lives in a Little Debby Factory?
  • Ammermann: One that has been abandoned due to some crazy over-budget caused by a flood of chocolate and sweets.
  • Dandy: Yeah. As I said before, Tina's got quite a sweet tooth. And it kinda makes her prone to the personality I fell in love with.
  • Sandy:... Seems a little unhealthy.
  • Dandy: Oh, just because she loves sweets, it doesn't mean she ain't on a balanced diet. Trust me, when you meet her, she'll be glad you came. (They entered as there was an entire reserve of sweets such as Nutty Bars, Reeses Candies, Cosmic Brownies, Nutter Butters, Pecan Rolls, Cookies, M&Ms of all kinds, Honey Buns, Donuts, and any product-placed sweet)...
  • SpongeBob:... WHOA! Tina seems to love this stuff. How long has she had this stuff?
  • Ammermann: Years. And somehow, she found ways to expand their expiration date so she won't have to worry about surplus issues. She only eats them on special occasions.
  • Sandy: (Giggles) And I'd normally argue about chocolate being poisonous to animals, if this wasn't operating on cartoon logic. (Eats a few M&Ms) MMMM! Chocolate! Mighty tasty!
  • ???: I'll say! (Long giggles were heard as Dandy was enamored, as an Eastern gray squirrel appeared)
  • Tina: Hey, Dandy! You and your friends came in no time at all. (Giggles) Hey, Sandy!
  • SpongeBob:... WOW! Sandy, she looks like you, only... Prettier.
  • Sandy: Is it that easy to see beauty in someone?
  • SpongeBob: Thanks to you, yes.
  • Tina: (Blushes) Oh, sometimes, my beauty can get quite infectious. Mommy said so. (Giggles)
  • SpongeBob:... I kinda like her laugh, too.
  • Sandy: Yeah, I admit, it's more glorified than mine.
  • Tina: (Giggles) Don't flatter me. You'll embarrass me that way.
  • Dandy: So... Tina, If we're done here, care to explain what you do in your spare time?
  • Tina: Oh, sure! But why explain when I can show ya?
  • Sandy: "Oh is that a bet?"
  • Tina: You bet your cute little sandy cheeks! (Giggles) Get it? (She laughs) BEHOOOOOOLD!! (She shows them all she ever did, in her own cool-looking customary lab)
  • SpongeBob: (He and Sandy's jaws dropped)
  • Dandy: Amazing, isn't it? Of course she had a little help. When it comes to how smart she is, anything with her is possible.
  • Tina: Rootin-tootin right! There's no limit to what I can do, and it's practically my motto!
  • Sandy:... Why haven't I been around HER before?
  • SpongeBob: And how did she even PAY for all this?!?
  • Dandy: When she says anything is possible, it practically also means she's unpredictable.
  • Tina: (Giggles) And my surprises seem to impress a LOT! (She jumped up to Dandy)
  • Dandy: And yeah, she's more than a giggly, sweet-toothed, bubbly girl. She's MORE than a good replacement for Sandy. Isn't that right, Tini?
  • Tiny: (Giggles) You know it! (They passionately kissed as their tails twitched hyperactively)
  • SpongeBob: (Laughs) I like it when your tail twitches in particular.
  • Sandy: We're squirrels. They do that a lot. They're really sensitive places sometimes.
  • Tina: (They separated) So, what'd you come here for?
  • Ammermann: Well, Sandy brought SpongeBob to spend a week in Texas.
  • Tina:... I happen to have heard she spent time with a sponge. You even say he likes her. Maybe even a little... TOO much!
  • SpongeBob: (Chuckles) I'm sure that's a teensy-bit exaggerated.
  • Tina: (Giggles) Nopesy! That's what he said. He said you were jealous of him, too.
  • SpongeBob: Look, just a phase, that's all. I've loved her for a while, but I wasn't able to admit it until one time when we rescued a kid from the Rescuers' world. Hell, I had to do it since this Tasmanian tiger was enamored with her, too.
  • Tina:... I take it this thylacine is-
  • Sandy: Scientifically cloned, yes. Of people desperate to bring back the extinct thylacine, too.
  • Tina: Oh, believe me, I've got blueprints into building a device that might get that on the ground.
  • SpongeBob:... Do you share these?
  • Dandy: She prefers to wait. She's got a little showoff phase in her, and she wishes to introduce them when they are good enough to be patented and commercialized.
  • Tina: Yeppers. (Eats a few M&Ms) And funny thing, science ain't my only expertise. Check THIS out! (She throws M&Ms across the area, bouncing them across as she managed to eat them with skills similar to Sandy's)... Ta-Da!
  • SpongeBob:... That... Was... AWESOME!!
  • Tina: Yep. Sandy's mother taught me a thing or two about karate. Sometimes people come to steal my stuff, and I ain't got time for that. And I take time burning the carbs and fats I get from my sweets by training, fighting crime in spare time, and doing parkour. Best way to balance out a diet of sweets.
  • SpongeBob: Sounds like your life is pretty exciting.
  • Tina: Yep. I practically got everything, INCLUDING someone to share it with. (She kissed Dandy)
  • Dandy: WHOA! Your breath is kinda sweet after all those goodies.
  • Tina: Just how you like it. (The two laughed and continued kissing)
  • SpongeBob: Well... I can tell you two wanna be alone.
  • Dandy: For now, actually. I'm just glad you two were able to meet my Nutty Girl!
  • Tina: (Giggles) Oh, Dandy, you just know EXACTLY what to say to moisten me up.
  • Dandy: You three go on. I'll catch up.
  • Tina: And help yourself to as much sweets as you can carry for the trip, my treat. (They continued kissing)
  • Ammermann:... Trust me, their make-outs don't take that long. We'd best give them their privacy.
  • Sandy:... Well... See you later, lovebirds. (They left)

Sandy's Childhood And Friends

Sandy's Childhood Room

  • Sandy: (She, SpongeBob, and Randy came in)... So, yeah, this is where I slept as a child.
  • SpongeBob: (He saw a tree-like bed with a bubble-patterned blanket and pillow, some tables with machinery on them, a Texas-themed clock, several plants, a telescope, multiple posters, and pictures of Sandy at different ages)... Ohhhh, myyy, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!
  • Sandy: Okay, SpongeBob, let's just take a chill pill, and-
  • SpongeBob: (He jumped on her bed) WOW! This bed is so soft! I guess when you jumped on this thing as a kid, you fell asleep within a single se- (He fell asleep)
  • Sandy:... You could say that.
  • Randy: Oh, she TOTALLY was! Whenever she hopped onto that bed, she was asleep faster than a barefoot jackrabbit going to Bronycon.
  • Sandy:... PLEASE don't ruin the similes with Brony puns!
  • Randy: No promises.
  • SpongeBob: (He took a little box with a small buck tooth in it)... What's this?
  • Randy: Oh, those were Sandy's two front baby buck teeth. They went out first.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, come on, Sandy, I bet it was adorable when you lost them!
  • Sandy: I was too young to remember it, but I can imagine it was.
  • SpongeBob: (He notices a few pictures of her, including one of multiple pictures) Oh, oh! These must've been taken when you were growing up.
  • Sandy: Uh, yeah, let's not indulge your romantic feelings with-
  • Randy: Oh, hell, yeah! They were so nice to take. Here's her when she was 1 1/2 years old. (Points at her as a baby) She was starting to grow her fur, too. Newborns end up like ugly hairless pinkies with pink skin but start to puff out the hair by their 10th day. HERE'S Sandy when she first opened her cute little eyes. (Pointed it out)
  • SpongeBob: Awww, she looks like an angel!
  • Randy: Of course, we're twins, so we were born the same day. I opened MINE 7 days later. Here's when Sandy was first in the water. (She was seen in a muddy puddle)... It took Ma and Pa hours to get her cleaned up.
  • SpongeBob: (Scoffs and laughs)
  • Sandy: Randy!
  • Randy: What, come on, sis, there's no shame laughing at yourself. HERE'S where Sandy took her first steps... Well, bipedal ones anyway. (He pointed it out)
  • SpongeBob: Daaaaw!
  • Sandy: Uggh!
  • Randy: And HERE'S when she swam for the first time. She didn't even need water wings.
  • SpongeBob:... Wow, she was quite the splasher.
  • Sandy: And HERE'S where she lassoed her first critter.
  • SpongeBob:... WOW! She REALLY did that at that age?
  • Sandy: Hey, when it comes to Texas, even babies can beat someone up.
  • Randy: Heh, and here's when Sandy and Dandy met... As well, as Dandy's first cowardly scene with her.
  • SpongeBob: (He laughs)
  • Sandy: (Chuckles) Okay, that WAS kinda funny.


  • Randy: And HERE'S when she got her job at Treedome Enterprises as a Christmas gift.
  • Sandy:... Well, at least you stopped embarrassing me-
  • Randy: (Scoffs) And here's MY personal favorite! (He got out a picture) THIS, is when Sandy started swimming lessons with Jack Wetter, and I got EVERY single moment she almost drowned!
  • Randy: Oh, come on, sis, have a laugh-
  • Sandy: I'll have a laugh with you in YOUR Nostalgia Museum if you don't shoo! (He did so)
  • SpongeBob:... Sandy, your childhood is ADORABLE!
  • Sandy: Whose childhood ISN'T adorable!
  • Randy: SHOTS FIRED!
  • Sandy: RANDY!!!!
  • Randy: SHUTTING UP!

(Rusty Returns)

  • Sandy:... HEY, RUST! COME ON OUT!
  • ???: (Peter Fonda voice) Wait! That voice!... Are my ears deceiving me, or is that... (He leapt out of the rabbit burro quickly) SANDY?!?
  • Sandy: Rusty! (He leapt on her) WHOA!
  • Rusty: HEY, KIDDO! Long time no see! Wow, how you have grown!
  • SpongeBob: Whoa, a jackrabbit! And WOW, is he fast!
  • Rusty:... Who's your friend?
  • Sandy: Oh, uh, Rusty, this is my friend from Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob.
  • Rusty:... Odd name. Sounds like something in a comic strip.
  • SpongeBob: (Laughs)...
  • Sandy: This is Rusty Crockett. He's been the hero of the town since I left. He's pretty good at it too. They don't call him 'Dodge' for nothing. He can dodge bullets point-blank.
  • Rusty: Heh, you catch on fast, Sandy! You're learned since the little girl who saved me from my predicament with Steele.
  • SpongeBob: Steele?
  • Sandy: Oh, yeah. That's, uh, kinda how we met!


  • (Sandy): I was startin' my career. Only 11, which is 15 in squirrel terms, and already, mah life was startin' a new! I wanted to do something bold. My Ma had me a little on edge, and was going through tough financial times. So I wanted to help by collecting a bounty. And that bounty, was on Rusty. You see, like everyone else, I thought he was a criminal. But when I finally cornered him... I was surprised to discover the book told a different tale than the cover.
  • Sandy: (She came to Rusty's hideout with a gun)... RUSTY CROCKETT! COME OUT WITH YER' HANDS UP! (No response)... HELLO?!?... I KNOW YOU'RE THERE, RUSTY! I- (She was kicked down by Rusty)
  • Rusty: WHO ARE YOU?!? (He throws her gun away) How did you find me?
  • Sandy: WHOA!... They certainly don't call you 'Dodge' for no- (He grabbed her and held her to a rock) DAH!
  • Rusty: ANSWER MY QUESTION, YOUNG LADY! NOW! You should know how quickly I can beat someone's body in 10 seconds!
  • Sandy: (She pushed her barefeet on his chest and pushed him off)... Slick move! But it's gonna take a lot more than that to- (Rusty quickly headbutted her) DOOF! (He grabbed her head, and plowed it into the dirt) PHHMMMPPH!!!
  • Sandy: (She got her head out comically spitting out the dirt) Is that all you got?
  • Rusty: As a matter of fact... (He picked her up, threw her in the air, and kicked at her rapidly until he launched her into the ground with a large crater)...
  • Sandy:... Ouch!
  • Rusty:... Let this be a warning, little lady! Don't stray too far from home!
  • Sandy:... I ain't lettin' my Ma down by being beaten by a jackrabbit! (She started picking up more as she began showing karate)
  • Rusty:... Karate, huh? Eh, I've seen wor- (Sandy kicked her barefoot into his face in slo-mo as he rammed head-first into a rock) POOMPH!... Oh, it is on no- (Sandy started going fist-to-fist as they fought for 10 seconds)
  • (Rusty): I was legitimately surprised a squirrel at this age could fight so good, and so relentlessly. Normally a bounty hunter would be crushed with an age like this. But Sandy? She was something special! She was good! TOO good! (Sandy kept on kicking his butt, as she finally beat him into submission as she got her gun and pointed it at him)
  • Rusty:... Ain't you a little too young to be holding that thing?
  • Sandy: Who the hell do you think I am?
  • Rusty:... Wait... I know that face!... You're Sandy Cheeks! The young squirrel who wrangled that feral bull last month!
  • Sandy: And Bingo was his name-o! I get to do something better than wrangle bulls. I need this bounty to satisfy my mother!
  • Rusty:... Your quest is well-meaning, but TERRIBLY misguided! You should know I am NOT the criminal everyone says I am. I was only roped into that dark path because of my brother!
  • Sandy: There's no weaseling your way outta this one! You're coming with me!
  • Rusty: You want me to prove it? Well, HERE! (He shows her a picture of him and his brother)...
  • Sandy:... Odd... I thought he always had a scar when you two worked together.
  • Rusty: That, SCAR, is meant to forever be a reminder of what he did to me! He stole everything from me! His betrayal cost me EVERYTHING! He did it all, for his own selfish pride! Steele was ALWAYS a troublemaker even when we were still working together.


  • (Rusty): He was the oldest, AND the strongest of us. And he made sure I knew that when we were kids. But since he was told to take responsibility or leave the household, and I became the head brother, he grew an ARROGANT level of pride. We both became bounty hunter and moral mercenaries doing good to get paid. Steele wanted the glory I had, but he knew he couldn't be trusted with it thanks to his own pride. But he didn't care. He wanted it through and through. He did nothing to deserve it. He disobeyed orders, he was reckless, he was careless, and he did NOT tend to our moral code well. So, whenever he was about to get glory, I was always there to remind him of his place. I would ensure that I was the alpha bunny, and that there was a reason why! But he wouldn't give up so easily! One day, when there was a bounty that was never there as the person we captured was erased of his record, and we were forced to return him... He saw this chance. He tricked me into a big score, only to discover it was a diamond heist. I was blamed for the crime by my own brother. He lied that he tried to stop me from stealing the diamonds, as I was legitimately angered at the bounty we were denied. He turned me against my family, my friends, everything. So when we escaped... That, was the final straw!
  • Rusty:... YOU TRAITOR!
  • Steele: Hey, that's what you get when you don't respect your brother's share! Let this be a reminder to be a more courteous brother, because- (Rusty ended up scarring him in the eye) AAAAAAAAAAH!!! SON OF A BITCH!!! SON OF A (SpongeBob curses were heard)... YOU (SpongeBob curse)... (His ominous scar was seen)... YOU... YOU PSYCHOPATH!!!
  • Rusty: Let THAT be a reminder of what you did wrong to me, what you reaped, and what will happen if you EVER, decide to betray your family, again! I will prove myself innocent one day, and when I do, you WILL, be sorry! (He sped off)
  • Steele: (He looked at the blood on his face)

Past Present

  • Rusty:... So, as you can see, it was clear that it was STEELE who erased that record, just to get me riled up! Now that criminal is still on the loose, and I am a fugitive framed for a crime I didn't commit! So, if you STILL think in that young adolescent mind of yours that it's wise to disbelieve me after this convincing evidence, then lock me up, and throw away the key! Go ahead!
  • Sandy:... (Takes deep breath)... I'm not saying I believe you, but I'm not saying I disbelieve you either! If you're certain you're innocent, then try to prove me wrong! But I've got my eye on you! One wrong move, and I'm coming after you!
  • Rusty: Then I have nothing to worry about!
  • (Sandy): He took me to where Steele lived since he betrayed Rusty. And I confronted him myself. It was my idea, because it's a little trick I learned to fool your foe by your appearance and age, then strike like you would as an adult.
  • Steele: (He had cash filling up his apartment as Sandy burst in with Steele)... What the-...Rusty?... Who-... Who is this teenage brat?
  • Rusty: Don't you know? Look at her face! Look her in the eye!
  • Steele:... No!... The little runt who wrangled that feral bull by dumb luck? I thought that was just a hoax!
  • Sandy: Well, you're wrong! I DID wrangle that bull, and saved hundreds of innocent lives! Like the saying says: Never judge a book by it's cover! Rusty here tells me you framed him for a diamond heist scam. Is this true?
  • Steele: Hey, do you have ANY idea what it's like to be ostracized, shunned, ignored? Rust-Bucket never gave me the attention I deserved! I am the strongest brother out of all of us, and I deserve the recognition!
  • Sandy: Who would wanna reward someone who is stubborn and prideful in his work?
  • Steele: Hey, I still deserve it regardless! So, how about you butt out and mind your own business?
  • Sandy: This IS my business!
  • Steele: Oh, yeah? Since when? You're just a teenager! What could your little sandy cheeks want out of this?
  • Sandy: Hey, though it was originally for money to support my mother, it's now because I feel I wanna do the right thing. So, here's the deal: I want you to either tell everyone that you lied, or I'm gonna do it for you. And trust me, if I have to do it, you're not gonna like it! I'll make sure nobody will EVER look up to you again, not even your parents!
  • Steele:... (He took his knife) Are you threatening me, kid? Because it sure sounds like you're asking for a SLIT THROAT!!!
  • Rusty: You're not hurting anyone anymore, brother! If you hurt her, you'll have to answer to me! If SHE gets hurt, I'LL be the one to tell them!
  • Steele: Is that right, and who's gonna believe you? You're a criminal! I made sure of that!
  • Sandy: Maybe, but if they get word that you murdered an 11-year-old squirrel, and your brother was going to save me, then there's no speed you could possibly achieve that will save you from the consequences! We don't want that, now do we?
  • Steele: Hmmph! You've got guts, kid! But we'll see how you feel when they're torn out!
  • Rusty: Steele, we're serious! Either you tell them, or we will! And again, if we need to, you WILL be punished! We have evidence against you since you left them at the scene of the frame! And we WILL show it to them, if you do not take responsibility!
  • Steele: Alright, fine!
  • Sandy: Excellent! Thanks for understanding, Steelwork! But, if we ever have this problem again, you'd BETTER remember what I just said, the same way you remember that scar as a reminder of what you did wrong!
  • Steele: (He was peeved at those words as they left)... (He growled angrily) Oh, don't you worry, kiddo! Steele ALWAYS gets his way! Whenever I'M done, you'll have to hang up your ropes forever!
  • (Sandy): We were sure that he was going to keep his word. And we made sure to have the evidence on standby should he ignore our warnings! But... (Steele kicked them into a quarry as they fell without a trace)
  • Steele:... Nobody, NOBODY, threatens the mighty Steele! Let THAT be a reminder of what happens when someone crosses me! Hmmph! What a headline! Hero squirrel and criminal jackrabbit killed when fighting each other! (Chuckles) Oh, how her mother will cry 'boo-hoo-hoo!' (He cackles as he left)
  • (Sandy): Luckily, we survived that fall. We grabbed hold of a branch, and I had us rescued. And let me tell you, he was going to pay for this.
  • Steele: (He was enjoying the company of lady rabbits) Oh, and here's the best part! I gave him the device anyway! But, what made it funnier... is that IT DIDN'T, ACTUALLY, WORK! IT BLEW UP AND KILLED HIM! (Everyone laughed as the TV was on)
  • Human News Anchor: CBS News! We go to Animal Community News! This just in, local teenage hero Sandy Cheeks, has claimed that Rusty Crockett, the infamous fugitive wanted for the robbery of diamonds, has been innocent. (Steele spit out his beer in surprise) It seems, that evidence was placed pinning Rusty's old bounty hunter partner, Steele Crockett, as the true culprit, as a criminal had been apprehended by the squirrel and he admits into being promised plenty for playing in Steele's ruse, as to trick Rusty into admitting something that would make him the culprit for the heist.
  • Steele: Wha-... (All the rabbits looked angrily at him)... (Chuckles)... I-Uh, I can explain! You... You guys weren't there! I-I know what I saw! (They all left) Girls, please! I- (They slammed the door on him, as his phone rang)...
  • (Steele's Father): I saw the news, Steele! And it just proves everything I've said to you before, you're a no good mistake of a son, and I wish I could disown you! If your mother were alive, she'd be ASHAMED to see what her big boy had become! You don't deserve all that praise! I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised given your pride! You just couldn't face the fact that you're just not the head of the brotherhood, so you framed you young brother!
  • Steele:... Shut up! Shut the hell up, Pa! SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!
  • Steele's Father: I can't believe I-
  • Steele: (He yelled angrily, as he threw the phone at the wall)... Everything... Gone!... (He got angry)... You just made the biggest mistake of your life, kid! (He took his knives)... Nobody messes with Steele Crockett! NOBODY!
  • (Sandy): The next day, my parents would praise me for this accomplishment. But unfortunately... That night, would not be so memorable.
  • Sandy: (She was in her pajamas getting ready for bed as she drunk water)... Whew! Another day, another dollar! (She leapt into her bed enthusiastically) Yes sir, Sandy, you are an inspiration to animals everywhere!
  • Pa: Ain't you that crook that our daughter- DAHHH!

Living Room

  • Steele:... Fine! Then we'll have to do this the HARD way! SANDY! SHOW YOURSELF, OR YOUR PRECIOUS POOR MOTHER IS GONNA HAVE A KNIFE IN HER CHEST! 1, 2, SKIP A FEW, 10-
  • Sandy: NO! STOP! (She came out)
  • Steele:... There you are! (He lets Ma go)... You knew this was coming, kid! Time to learn what happens when you mess with Steele!
  • Sandy: GET OUT OF MY HOME! (She karate kicks towards him, but he jump-kicks her through a wall as she plowed into a pond, gasping as Steele dunked her into it)... HMMMMMMMPPHPHHH!!! (This music played as the fight began)
Spider-Man 3 OST New Goblin Theme

Spider-Man 3 OST New Goblin Theme

  • Steele: You like the water, Sandy? Well, you know there's a million ways water can kill you! (Cackles)
  • Sandy: (She stepped on his foot as he staggered back in pain, allowing her to get up, get air, and spin-kick him into a tree)... Alright, Steele! You wanna fight? Well, you've got one!
  • Steele: When I'm done with you, I'm gonna paint my house with your blood! (He attacked as they fought as many people and animals nearby noticed, including Randy, Sandy's parents, Dandy, and so on)
  • Sandy: (He was putting a good fight against her with his strength, as she held her own with her karate) WHEN IT COMES TO REVENGE, THIS IS GENERAL WOUNDWORT LEVELS OF REVENGE!
  • Steele:... Why would someone at your age watch Watership Do- Oh, whatever! Let me tell you something, kiddo! WOUNDWORT IS AN AGGRESSIVE INJURED PIKA MOUSE COMPARED TO ME! (He manages to slash at her chest as he was hurt and in pain, and he kicked her to a tree, as she dodged before he could stab her with his knife)... IMPRESSIVE! I WAS SURE YOU'D BE DEAD BY NOW!
  • Sandy: If I wasn't this skilled, it would've been that bull that killed me! I won't let some hopping mad bunny rabbit like YOU be the death of me!
  • Steele: I'M A F*****G JACKRABBIT!!!! AND THIS 'BUNNY RABBIT' GETS STUFF DONE!!! (He threw the knife at her as she caught it in slow motion and threw it back at him as he caught it, wielding it again, as he started overpowering Sandy again as he used his knives to pin Sandy to a tree through her pajamas)... (He cracked his knuckles)... There's one thing to learn from this, kid: Nobody, NOBODY, EVER turns their back on ME! I am STEELE CROCKETT! The strongest jackrabbit in Texas! Those who cross me are to pay the price through their blood!
  • Sandy: (She removed the knives as she punched towards him as he caught her fist and twisted the arm painfully) AAHHHH!!! (He kicked her back to the tree, and she jumped onto his shoulder as he back-flipped her off, took a knife and tried to stab her, but only got her by the pajamas) DAH!
  • Steele: You can't compete with me, Sandy Cheeks! My speed, my strength, my stamina, DWARF yours! (He steps on her face) So you will pay for what you did to me!
  • Sandy: GRRRGH! (She bites his foot as a glass shatter was on his eye as he yelled in pain)
  • Steele: AHHH!! SON OF A, MOTHER- (Punches her)
  • Sandy: You hit a GIRL!!!
  • Steele: YOU BIT MY FOOT!
  • Sandy: You hit A GIRL!!!
  • Steele: YOU BIT MY F*****G FOOT!
  • Sandy: Hey, we animals do that in self-defense! (She flipped herself back to her feet) And if you think you're going to kill me for doing the right thing, then you've got another thing co- (Steele punched her back to the ground) DOOF! (He picked her up, and ran her right into a tree) AH-HAOWCH! (He pounds her to the tree multiple times)
  • Steele: Well, kid, you picked the wrong heroic deed to do! Maybe if you were older, you would've stood a chance! But you're just an 11-year-old water-loving luck-bound bushy-tailed rat, whose finally paying the price!
  • Sandy: (She started to pick up on her combat as she started fighting him off) Well, you made ONE fatal mistake: THIS 11-year-old water-loving luck-bound bushy-tailed rat is too Texas tough to cross! If you threaten my friends, AND my family, then you'd better take in consideration what I told you when we first met: Never judge a book, by it's cover! I may be 11, but I'm brave enough to swim in dangerous waters! I'm brave enough to stand up to a raging bull! I'm brave enough to handle peril of any size and form! AND, I am brave enough to stand up to the most vicious jackrabbit in Texas! So in other words, YOU'RE ONE UNLUCKY RABBIT!! (She started fighting more boldly and relentlessly to where she started overpowering Steele)
  • Steele: AAHHHH!! (She kicked him with the same force as his kicks, as he was knocked right off in the distance and into a jail cell)...... That, makes, no, logical, sense, on how quickly this happened.


  • Rusty: And Steele was since in jail for attempted murder of a child.
  • Sandy: Just goes to show, don't EVER mess with a girl whose more than meets the eye.
  • Spongebob: "But what happened to him since then? Aren't you worried he'll come back?"
  • Rusty: "Oh don't worry. Steele lost his nerve from losing to a little girl. He became a prison laughing stock worse then the two idiot burglers from Home Alone! He hung up his bandit hat for good and did community service in Illinois. But... He died of consumption just last night."
  • SpongeBob:... Never knew he was a glutton!
  • Sandy: It means tuberculosis, SpongeBog!
  • SpongeBob Oh... Ouch!
  • Sandy: Yeah, ouch! But, at least he did turn a new leaf and died in that new leaf. Since I cleared his name, Rusty was inspired to take my place as the local hero once I got my job at age 14, which, again, is 18 in squirrel years.
  • Rusty: Yep! And so far, Sheriff Concord has been approving of my good deeds.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, wait, that raccoon cop we met when Sandy was nearly raped by Hank? How's HE doing?
  • Rusty: As good as he can be since he took his father's place as sheriff of animal police. So... How have YOU been since you left, kiddo?
  • Sandy: Rusty, I'm an adult now. There's no need to call me that anymore.
  • Rusty: Oh... Sorry, force a' habit.
  • Sandy: Well, when it comes to a squirrel living underwater, it's 'swimmingly' nice. I met SpongeBob when I was wrestling a clam. We discovered we both liked karate, and had tea. We... Also ended up with some kind of romantic relationship, until we had to breakup half-way because of our hero careers.
  • Rusty: Well, good for you, Sandy! You have certainly grown into a strong and pretty woman! But your eyes are about the same as they were when you were young.
  • SpongeBob: They're actually stunning. They look like they change shades when her feelings shift.
  • Rusty:... I'm confused how you ended up falling in love with Sandy.
  • SpongeBob:... Long story!

(Lou Appearance)

  • Sandy: (They arrived at a burro) Hey, Louey!
  • SpongeBob: Sulfur?
  • Sandy: Yeah, sometimes sulfur ends up even in the sink water when it comes to the sewage treatment in Texas. It's more or less a ranging problem.
  • Lou: Wait, that voice!... (He popped out as a Texas pocket gopher)... SANDY, IT IS YOU! (He hugged her) OH, I NEVE THOUGHT I'D BE SO GLAD TO SEE YOUR PRETTY FURRY MUG! It's been so long since you left! And... WOW, look how big you are!
  • SpongeBob:... This is the gopher you rescued from a hawk?
  • Sandy: Yeah. He's a little bit of a coward. Even here, we have a great number of cowards, and not just Dandy.
  • Lou: Whose the walking cheese?
  • Sandy: Oh, this is SpongeBob. He's spending the week with me here.
  • Lou: Oh, you mean the sponge your parents keep talking about? The one they say is in love with you?
  • Sandy: Yep. We are nevertheless still together, but only half-way. When you're an otherworldly hero, you need to limit relationships for your own safety. Since we ended up being affected by a love serum and became smith with each other, it ended horribly.
  • Lou:... Well, I can't see who WOULDN'T fall in love with you? I thought you were cute before, but... Now, you're just a beautiful lady with a tough edge. Those eyes are not hard to miss.
  • SpongeBob: I KNOW, RIGHT?!?
  • Lou:... Excuse me?
  • SpongeBob: Uh, sorry, I couldn't resist. I mean, I just can't get over it! Just look at her face, and TELL me you don't see pretty!
  • Lou: (He looks at her face)... I don't know why, but I'm starting to get a boner. Is that a bad thing?
  • Sandy: Okay, let's not make this a c***-contest, please! Sponge, this guy is another cowardly friend of mine. You see, he started out in a cowardly colony of gophers, until his overprotective father was eaten by a coyote. Then he ran away and ended up encountering a hawk outlaw. That's when I came to the rescue and kicked that hawk's tushie! Since then, we became friends. Though he questioned how I live this life. I told him many times before that he needed to get his head outta the ground, and be as free and happy as a songbird in a chorus!
  • Lou: Hey, can you blame me? The whole world was out to get us many times! It's hard for me to do that. Rattlesnakes, coyotes, hawks, anything seeks to eat me.
  • SpongeBob: It's so strange that some animals eat others while others live together.
  • Sandy: It's a ranged supremacy when it comes to animal relations. It's as imbalanced as our relationship with humans! I mean, sometimes we hate insects, sometimes we hate our predators.
  • ???: HEY, V*****L-SPLOOGE!!! (The cockroach from Sandy's Mad High-School Reunion was back)
  • Cockroach: I'm a cockroach!
  • Sandy:... Eh, I guess that counts. (She stepped on him again)... Yeech, next time, step on a bug wearing shoes.
  • Lou: Well, I'm surprised you're still alive. I mean, you've been in more danger than I can count. You live underwater! I can imagine you were so helpless without air support.
  • SpongeBob: You kidding? She's got friends to help her outta those scrapes. One time, we accidentally ruined her air supply, but we ended up saving her from drowning by using bubbles to bring her Treedome to the surface and replenish her air supply. Sure her suit had a damaged air filter at the time so she had to go on a limited supply and ended up being crazy, and we had to use Mr. Krabs and Pearl to keep her breathing, but we saved her with a cute look at her wet bo- UHHH, I mean, a few seconds were of episode time to spare!
  • Sandy:... Ugh! SpongeBob, you GOTTA control your boner!
  • Lou: Does he even HAVE a penis? Isn't he asexual? He can reproduce by budding, can't he?
  • SpongeBob: Well, my parents reproduced sexually, so I SHOULD have a penis.
  • Sandy: (Shivers) I'm at least glad it retracts.

(Meeting Jessie)

  • Sandy:... Just brace yourself, Jessie here is one of... My most excitable friends.
  • SpongeBob: Why- WHOA! (He saw posters of Sandy all over her cactus home)... I see your point. I can tell somebody's a fan.
  • Sandy: Oh, yeah, since I began my feats as a child, a lot of people adore me. Jessie... Is one of my most crazy fangirls. Once she comes out, prepare for major earrapes.
  • SpongeBob: I don't have any, so, I guess I'll be fine.
  • Sandy: Well, hearing-organ-rape, whatever! Just, brace yourself! (A cactus mouse scurried out to water plants)
  • Jessie: (She sings Sandy's Rodeo song in Rodeo Daze) Hey, Sandy! (She continued for 10 seconds until finally realizing she was there, then cartoonishly zoomed up to her and screamed fangirlishly) SANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! (She screams)
  • SpongeBob: (As she rambled on)... Wow, I guess MSM inserted all his former childhood furry feelings into this character.
  • Jessie: (She got out a cute plushie of Sandy)
  • Sandy:... Well... Yeah, this is Jessie. My 'BIGGEST' fan!
  • Jessie: Correction, the NEW leader of the SANDY CHEEKS FAN CLUB!!! (She showed the picture of it) You have a LARGE cult following! Many people adore you! They love you! I bet they have so many questions to ask you now that you're here!
  • Sandy: Oh, great! Now everybody's gonna go gaga at me when I walk the streets! That's just fan-tucking-fastic!
  • Jessie: And what's wrong with that? They'll help ya' out whenever you need 'em.
  • Sandy: Yeah, but you ever think they might mob me like Justin Beiber-
  • Jessie: (She was like this)


  • SpongeBob:... She's also a Belieber?
  • Sandy: Apparently.
  • Jessie: Oh, I forgot to introduce myself to your boyfriend! I am Jessie! I'm your girlfriend's BIGGEST fan! Ever since I learned about her exploits in my home in El Paso, I wanted to be JUST LIKE HER! I wanted to be a good wrangler...


  • Jessie: (She was trying to comically wrangle or wrestle a bull as it ended with her being kicked off)


  • Jessie: I wanted to learn kah-rah-tae...


  • Jessie: (She was making awkward karate yell noises when practicing karate on television)


  • Jessie: I even wanted to like swimming and hopefully be a good one!


  • Jessie: (She was seen swimming underwater with fish)... (Gurgling) Oh, howdy! Do you know Sandy Cheeks? I do, too! She's AWESOME! She's the be- HMMPH!!! (She started to turn red as the result of air deprivation as she went to the surface gasping for air as the fish came up with her)
  • Fish: Paaaaathetic! You ain't a fish, kid, so quit embarrassing yourself that way!


  • Jessie: But hey, it's a work in progress! It's just... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!
  • SpongeBob: AAHHH!! It's like scratching a chalkboard against ANOTHER chalkboard!

(Meeting Jack Wetter)

  • Sandy: (She came in with SpongeBob in a T-shirt and shorts)... Ahhh, the San Jacinto River! My favorite swimming spot. It's been a while.
  • SpongeBob:... Hmm. You mentioned this Jack Wetter guy when you went to this Channelview place.
  • Sandy: Oh, that's where I first met him. He was my swimming teacher. He's an American mink, a naturally-semi-aquatic mammal. THIS is now where he lives.
  • SpongeBob:... Hmm... I bet Jack has a LOTTA stuff to tell about you since Randy said you almost drowned many times.
  • Sandy: (Chuckles nervously) I, uh, I-
  • Jack: (He came out of the water) Oh, howdy, Sandy! You came in no time at all!
  • SpongeBob: Whoa! You scared me!
  • Jack:... Hey, this is the sponge your parents and brother talked about.
  • Sandy: (Chuckles) Yeah, he's spending the week with me. He said he wanted to come stay with me in Texas desperately.
  • Jack: I can't imagine why. They say he's got a crush on you.
  • Sandy: Well, we had to break up half-way, because it can be dangerous in our otherworldly career. (She changes into her swimsuit) It had something to do with that Hank guy from school.
  • Jack: Oh... Well... Come on in. The water couldn't be finer this time of year.
  • Sandy: (She dove in)... Whew! I missed this nostalgic feeling!
  • SpongeBob:... Mr. Wetter? Does Sandy really like swimming?
  • Jack: Like, is too weak of a definition. Swimming was one of her most loved sports. Heck, she spent a lotta time going into this spot to swim privately. She swam in Trinity Bay as a snorkeling hobby, usually to meet her friend Cowfish Craig before he moved to the Pacific, she swam through rapids, she jumped off a fricking' waterfall and broke my high-diving record, and she... (Scoffs as Sandy was worried) She often liked to-
  • Sandy: Liked to have a good time! I mean, the reason I like swimming was because it helped to keep most of my body in shape, more than walking. Swimming keeps my body in more shape than ever.
  • Jack:... Well, that's what you thought of water when you got started. But then, your childhood kicked in and-
  • Sandy: And I started to take to it like a fish! I got so used to it, even a pike yipped away at the sight of me. (Chuckles)...
  • Jack:... I was gonna say-
  • Sandy: Uhh, Jack? Can I speak to you for a sec? (She paddled him off)
  • SpongeBob:... Hmm? I guess Sandy's full of more surprises than I thought. Kudos for the strongest critter in Texas.
  • Jack: (She brought him into an underwater air pocket) Ugh, Sandy, what is it?
  • Sandy: Look, Jack, do you even know what happened the last time people heard of my childhood near-drowning incident? It was embarrassing! Everyone called me a squirrel who thought she was a fish! Even the fish were laughing at me whenever I crossed paths with them! I shutter to think how I would feel if SpongeBob found out! I've been embarrassed with this enough!
  • Jack: I'm sure it ain't nothin' to be ashamed of, Sandy. Many people like to do that stuff as a kid.
  • Sandy: Yeah, but I was OBSESSED with it! We all know that an obsession with water is not very healthy. Since I grew up, I preferred to keep this to myself. And I do NOT want to have that leaked out.
  • Jack:... Wow, Sandy! I never thought it was possible, but you're actually AFRAID of something.
  • Sandy: Hey, I bet you've got a childhood fear in ya'.
  • Jack: Hey, let's not talk about the lobster costume!
  • Sandy: The what?
  • Jack: Nothing, nothing! Look... If you're asking me to not tell your friend, then I won't. But you should. It's your choice, and yours alone.
  • Sandy:... I'll think about it. (They both dived back down and went back to SpongeBob)
  • SpongeBob: So, how'd it go?
  • Jack: Sandy here just wanted some bonding time.
  • SpongeBob:... Bonding time... Underwater?
  • Sandy: There's an air pocket cave I liked to take Dandy to when we were still together.
  • Jack: (Scoffs) Oh, I remember that! He accidentally urinated himself when fearing he was gonna drown. Next thing you knew, a fish ended up peeing on their picnic thanks to the silly misunderstanding. (He scoffed and laughed, then fell into the water gurgle-laughing until he stopped to come back for air) UGH! I gotta stop thinking about hilarity when in the water, it's not safe! But yeah, it was pretty funny how they corrected all that.
  • Sandy: Hahahaha! Hilarious! Dandy was essentially scared of fish ever since.
  • SpongeBob: (Laughs) Was he really?
  • Jack: Hey, everybody can be scared of fish. Even the biggest of them can take a diver by surprise.
  • Sandy: But, yeah, I had a lotta memories here. I just... Didn't expect Jack to move here since I left.

(Meeting Rob)

  • ???: (A Blake Shelton voice was heard singing within a tree)...
  • SpongeBob:... Whoa! This Rob guy is a good singer.
  • Sandy: Yeah, I recognize that voice anywhere.
  • ???: I recognize that voice anywhere! (He appeared as an American robin)... Sandy? Is that you?
  • Sandy: Yep! Back from Bikini Bottom! Oh, and I brought by close friend SpongeBob with me.
  • Rob: Hey, kiddo! How you doing?
  • Sandy: Fit as a fiddle.
  • Rob: (Laughs) Good one!
  • Sandy: Hey, you're the one who said it first.
  • Rob: Yeah, I remember. I was just seeing if you did.
  • SpongeBob: So, what's your story with this guy?
  • Rob: Well, you see, little poriferan, me and Sandy here were quite close. I used to be her music teacher in school, but I retired a year later. But Sandy was one of the few to stick around, like a daughter. So, I taught her to sing.
  • SpongeBob:... So YOU'RE the reason why Sandy sings so good?
  • Rob: Depends. How good is it?
  • SpongeBob: Good enough to make me cry.
  • Rob: Ohhh! Let's hear it!
  • Sandy:... If you say so. (She started to sing this)
Who Wants to Race Me?

Who Wants to Race Me?

  • Rob: (In between song)... Wow! With a slang like that, I bet you'd really be a riot!
  • SpongeBob: You have NO idea! (The song continues)
  • Rob: (After song)... Well shut my beak and call me a good bird! I haven't heard a song like that in all my life. Your voice is flawless! I taught you well!
  • Sandy: Why, thanks.
  • SpongeBob: (Sighs in attraction) Yeah! Like an angel!
  • Rob:... Excuse me?
  • SpongeBob: Duh-uh, I mean, so graceful! Yeah! That's what I said.
  • Rob:... He's in love with you, ain't he?
  • Sandy: Ohhhh, yeah!
  • Rob:... Can't really blame him, though. I seem to admire more than your voice. Those looks are very hard to miss.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, you should see her underwater when she's got her suit off besides obviously the helmet. Her beauty is much more visible that way.
  • Rob: I suppose. Fish claim that beauty for them is easy to see in their own setting. For us land critters, it can be, but it can also be ranged. As a sea critter, you're used to seeing beauty in your own setting.
  • SpongeBob:... I never thought of that. I thought it was just a case of aquaphilia.
  • Rob: That's arguable, but that's mainly in terms of people on land who like girls wet or underwater. In terms of your people, it's kinda normal.
  • Sandy:... I didn't come to that conclusion either.
  • Rob: Just goes to show how much sea critters know more than us land critters.
  • SpongeBob: Well, I guess I should thank you for giving Sandy an arousing singing voice.
  • Rob: Oh, that wasn't the intention, but whatever floats your boat. Besides, I've always been about singing. As a passerine, it's kinda our specialty.
  • SpongeBob: I could hear you singing once we came here.
  • Rob: Oh, that's only my practice. HERE'S the REAL deal! (He sang this as it was more vibrant than before, as Sandy eventually joined in)
Blake Shelton- "Friends" (from The Angry Birds Movie)

Blake Shelton- "Friends" (from The Angry Birds Movie)

  • SpongeBob:... By the sacred temples of Neptune, that was AMAZING!

Sandy's Old Roadrunner

Sandy's Home

  • Sandy: (They entered the roadrunner pen)... Well, hey, Faust! (Randy's roadrunner Faust meeped the MLP theme song)...
  • SpongeBob:... (Scoffs) Did Randy really-
  • Sandy: Yes. Yes he did. (Skippy and Fairchild the roadrunners of her parents were seen)... Yeah, yeah, it's good to see you too. (She pets them)
  • SpongeBob:... I have to ask, Sandy... Don't YOU have a roadrunner?
  • Sandy: Yes, actually. The last few times I came here, I said hi to good ol' Chestnut. He's been my noble steed since I was 10. I hope he'll be happy to see- (They came in to see something shocking as Chestnut the roadrunner was very elderly, bald in several places, blind in one eye, and is showing signs of fatal aging)...
  • SpongeBob:... Wow!... Not to be Demolition Doofus insensitive, but he's WAAAAY past his prime.
  • Sandy:... Chestnut! (Chestnut saw her and slowly waddled to her as she came to pet him, the two showing love)... Oh, Chestnut!... I am so sorry.
  • SpongeBob:... How old is it, exactly?
  • Sandy: 23. I'd normally argue about their lifespan being 7 to 8 years, if this wasn't a world of cartoon logic. It seems... Chestnut has indeed aged past his prime. I just... Never expected it to happen so soon.
  • SpongeBob: Well... I'm sure he's meant a lot to you. At least he got to meet you one last time. (Chestnut cuddled her as she giggled a bit)
  • Sandy: Yeah, I didn't forget about you, Chestnut! Who's a precious birdy? Who's a precious birdy? You are! (The roadrunner meeped in affection until it coughed)... (It looked at SpongeBob)... I think he wants to meet you.
  • SpongeBob:... I'm... A little iffy. I, do not have a prior fond exspearience of birds in this world.


  • Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick and Mr. Krabs were attacked by the Seagull puppets.

Second Part.

  • Spongebob and the gang were attacked by the pelicans!

Flashback ends.

  • Spongebob: "And I don't even want to talk about the birds in otherwordly terms that aren't our friends.
  • Sandy: Please, SpongeBob? At least let him know I have a great life now that he's going to that... (Sounding a little torn up)... 4-lane highway in the sky.
  • SpongeBob:... Sandy? Are you okay?
  • Sandy:... (Sucks it up)... Yes. Right as rain. (She shed a small tear)...
  • SpongeBob:... (Sighs) Alright, I'll try. (He softly approached Chestnut)... Hey... Chestnut... (Chestnut pecked at him playfully) Ooh!...That hurt a bit.
  • Sandy: You need to be careful. He needs to analyze you. Try giving it some berries. (Hands him some)
  • SpongeBob:... (He does so and he eats them, and then cuddles SpongeBob)
  • Sandy: See? Was that so hard. (Chestnut meeped, before wheezing) Chestnut!... (She hugs him)... I... (She shed more tears)... I... I won't forget you. I wanna thank you for... For riding me all over the horizon all these years. I'll... I'll hopefully keep one of your feathers at the Treedome to always remember you. (Chestnut meeped one final time until it finally shut it's eyes and died)... (She started shedding more tears)
  • SpongeBob:... Sandy? Are you-
  • Sandy: NO! No! I'm a Texan! I am a MAN!.... In a metathorical sense.... (She then gave in and cried hysterically)...
  • SpongeBob:... Thank Neptune she's not wearing a helmet. (Sandy cried on Chestnut's body)... It's... It's okay, Sandy. Like I said, you were there for his final days.
  • Sandy: Yeah, but... I... I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIII-HII-HIIISS!!! (She continued crying)
  • SpongeBob: Sandy, please, it's the Circle of Life!
  • Sandy: Yeah, yeah, Lion King, all that s***! Don't think that's gonna get me a laugh. I just... Need a moment... For poor Chestnut! (She softly sobs)
  • SpongeBob:... I'd be glad to have this moment with you, Sandy. It's what Chestnut would've wanted after just meeting me... Ironically the last face he met, but- (Sandy cried) Okay, not helping.
  • Sandy: (She cried harder) CHESTNUT! (Cries)
  • SpongeBob: Sandy, please stop, I can't handle thi... Thi... (He couldn't help but cry with her as they did so on Chestnut's body) (Ma and Pa came in)
  • Pa:... Oh, tarnation, I forgot to mention that Chestnut was dying. (The two looked at them and burst out crying again).... I know, I know, my own stupid mistake.
  • Ma:... Ya' THINK?!?
  • Pa: (Sighs) Let's just give them their space. (They did so as the two continued to grieve)
  • Dandy was over-hearing this with an Armadillo friend.
  • Armadillo: "...... Wow. She's really sad about that old bird."
  • Dandy: "...... Gee....... I..... I wish, I could help her recover from that."
  • Armadillo: "Well it's not like you can win her a new Roadrunner at the Texas State Fair being offered as a prize to whoever can guess the number of nuts in the giant jar."
  • Dandy gotten an excited face!
  • Armadillo: "..... Oh why do I encourage you?"
  • Dandy: "THAT'S IT! I'll use my intelligence to win the game and get Sandy a new Roadrunner! It's perfect!"
  • Armadillo: "Well I done doubt she be so quick to replace Chestnut."
  • Dandy: "It doesn't HAVE to replace chestnut. It can become a new beginning for Sandy! Sometimes the best form of therapy to recover from a serious loss, is to move on from life."
  • Armadillo: "..... I think I can see why you never abided to yer grandpa's wishes to become a psyciatrist. Healing from a loss via that method you suggest isn't gonna always garrentied to work. Even an amature in the profession knows this."
  • Dandy: "It's worth a shot man, at least humor me."
  • Armadillo: "..... Well, I'll go as far to refraign from saying "I told you so". That's all I can do."
  • Dandy: ".... (Sarcastic) Gee, thanks for being a supportive friend."

Texas State Fair

A Day In Texas/Dealing With The Junkyard Society

(Confronting The JS)

  • SpongeBob: (They arrived at the Houston Heil of Texas)... So, this is where they've been living all these years?
  • Sandy: Yep! Since their parents disowned them, they had to live somewhere.
  • SpongeBob: Wow, what a dump!
  • Sandy: Fits their 'Junkyard Society' well, don't it? Now, let's get in there and give em' a piece of our minds! (They entered)... Odd... There was supposed to be a dump here. There's nothin' but wrecked vehicles, and worn-down buildings occupied by humans.
  • SpongeBob: Maybe it's hidden.
  • Sandy: Maybe! Perhaps these guys know. (Figures were watching them as they scurried off)
  • SpongeBob: (They approached workers)... Excuse me, sir?
  • Sandy: Uh, SpongeBob, humans can't understand us!
  • SpongeBob: I don't know, that Hasselhoff guy seemed to do so.
  • Sandy: Actually, David Hasselhoff was an actor, and many actors here possess language decoders manufactured by Treedome Enterprises so they can speak to us. Average humans... Well... They don't seem to have that, so all they hear is- (To the humans, they spoke their normal animal language)
  • Human #1:... Hey, that's SpongeBob, and Sandy!
  • SpongeBob/Sandy:... What?
  • Human #2: Oh, yeah! My kid watches them all the time!
  • Human #3: (Cuddling Sandy) Cootchy-cootchy-coo!
  • Sandy: Hey, stop that, that tickles!
  • Human #2: What're they doing here?
  • Sandy:... SpongeBob? Can you find a way for us to communicate with them?
  • SpongeBob: I'm on it! (He writes words on the dirt in the ground)
  • Human #4:... Ohhh, you mean those animals that have been pestering us! They're somewhere in the semi-truck carts containing junk.
  • Human #1: Yeah, somehow, these things provide good real estate for animals with heavy debt. What's their story?
  • Sandy:... Do they SERIOUSLY wanna know that?
  • Human #6: Do we REALLY need to know that?
  • Sandy: (She chirped in reaction in their POV)
  • Human #6:... Was that was she was thinking? (Sandy nodded yes)...
  • Human #1:... Well, can't we be curious?
  • Sandy: (Sighs, and wrote the words on the ground after brushing off the previous ones)
  • Human #4:... THAT'S why I was almost fired!
  • Human #2: Wow, what assholes! I guess those that were fired were telling the truth!
  • Human #7: Well, sure, feel free to give them a spanking. They've got many of us fired from our jobs with their antics.
  • Sandy: (She wrote more words)
  • Human #3:... I dunno if they CAN still stay, as long as they are kept from doing anymore trouble. Our boss is VEEERY stern and mean.
  • Sandy: (Wrote "Well, figure it out! They need a place to live, or they might come after us!")
  • Human #3: Alright, alright! We'll try! Just go wreck their s*** already! (They went off)
  • SpongeBob:... I just don't get how animals and humans share such a good coexistence! They eat many of us fish, let alone other animals!
  • Sandy: Hey, they're air-breathers, so they hardly understand underwater life like we do, even with Treedome Enterprises' help. Now let's just get the Junkyard Society!
  • ???: Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, WELL! (The two were shocked to hear that voice) Look what the cat dragged in and s*** all over!
  • SpongeBob: IT'S THEM! (The Junkyard Society came in, and Bosco was with them)
  • Bosco: Hey, SpongeBoob! How's it been since you took Babs from us?
  • SpongeBob: (Nerviously) Hey now, fellas, it was, nothing personal, it's just, we felt you guys weren't the best people for her.
  • Sandy: YEAH YOU BUNCH WEREN'T! We did what was right!
  • Bosco: If I were you, I wouldn't talk back to a shark! He could bite your head off, air or not!
  • Hairy: (Chuckles) They probably came to get the beating they deserve.
  • Sandy: Funny, that's what we came to do to YOU! We heard of the stuff you pulled for all these years to these workers.
  • Greasy: HAH! Humans ain't worth s***! All they are is overgrown hairless primates that build over our homes and do what they want to us. They got what they deserved.
  • Sandy: No they didn't! They had good lives, and by having them fired and damaged of their lives, you make yourselves speciesist, or racist, bullies who make yourselves no better than any human who kills an animal!
  • Skins: Hey, what did you expect? Our families disowned us! They abandoned us like they never loved or cared about us! This is how we cope! It's not exactly racism or speciesism if it's true. Heck, they tore animal homes down to build this place. If anything, we're doing these poor souls a favor.
  • SpongeBob: (Gets abit more confident) Well, they wouldn't want THIS, now would they? You need to answer for what you did to these humans, all the way to their boss!
  • The JS: (They all laughed)
  • SpongeBob: I'm serious!
  • Greasy: (He took out a knife) Let me tell you something, cheesehead! Nobody tells us what to do! This, is the Junkyard Society! We do not take orders from anybody, ESPECIALLY not some walking sea critter, and his interspecies girlfriend!
  • SpongeBob: Hey, you were the ones who nearly framed her for vandalism at her high school!
  • Greasy: That's how it goes for us. No rules, no responsibilities, nothing! That's out motto, and our number one rule, and it is the main one, of which WE DO NOT BREAK! It's what we do! (They started to sing a familiar song again)
  • SpongeBob: Aw, no, not this song again! We really NEED to make a restriction about repeating songs?!
Junkyard Society Rag English

Junkyard Society Rag English

  • Sandy:... Wow... What a ripoff of that lady and the tramp sequil that I can't say is nessersarly bad but it lost the point of the original and- (Bosco punched her into a pile of garbage)!
  • Spongebob: "SANDY?! (The JS started to laugh!)..... Oh right, that TEARS IT?! (Rips off his pants and gets as buff as he did in Fry Cook Games, to the surprise of the gang who stopped laughing, while surprisingly had an extra pair on!)"
  • Bosco: "Oh, it's a fight you want, pipsqueak? Well, BRING IT ON?!"

SpongeBob's Relationship With Sandy Explained

Sandy's Family Home

  • Ma:... I can tell you had a rip-snortin' good time today, huh, SpongeBob?
  • SpongeBob: You bet, Mrs. Cheeks. I got to learn a LOT about your daughter's land. Sad to see her old steed be inches to death.
  • Pa: Yeah, it is unfortunate. Chestnut has grown quite elderly since Sandy left. Poor thing. But considering you have a good life in Bikini Bottom, I'd say Chestnut was at least happy that he got to see you one last time before he died. The poor thing really missed you.
  • Sandy: I could see it in his eyes. (Sighs)
  • SpongeBob:... Eh, it's alright. At least he didn't get to die without one last sight of you. I'm as sad as you were about the death of your old steed.
  • Randy: Yeah, you made it pretty clear that you can't help crying if she does. I could hear it from my room.
  • Dandy: So... SpongeBob... Can I ask you something personal?
  • SpongeBob: Oh, if you're asking why I act pretty hesitant around you, just know it was all a phase.
  • Dandy: No, I mean... What exactly did you see in Sandy to fall in love with her?
  • Randy: Yeah. I mean, I thought that s*** was for the Spandy shippers in your fandom to deal with.
  • SpongeBob:... (Looks at Sandy as she blushed a bit)... Well, when we first met, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. Back then, I wasn't that fond of girls...


  • (SpongeBob): Before I met Sandy, I was, shall we say, bad with the ladies. (They shunned him off)... Girls were just a tad too boring for me, and my silliness and stupidity was always getting in the way. For some bizarre reason, I seemed to be an oddball, a black sheep, and an outcast. Everyone considered jellyfishing a kids' sport, and even though I had the BEST cookouts for my dream of being a fry cook, I had a hard time fitting in with girls. They had little to offer to me to get interested. That is... (SpongeBob and Sandy fought off the Giant Clam)... Until Sandy came in. In fact, she was the first female friend to be different than the other girls I knew, not just because she was from land, a place I had little knowledge of, but she was quite... Fascinating. She had spirit, charisma, charm, a sense of excitement, and was quite friendly. She was the first girl I shared a close connection with. She offered one thing that the other girls couldn't: knowledge of the surface. Before her homesickness incident, I didn't have that much knowledge of her own life, though. I didn't even know what Texas was. But after I helped her get her outlook in Bikini Bottom together... We had a discussion in the Treedome.
  • SpongeBob:... Sandy, I have to admit, I'm amazed that you're of a land that... Shows more than meets the eye.
  • Sandy: Yeah, I admit, I was missing my place in life for a while. But don't blame me. You see, I live here because of my job as a scientist. I work for Treedome Enterprises. I ain't the only land-dweller residing in a Treedome like this. There are a lot of others out there. We study not just sea life, but we have our own funded scientific projects.... Yeah, I know, it's weird. Trust me, it confounds even my bosses too why they do this. Perhaps an over the top method to keep these projects from being taken by rivals domestic and forgen is my best guest. But I'm side-a-tracken. When I got this job as a holiday gift, I was not only confused, but... Conflicted. I didn't know what to make of a setting that a squirrel is not used to. A life in the sea? Crazy! But I have to be honest, before I met you... I was lost. I didn't know if I'd fit in well with sea life. But after meeting you and your friends, I thought I was doing well. But after what happened today... I was unfortunately reminded of questioning my place. My head was spinning until it finally broke down into homesickness. Turns out, I just needed a... Sweet, thoughtful, sympathetic, and... Quite helpful... Person like you to see that the sea can be just as big as Texas. And I just want to say... Thank you.
  • SpongeBob:... It... It was nothing really. (The two hugged)
  • (SpongeBob): That personal revelation she shared with me... Gave me a newfound appreciation for her. It made me see a side to land creatures I never saw before. A person as tough as Sandy can be a little emotionally imbalanced at times, whether it be sadness, weakness, or even... (Patrick was seen getting lassoed into a nuclear explosion)... Downright TERRIFYING!!! I swear to all that's holy, do NOT f*** around with Texas!
  • (Randy): You're doggone right!
  • (SpongeBob): So, since then, I've come to respect and even admire her for a while. But then what REALLY sparked my attraction was... In August 2000, when me and Sandy went to Goo Lagoon again. It was a day that I would consider the day I came to see her as a new person. And... Don't take this the wrong way, just a heads up... All it took was something I did not expect.
  • SpongeBob: SANDY! Are you ready?
  • Sandy: Hold yer' horses, SpongeBob, I'm almost ready. It's just... I have to cope with this. It's something I need to cope with as much as I can.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, come on, what's the hold-up? You really think you'll be embarrassed?
  • Sandy: I dunno! If you were in my shoes, I'd say so.
  • SpongeBob: Just come on out. The water's fine.
  • Sandy:... I... Kinda agree.
  • SpongeBob: Wha? (She came out in her Treedome swimsuit attire)...
  • (Dandy):... Really?
  • (SpongeBob): Let me finish! That wasn't the day I started to fall in love, as I was a late bloomer in the puberty department. But it's pretty close. You see, looking at her in an attire like that in a different setting... Made me see that she's fully embraced her new home, and became a new person. It was like she came to appreciate it as much as she did in Texas. And... It kinda felt nice to know that she was growing since that homesickness incident.
  • (Randy): (To himself) In more ways than one, apparently!
  • (Sandy): Really, Randy? You HAD to go there?
  • (Randy): Oh, don't act like you don't agree with me, sis!
  • SpongeBob: Well, yeah, since that day, she's started getting out of the suit more often, and since my puberty phase started kicking in, the admiration turned into attraction and romantic feelings.


  • SpongeBob: So yeah, the reason I fell in love with her initially was as seeing her as an admirably-strong-willed person, and the first person to teach me a lot.
  • Sandy:... I... I don't know what to say, SpongeBob! This... This is a LOT to take in!
  • Dandy: Yeah!
  • Pa: That's... Actually very sweet of you.
  • Ma: Indeed.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, trust me, there were funny things to be with her to see. One time, we had an argument about which of us creatures were better.
  • Randy: Oh, God, a classic gender-war-style argument!
  • SpongeBob: Yeah. Not only was she so pissed, she nearly drowned herself, getting a pickle jar to breath (Sandy blushed in embarrassment), but she dared us to go to the Island, and we ended up nearly getting eaten by seagulls.
  • Dandy:... A pickle jar... As a helmet?
  • Sandy: SpongeBob, can we PLEASE not mention that to my family-
  • Dandy: (Laughs)
  • Pa: Uh, Dandy, shouldn't you be more concerned that our daughter nearly drowned?
  • Dandy: Well, duh! But- (Scoffs) I can't help it! Using a pickle jar as a helmet? That's just priceless!
  • SpongeBob: I KNOW, RIGHT?!?
  • Sandy: Okay, can we PLEASE not-
  • SpongeBob: Plus, there was that time when Plankton stole her fur pelt to pose as her and get the Krabby Patty formula. For some reason, Sandy was blamed and sent to court for public nudity when she was just trying to get it back.
  • Dandy: (Laughs)
  • SpongeBob: But don't worry. She testified by herself and got Plankton in community service.
  • Dandy: (Laughs)
  • Randy: (He couldn't help but laugh as well)
  • SpongeBob: And let's not forget when we went to Atlantis, and she was so obsessed with their technology, she didn't wanna leave. (The two laughed) And don't even get me started with Kenny-
  • Sandy: SPONGEBOB! (They stopped)... This is NOT a time to laugh at my expense! Yes, I had my weak moments, but sometimes my Southern edge and other things can get to me.
  • Pa: We can all say the same thing, honey. I had my fair share of moments like that.
  • Ma: So did I. Including our date and proposal in marriage. I kissed Manny first because he was too scared to make the first move.
  • Dandy: NO WAY! That's how Sandy first kissed me... As well as Tina.
  • Randy: (Laughs) Looks like awkwardness runs in the family.
  • SpongeBob: You mean like you being a brony?
  • Dandy: OHHHH, BURN!!
  • Randy: (Sighs)
  • SpongeBob: Speaking of Tina, Dandy took us to meet her. I can see how anyone would fall in love with her. Her cuteness and attractiveness is just CONTAGIOUS! She giggles a lot, she has a sweet tooth for Nutter Butters, Nutty Bars, Reeses Cups, and anything with nuts, peanut butter, and chocolate, and she is quite funny. It's enough to make even SANDY jealous.
  • Sandy: Really?
  • SpongeBob: Yeah. She's quite pretty and can hook anyone into her grasp. She's like you, only more admirable in every way. And your friends were pretty nice. Wetter taught you how to swim, Rob taught you how to sing, Rusty gave you your tough edge, Jessie gave you a following, Lou gave you a kinship instinct, and Clint gave you a sympathetic edge. I should kinda thank them for turning you into the squirrel I fell in love with.
  • Sandy: (Laughs a bit) Yeah, that is a good point, but it's kinda Texas for you.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, unbelievably.
  • Dandy: Though, you said you already knew Cowfish Craig when you met him during his family reunion in Trinity Bay.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, that's a long story involving one of my computer games. Had a little banter with a guy with golden coconuts. Knowing how tough a place this is, kinda makes me admire Sandy more. Amazed that it took bringing it up in vain to get her to our plan to help her out of her homesick stage.
  • Randy: Yeah, I admit, most of us here can get QUITE insulted of our heritage that way. But sometimes, it can get grading to even us. You know how angry she gets, but much of us here take it to more violent levels.
  • Pa: And I was among those. Sayin' that it's dumb is like saying our family is dumb. It's kinda disrespectful to it's name.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, I admit, it was quite ballsy and stupid, but it was the best I could do to get her to the Krusty Krab. But hey, it helped me get to know her more.
  • Sandy: Yeah. I was no doubt unable to go with him until that little comment got me riled up.
  • Dandy: Call me crazy, but I didn't mind such things in my youth. Though I'm not much of a fighter, I have stood up for Sandy in rare times. Her toughness kinds rubbed off on me once or twice.
  • SpongeBob: I'd say so. Plus... It was nice of you to get her a new roadrunner after Chestnut died.
  • Dandy: Yeah, but it was mainly Ammermann's suggestion. I thought she wouldn't like it considering the classic 'nothing can be truly replaced' argument, as understandable as it was, besides the fact that she might not need another when she's underwater.
  • Sandy: Well, it was actually nice regardless. You got the roadrunner for yourself, but it was still sweet of you to try and cheer me up, and it helped SpongeBob adapt well in Texan cultures. It's that sympathy that made me fall in love with you.
  • Dandy: Eh, it was the least I could do.

Dandy and SpongeBob Snap

  • Dandy: SpongeBob, I have to admit, you are quite an entertaining friend for Sandy, and you two get along like, in Sandy's own words, "two catfish in a skillet", but I can't help but feel that, after your explanation... You MAY be loving her as a means to an end.
  • Spongebob makes a surprised face as a duck sound was heard.
  • Spongebob: "..... A, le-par-don?"
  • Dandy: Look, try not to take this the wrong way, I know your an otherwise decent person, I mean, your a leader of a universeally famed hero team after all, it's just.... I worry that your not nessersarly, a perfect person, and there's no shame in being imperfect, it's just, I'm worried that you may have.... Impure quilities.
  • Spongebob: "Look, if it's about the modern Spongebob Episodes, I can't help with that, I'm only doing what the writers want me and the others to do! It's kinda the consiquence of being part of a show with no sense of continuity or canon respect."
  • Dandy: I meant in terms of Sandy! She said that you did end up making out one time, but... Well... The incident that caused it might make me a little uneasy with your relationship.
  • SpongeBob: And what in Davy Jones' locker do you mean by that, Danial? I went through and saw alot of crazy things with her. You wouldn't even believe half of the sights and worlds I saw with her, Danial. We're clearly meant for each other.
  • Dandy: And, I don't question that, but.... She says that sometimes you see her as eye candy. She said you love her wet or bare-skinned underwater, among other... Things I'd rather not get into. You two were making out in the water according to her. Look, since I have my own girlfriend now, obviously I'm no longer obligated to be over-protective on what an Ex-Girlfriend is doing with someone else. What you two do, is your business. It's just..... I'll have to be blunt. Be made aware that Sandy is NOT someone who should be treated like she's a picture on a porn magizene.
  • SpongeBob: (Eyes gave abit of a blank "Are you serious" look) I don't think like the implications here. Look, I assure you that I DO treat Sandy like a real person. In fact, in all the times she was hurt really badly, like from that Adrian barnicale-head who was mad at us for something we couldn't help at the time, or when she gets into unpleasent situations like when Hank Spooner was under a love potion and had revitalised his hopeless romantic interests, I was earnestly concerned for her! If I was the eye candy jerk you discribed me as, and I'm not, I wouldn't even BARELY care about those instances! But I did, and still do! You just have to keep in mind that I have been known to be a mentally imbalenced idiot. Just ask Squidward!
  • Dandy: And I understand that. But mental compidence issues is a seldom excuse to these perverted thoughts.... This, coming from someone who's, guilty of that himself. I won't dare view myself as the higher man, we both been at that lowpoint. I'm just being worried that your relationship as a whole may have earnest issues. For exsample, Sandy says that this little viewpoint has gotten you in trouble. She said you tried to kiss her in your sleep, and you-
  • SpongeBob: Okay, I have to stop you there, Danial! I know where you are going with this, but allow me to politely correct you. The forementioned "Sleep-Kiss" was because of a rather unfortunate event involving a love serum and a dolphin loving penguin of currently indeteriment spieces. By all means, that love serum thing is something we agreed to forget about. Look, I won't lie, it was wonderful and the first time I got to first base, but come on, had I NOT been under the serum's influence, I would've asked her out and had a normal date. But Kowalski had to put that serum in a juice bottle. Speaking of that, did you know he puts a truth serum in a bottle of ketchup?
  • Dandy: Potion aside, it still reveils some very unsavery hidden demons that I don't blame you for wanting to be in denial off. You need to control yourself, respect Sandy, and treat her like a lady, just like I have when we were still together. Pardon me if I sounded too stern about this, but.... She doesn't deserve to be used as a tool of m**********n! She is TOO GOOD for that, and you need to show common courtesy. If not, I don't think you should be with her.
  • SpongeBob: (Gasps!)... Thou would accurse and besmirth my honor as a lowly perverted swine, good sir?!
  • Dandy: Okay, maybe that didn't gave the result I wanted. Look, again, I meant no disrespect or anything, and by all means, you two are free to do with eachother's bodies as you wish! I'm just trying to give you some friendly advice and trying to get you to admit that you have an earnest problem that I'm sure even the other lougers do agree needs to be addressed and-
  • SpongeBob: UP UP UP! Now you listen here, and listen good, Danial! You think I'm not good enough for her? Even after I went through and survived the kind of things that would've long gave you a fatal heart-attack from?! I seen and fought monsters, ghouls, and other forms of unsaveriness that would make a normal man faint in terror! I even have a run-in with the King of Darkspawn and lived?! I seen the rise of a new successful Uniter! I helped made worlds a better place! Heck, the universes even! I'm part of a team of heroes that, mind you, are among the few hero groups brave enough to stand up to the likes of the Villain Leage! I'm part of a team that encourages into bringing out the good in others, even at their worse, and even turned some of those troubled souls into members of that group! You have NO IDEA how many existeneal crisises I went through on my adventures?! Like, me, a funny loveable idiot, being a leader to heroes, or how I can't always be relied on to resolve a member issue, heck, Icky had to give an elaberate prank involving a german snail cult just to get me to stop over-worry about Gary after Shen had an anti-snail fit that, I didn't responded well to that, so I can focus on saving some members of a sex slave operation owned by a giant magical black widow spider! (Dandy have a WTF stare.).... I'm not kidding, that episode where it happened, unbelievebly controverseal. Among the things why our kid show status has been challnaged ever since. And throughout all of that, Sandy and I stuck togather. And before you ask about the half-break up, it has NOTHING TO DO with perversion! We did the half-breakup just to ensure villains don't use my secret relationship against us. Seriously, Danial, villains have NO respect for a hero's personal bounderies! Just ask every Marvel and DC hero in existence! Relationships are DANGEROUS for this kind of work! It was fun for a while, but as with life, we have to be reminded of the consequences! And you have the NERVE, THE AUDASITY, THE SQUIRL, BALLS, TO ACCUSE ME OF BEING IN UNFIT LOVER?! How, is going through every single danger and adventure the Universe has to offer, not worthy of any woman's affection, let alone Sandy's?! Do you earnestly believe that? Or am I correct to assume that you still miss Sandy dispite your current girlfriend obligations!?
  • Dandy: Okay, Spongebob, before we get at eachother's throats, please listen to what I am trying to say, all that stuff you said IS WORTHY of a girl like Sandy's affections, it's just that-
  • SpongeBob: AND YOU CALLED YOURSELF A GOOD BOYFRIEND?!? If your current girlfriend knew about this, I doubt she would wanna stay on your ship, Cap't Envious Ex?!
  • SpongeBob: Oh, and saying I don't deserve her is any better, smarty?
  • Dandy:..... Okay, I get what you meant by that, but please know that I meant no disrespect to you. I am only trying to make sure your not some kind of self-entitled dirt bag, and, well, seeing on how your reacting, your clearly not a dude who treats a girl like a trophy! You gave a perfectly normal reaction of a dude who just had his pride, dignity, and honor challnaged. What you said does prove that you cared for Sandy a very great deal, and, I was wrong to challnage that. Though I still think you need to have your, issues adjusted, I realise that your not an inferior boyfriend to Sandy, and, I'm sorry to have suggested that, Spongebob Squarepants. I'm sorry I ever brought this up, and let's, pretend, this never accured, okay? I really want to make this work with you and-
  • SpongeBob: Pfft! Just what I thought. Figured you tuna-ed out the minute I stand up to you. If your gonna accuse someone of being the kind of person they're not, at least have the balls to stand by it, you envious cowerd!
  • Dandy: I AM NOT JEALIOUS OF YOU AND SANDY, IDIOTBOY!!!!!... (The two paused)...
  • SpongeBob:... So THAT'S how it is, huh?
  • Dandy: I-I-I'm sorry, that totally slipped, I, I obviously didn't responded well to being called out as jealious, I clearly moved on and-
  • SpongeBob: I can see why Sandy dumped you, aside from her job. You're clearly too cowardly to stand up for her, which flies at the face of the fact she stood up for you against a giant hairy spider, a dumb brute of a poisionious type of lizard, and a squirl I swear looked like he was from Grease or Happy Days! Your even too cowerdly to stay true to your low-down and degrading insults, you slimely, underatthiving, ungrateful, lying, no good, charlatin of a nut-eating rodent?! Your real girlfriend would be ASHAMED of you! Sandy's family would be ashamed of you! Heck, even that tumbleweed would be ashamed of you!
  • Thumbleweed: "(Was seen right there) Ohhhhh no, I'm staying out of this. (Thumbles away)!"
  • SpongeBob: Why, because you're too busy for dressing in your chicken costume?
  • Dandy: STOP IT!!! STOP, IT!!! I AM NOT A COWARD...... That often.
  • Dandy: WHERE?!? (SpongeBob scoffed like Woody and laughed his usual laugh)... Okay, cowboy! I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL CHICKEN CAN DO WHEN I PECK YOUR LITTLE EYES OUT!!! (He tried to punch Spongebob, but in akin to Flats The Flounder, it did absolutely nothing.....)
  • Spongebob: "..... Don't feel too bad, Flats had the same problem too. It's why I'm no longer fearful of physical violence."
  • Dandy: "Wha.... (Tries punching him again, but the same thing happened.)"
  • Spongebob exhaled on his hand and rubbed it on his shirt, not even phased by what accured.
  • Spongebob: "Seriously man, ya might wanna stop before you make a complete and utter idiot of yourself."
  • Dandy began to repeatingly punch him but to no avail.
  • Spongebob: "(While Dandy is still punching him......) We may wanna take a break, people, it looks like he's not gonna lose steam anytime soon."
  • Director: "AND CUT! We're taking a break."
  • Spongebob was seen walking down a studio hallway as Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was getting a cup of water while Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was having lunch with Deadpool, Scroop, and Cobra, all three stareing at Dandy who keeps punching him.
  • Spongebob: "..... Don't mind him too much, fellas."
  • Spongebob came out of the bathroom with Dandy still punching him!
  • Spongebob went to see a movie with Dandy quietly punching him.
  • Spongebob was driving home with Dandy still punching him, as he blew a bubble for him to breath upon entry.
  • Spongebob was taking a shower while Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was sleeping while Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was getting ready and brushing his teeth, all the while, Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was working at the Krusty Krab while Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was attending Boating School while Dandy's still punching him!
  • Spongebob was enjoying food from a Golden Corral Buffet while Dandy was punching him!
  • Spongebob was doing grosery shopping while Dandy was punching him.
  • Spongebob was waiting by the check-off as the clerk was scanning the food, confusedly stareing at the display of him being punched by Dandy.
  • Spongebob: ".... Try not to mind him."
  • Spongebob was enjoying a carnival while Dandy was still punching him.
  • Spongebob was at Glove World while Dandy was punching him.
  • Spongebob was jellyfishing while Dandy was punching him.
  • Spongebob was at an impourent business meeting at Nickaloudian Studios while Dandy, his bubble air support gone, was still punching him, whilst the board was stareing.
  • Spongebob: "..... Sorry, I can't tell him to stop, he's from this other thing I do."
  • Spongebob was driving back to Scroop Corp while Dandy was still going, though noticingly sweaty.
  • Spongebob went through the punch-in station while other members of the studio stared.
  • Icky: "..... Jesus almighty, the guy's still going."
  • Spongebob was walking down the hall as Dandy was getiing noticingly slower, though still punches Spongebob.
  • Director: "Roll it."
  • Spongebob has returned to the set as Dandy was finally exhausted and slowed down to the point that he's breathing heavily.
  • Dandy finally stops in exhaustion....
  • Spongebob: "..... Oh, your done now? I kinda enjoyed my 48 hour massage, thank you."
  • Dandy: (Heavily breaths of a few minutes.)........ TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK, YOU TALKING SPONGE CAKE!!!
  • Spongebob: "(Dandy starts punching him again) Oh not again."
  • Sandy: (Comes in) WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON?!?
  • Dandy/SpongeBob: (Dandy stops punching)...... (Pointing at each other) HE STARTED IT!!!
  • Sandy: ONE AT A TIME!!!
  • Dandy: I told him to respect you as a girlfriend and not as something to jerk off to, which, I admit, was kinda rude of me, and he just flat-out accused me of jealousy and insulted me! EVEN AFTER I APOLOGIESED?!
  • Sandy: Okay, okay, stop! Please! Boys, you two are clearly in a misunderstanding. You BOTH were acting like idiots. Spongebob, since you have a history of over-reacting, I'll let you off with a warning, Dandy, you should know better then to challnage Spongebob's honor like that, even with something you have a concern over.
  • SpongeBob:... (Stares disappointedly at Dandy) So.... This was your sick plan all along? Trying to turn her against me not just as a girlfriend, but AS A FRIEND?!?
  • Dandy/Sandy: SPONGEBOB!!
  • Sandy: "Now hold up, I ain't mad, I'm just telling you both off! Yer both acting like immature jackasses, and Spongebob, your clearly over-reacting again!"
  • Dandy: "Okay, an envious cowerd is one thing, BUT MALMITULATIVE IS ANOTHER?! This is CLEARLY a typical misunderstanding moment featured in every form of media ever that could be EASILY resolved with just talking it out! We are clearly over-reacting here and we need to stop and be rational before-"
  • Spongebob (Sill kept an angry face while tears were noticeable): I can't believe I started looking up to and respecting you. I was starting to think that you were a swell guy. BUT NOW, I KNOW NOW THAT YOU ARE A BIG NARASISTIC JERK?! NO WONDER YOU HAVEN'T APPEARED SINCE SEASON 1 OF THE CRONICLES SERIES ASIDE FROM LIMITED USEAGE AND/OR DIFFICULTY ON HOW TO JUSTIFY YOUR PREASENSE IN THE EPISODES?!
  • Dandy: ".... Wait, wha...."
  • Sandy: "Don't be too comfused, Post-Modern speak."
  • Spongebob: You can say whatever you want about me, about my friends, about the fact that I wear three pairs of underwear, about my love for the Goofy Gobber, about how my canon show hasn't really aged well, about my die-hard fanisum for semi-retired superheroes, about my job at the Krusty Krab, about how Viacom is WAAAAAY too protective of properites under their control, about how Bikini Bottom is a troubled city, AND about the fact that I'm a goofball, a dingaling, a wingnut, a kid, an, IDIOTBOY, cheese, fungus, an inaccreate representation of real sea sponges, a knucklehead mcspazatron, and an immature lover of things people seem to deem unmanly?!..... But don't, you, ever, ever, EVER, SCREEH LIKE A CHIMPANZEE- Duh, I mean, SAY THAT I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR SANDY?! Whether as lover or friend?! That, is like saying that a mother isn't good enough for her birth child, even dispite little to no evidence, to suggest otherwise?! And if your too hypocritically too cowerdly to admit YOUR INNER DEMONS THAT YOU STILL WANT SANDY FOR YOURSELF, THEN YOUR THE ONE WHO'S THE DIRTBAG, YOU, YOU, ASSHOLE?! I don't EVER wanna see you again throughout the rest of my visit, you Uh-Dandy-D***! In fact, I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, PERIOD?! (He stormed off, sturggling to fight off tears and rage....)
  • Dandy:... What, was, THAT?!?
  • Sandy: I could ask you the same thing. Spongebob is a very sensitive sponge, he's too mentally imbalenced to understand people so easily.... It's why he still hasn't gotten the message that Squidward doesn't publicly like him. Nor that Ms Puff is struggling to tolerate him. Nor that Patrick as a character hasn't been treated right and is made unlikely stupid compaired to the first 3 seaons and the few good Modern Spongebob seasons and episodes. He's like an austistic child, you can't be too rough on him or he's never gonna react the way you want him to react.
  • Dandy: I know, I know, I messed up badly! I didn't mean to hurt his feelings..... And his pride..... And his sense of, fragle dignity.... And start, THAT mess! I was only trying to express my hesitation of you two as a couple. I don't want anybody to treat you like eye candy, Sandy! I, I thought he had impure quilites that could ruin your relationship with him! I, I, I went at him on face-value assumtions! But he's actselly more honorable and decent then I thought.... He's, I guess, is simply not perfect about it. I didn't mean to upset him, Sandy, I wasn't trying to make him feel bad, I just wanted to address an earnest issue-
  • Sandy: And by all means, we ARE trying to get those issues addressed! Don't you think that Spongebob IS ashamed he has those thoughts about me?! He hates himself that he HAS thought about me like that! He didn't need someone else to REMIND him of his problems! That's gonna make him think thay you think lowly of him, and he acts out like a hurt toddler because he sometimes fails to handle criticisum properly! Hence why he most likely provoked you into trying to punch him! In fact, Didn't YOU do so yerself? That's gonna make you look hypocritical and self-rightious to him!
  • Dandy:.... Yes, I did a simular sin when I was hiding my crush from you. But I quickly grew out of it because I knew you are undeserving of such sick things. I was just worried that, given Spongebob is mentally imbalenced, he might not so easily do so and inadvertingly hurt you, even if he never meant to. I..... I only wanted to help the little guy out of it, so you two won't end up hurting eachother. I was afraid that he can't easily get out of those kind of thoughts.
  • Sandy: Then you should've gone to me first. Then I'll talk to Spongebob about it in the privacy of the Dragon Guardian Temple, where it would be considered PERSONAL, LOUGER, BUSINESS! It's like that because, we're trying to have the Louge rise above such quirks so they can't be used against us by villains or critics! Because otherwise, the public will fail to take us seriously as real heroes and start making false assumtions..... Like you just did. I know you meant well, Dandy, but Spongebob is too sensitive to the kind of talk you gave him like an asberger person is sensitive to anything harder then kindergarden level of learning. If you want him to make ANY earnest change, don't encourage his misunderstanding behavior! Otherwise..... You end up being worse then a villain or an inhumble self-impourent critic. (She leaves)
  • Dandy sat down in self shame as he was watched by a Scorpian and Buzzard Duo, simular to the two goons from "Cowboys of Moomasa", were watching from afar, laughing stupidly at Dandy's trouble.
  • Buzzard: "Sounds like to me them heroes ain't a threat to the boss after all."
  • Scorpian: "In fact, I done think this might be use-full to us."
  • The duo laughed goofully yet somehow wickedly as they went into the shadows.

The Junkyard Society's Revenge/Meet Hog Blank

SpongeBob and Dandy Make Up

Trinity River

  • SpongeBob: (He goes into the windy river and ends up saving Dandy, as he got him a helmet from Sandy to breath, as he shapeshifted into a dinghy to sail down)
  • Dandy:.... Ya know, for a guy who unreasonably hates me for making a clearly incorrect assumtion of character, you sure know how to not let a grudge keep you from being a hero.
  • SpongeBob: Hey, you're still a person, and someone important to Sandy, whether I liked that or not! But that doesn't mean your pardoned from your rudeness towords me!
  • Dandy: Look, I would like it if we pretended that little episode NEVER happened! I am really sorry about the perversion accusation! As I had said, I was just making sure Sandy didn't get an inferior equil! Granted, your mroe superior for her then I expected! I am not afraid of being wrong!
  • SpongeBob: (They survived life-threatening rapids)... IS THIS REALLY THE TIME FOR THAT?!?
  • Dandy: Maybe it's not the most opprobeate time, but on the off chance we could DIE FROM THIS, I at least want to make a final amendment before death!
  • Dandy: Spongebob, I mean it! In any case one of us doesn't survive this, I at least want to go down having earned back your respect for me! Otherwise, if this is left unresolved, and one of us dies from this, neither of us will live with it!
  • Dandy: (They dodged another hazard as Dandy was dazed and knocked out, fell back in the water, and SpongeBob saved him as he woke up)... Your right.... You shouldn't.... What I did, is unredeemable. I shouldn't've pretended to be a virtuious person and accuse someone of something, I was once guilty off myself. Your free to hate me all you want. It's clear you never liked me to begin with anyway, I can tell from the day we met that you had an issue with me! I'm not ignorent to my peers! I know, when someone has a problem with me! I should know.... Before Sandy, pretty much everyone outside of the obvious three bullies always see me as the dork who puts his foot in his mouth. I only got a better standing because of Sandy.....
  • SpongeBob:... Look, Danial, if it helps, maybe I did over-reacted-
  • Dandy: But a justifived over-reaction! I was the one to not respect the fact that you funtion differently! Heck, even the nicest guys can get some pretty pervesered fantasies about their ideal females! I shouldn't've pretended that I was above that when I used to have that with Sandy! I mean sure, I'd like to say I'm, matured from it, but our scrabble, proved that I'm not mature enough to respect how people treat eachother, even if it's things I don't agree with. Your right to not accept my apology. But, if I can at least give any justification, I was just looking after her, and..... I wanted to be part of her new life!... No matter where she is, I'm always gonna be around for her, no matter what the danger!... But like you said. If I had been more around her, I would not handle the kind of things you seen and fought. I probulity would faint at the sight of even a pretty low-level villain. I would peed my pants at even a small fish! I couldn't even imagine what my first Darkspawn Encounter would've been liked! Your right.... You are the better man then me in hindsight. You fought and seen things that would've redused me into sucking my thumb while in fetal position while crying for my mother with EXTREMELY dirty pants! I really am phathic in your eyes..... (Sighs)... I... I just need a minute... (They went down the river for a while until they sung this)
A Goofy Movie - Nobody Else But You

A Goofy Movie - Nobody Else But You

Path To Point Blank

(Confronting Hunter)

  • SpongeBob: (They approached the first area of the flooded muddy path as this music played)... Wow!... This... Is scary.
Exploring the Overlook - Borderlands music

Exploring the Overlook - Borderlands music

  • Sandy: These here are the bones of those who tried to get to Blank's place before us. The terrors of the Trinity River Path are just too great even for the best of the best. So, it's best we keep out wits 'bout us, and not end up like them poor souls.
  • SpongeBob:... Yeech! Mud everywhere!
  • Sandy: It's the result of Hog Blank's manipulation of the dams of Lake Livingston. It allows him to wash away anyone who comes after him. So... Thankfully, Hog doesn't know we're coming for him, and we need to keep it that way. But be warned, that there are bandits and assassins flooding this path. (They looked at the horrible scenery around them)...
  • SpongeBob:... I'm getting a Shell City vibe here!
  • Sandy: You kidding? Blank's place makes Shell City look like a flea market! It's a massively-flooded hideout covered with mud, water, muck, and dirt, exactly how a pig like Blank likes it. (She wipes the mud off her feet) Yeech! It's also so filthy from his actions, that it'd take weeks to get the possible stench of pig outta your fur. It used to be not as bad as this, but considering Hurricane Harvey's destruction, it just got MUCH worse, and only played in that piggy's favor.
  • (???): Oh, believe you-me, Cheek Face, you're gonna suffer WORSE than that! (A sly chuckle was heard as a gray fox came out with a large knife, tattered clothing and a gun)... Welcome to Blank's turf, squirrel!
  • Sandy: Who are you, and what are your final words before I kick your ass, fox?
  • Fox: I, am Hunter! Hunter Foxley Lawrence! Former con artist, and feared assassin. And I've gotta personal desire to get revenge on Rusty Crockett!
  • Sandy:... Wait, you know him?
  • Fox (Hunter): More like, IDOLIZED him! He was among the best fugitives and mercenaries even before and after his pitiful dead brother ruined him.
  • Sandy: A fox idolizing a jackrabbit? What are the odds?
  • Hunter: I DO NOT IDOLIZE HIM NO MORE! HE BETRAYED ME! He ruined my career! He brought that wretched Sheriff Concord to a big score that would get me the money to support my hundreds of nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts, and even my dying mother! But thanks to them, I lost everything, INCLUDING their support! The one I came to idolize for as long as I can remember, betrayed me. So I gave him a choice: It was either the trust of a powerful criminal, or the law! He chose the law! And so I swore to make him pay for his insolence!
  • Sandy: Typical! A classic case of being betrayed by your idol because he did the right thing.
  • Hunter: "The right thing"? THAT IS AN INACCURATE RELATIVE TERM IN MY CASE!! Do I deny that work was illegit? I'd be as arrogant as a Saturday morning cartoon villain if I said otherwise. But thing is, I got into that stuff because I HAD A STARVING FAMILY!!!
  • Sandy: Well, con artistry is not the way to fix it!
  • Hunter: Tch, I wouldn't expect a law-worshipping little rat like you to understand.
  • Spongebob: "Oh it's not that she doesn't understand, it's just-"
  • Hunter: QUIET DUM-DUM! Adults, are talking! I've heard a great deal about the legendary Sandy Cheeks! Your fan club was all over the place! You wrangled a bull when you were 11, you were a young prodigy, you were renowned for your habits of swimming and tinkering. Well, care for a little swim in the MUD?!? (He smacked her into the mud) Gee, I hope no one started to make this more horrible- (Starts to push her into the mud) OOPS! CLUMSY ME!
  • SpongeBob: SANDY, NO! (He tries to save her as Hunter punched him down)
  • Hunter: You're not Rusty, but it's a close second! To bad your trip to come here ended up a fatal one way trip!
  • Sandy: (She punched him in the groin as she got up and gasped for air)... THAT DOES IT, MUTT! I'M GONNA GO ENGLAND FOX HUNT ON YOU!
  • Hunter: MOST, RACIST, THING, TO SAY TO A FOX, EVER! (They fought as this music played)
Removing the Bandit Threat - Borderlands music

Removing the Bandit Threat - Borderlands music

  • Spongebob got up and gasped!
  • Spongebob pulled up his pants, stuffed his upper half in, ran up to Hunter grabbed him by the ears!
  • Spongebob: "(Pokes Hunter in the eyes)"
  • Sandy grabbed him by the tail!
  • Hunter: "..... Oh crap!"
  • Sandy began spinning him around Mario 64 sytile!
  • Sandy tosses Hunter off!
  • Sandy: "SO LONGY, GAY HUNTER?!"
  • Hunter screamed as he flew through a convinent football goal post as an audience cheer was heard!
  • Announcer: "TOUCHDOWN?!"
  • Hunter screams as he crashes into a rock wall!
  • Hunter: "OWWWWWW. (Cartoonishly flops down!)..... That's, it..... That fat pig ain't worth this?! I'm done?! (Gets up and tries to make a run for it until he ran into Rusty)....."
  • Rusty: "..... Howdy."
  • Hunter: "....... Crap...... So...... No hard feelings?"
  • Rusty: "...... You pretty much dedicated half of your life trying to get revenge on me for only bringing in law and order on you."
  • Hunter flinched in preparing to get phsyically abused.
  • Rusty: "..... That being said, I figured out why that was so. I found out about your family, and, I made sure they were given the best care in your absince."
  • Hunter: "...... That's, not a prank to have me look at you so you can punch me, is it?"
  • Rusty: "(Shows a picture of the family being in a wonderful life) Does this look like I'm pulling your leg....?"
  • Hunter: "Oh, my..... Well..... I wasted my time with that fat pig, did I?"
  • Rusty: "Eeeeeyup. (Cuffs up Hunter) And you now have to be arrested for it."
  • Hunter: "...... I'd complained, if I didn't remember that I kinda have this shit coming to me."

Point Blank Path

  • SpongeBob:... Shortest, fight scene, ever!
  • Sandy: But hey, aty least we're making good time.

(Stewart Fight Coming soon...)

(Clinch Fight Coming soon...)

Showdown At Point Blank

Sandy Vs. Blank


Jon Wolfe - That Girl In Texas (Official Video)

Jon Wolfe - That Girl In Texas (Official Video)

Intro Theme (Jon Wolfe- That Girl In Texas) Coming soon...
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