The Dinosaur Training Force, DTF for short, is an Alternate UUniversal hero group from Planet Tiyxubos who consists of several teenage fighters who have discovered rogue technology that allowed them to train dinosaurs to fight and ride on. The rogue technology they found had come from their old technological tribe which is currently being lead by the merciless and monstrous Krolken the Sharp, and the DTF was formed by it's leader, Commodore Saigon and his son, Harble, to combat his acts of evil. They had previously kept stopping him from selling his technology to the Villains Act until it was destroyed, leaving Krolken to return to basic evil. The Heroes Act will meet them on a mission to prevent Krolken from achieving an evil scheme that would affect more than Tiyxubos. They are like the alternate versions of Berk.


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  1. Commodore Saigon- A Sprooge who was the former leader of Vaikras Tribe until his place was taken by Chief Vaikras, who was later betrayed by his nephew, Krolken, and killed. He is the leader of the DTF and the son of the second-in-command, Harble. He was formerly a dinosaur hunter who has his left eye taken by a pterosaur, and he had torn that pterosaur's head clean off. He is now the second main enemy of Krolken.
  2. Harble- A Sprooge who is the one who discovered the rogue technologies that helped form the DTF. He has since been able to ride on a Carnosaurus Rex named Crackle, and fit him with various kinds of weaponry to help defeat the evil plans of Krolken and became his main enemy for taking the technology he would use to take over Tiyxubos.
  3. Jyss Tobla II- A cassowary-like terror bird that is Harble's love interest. She is nicknamed 'Fleet-Foot' for her natural speed, and she speaks with a high Southern accent. She is a very aggressive yet reasonable fighter and rides on a Practyl named Beeswax.
  4. Bathor the Cunning- A mini-ceratopsian who is noted to be a very grand fighter, but is not much in brains. He is not very bright in battles, but can really fight with his durable and spiked head. He is said to have become light-headed when he took a blow to the head while fighting for his love interest. He rides a Monocasaur named Goldenrod.
  5. Rastur Prix- A Gesreter who was raised in a nearby nest until he was ordered by his queen to start a new family of his own. He was enslaved by Krolken to be a pawn, and he had almost resulted in the DTF failing miserably. He made the right choice and joined the DTF and stopped Krolken. He has now found the family he has wanted. He is a fighter who's head spines are poisonous and his head is strong enough to withstand blows. He rides a Ferchatus named Knight.
  6. Professor Thrawn- A scientist Turb who was Saigon's best friend at childhood. He had lost his right arm to a dinosaur, yet he was one of the few besides Harble that had a soft spot for them. His arm was replaced by a prosthetic arm that was useful for science and technology. He helped upgrade the DTF's dinosaur-mounted weapons and helped design the architecture of the base. He rides a Teneilasaur named Relativity.
  7. Wella Wilde- A bat-like lizard who lost her ability to fly to Krolken in the DTF's first battle against him. She has always hated Krolken as a result, and personally wishes to torture him because she thinks he deserves it more than death, which she was against. She is a very rough fighter who has learned martial arts and has learned how to repair her wings, though not repairing her flight, but only allowing her to glide. She rides a Dragodact named Hot Wing.
  8. Tyce Ale Uygen- A duck-and-pelican-like dinosaur who was raised in a swamp with an over-protective mother who had lost her husband to a giant dinosaur. Tyce had left to find a new job, and discovered adventure instead. He helped the DTF defeat one of Krolken's plans, and they helped him overcome his fear of dinosaurs, and even gave him his own, a Carchasaur named Phobia.
  9. Malcor the Eliminator- A lizard mercenary who came from a distant planet and was deemed wanted for a crime he didn't commit. He hid on Tiyxubos, and discovered that Krolken was responsible, and the DTF helped clear his name. As an act of gratitude, Malcor joined the DTF and became one of their strongest fighters. He rides a Megagator named Ginger.
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