Dirk Galik Dalinnx
Dirk Dalinnx
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race/Species Yurun
Faction United Sentient Races Alliance (Formerly), Villains Act (Formerly)
Description Bitter, Vengeful, Mean, Traitorous
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Criminal Scientific Genius
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Hoveville, Yurue (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaios System) (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Dirk G. Dalinnx was an Alternate UUniversal Yurun from Planet Yurue. He was formerly a member of the Legion of Dominant Races and had been a diplomat who was a great asset to robotic technologies until he betrayed the AUU by donating war robot schematics to the Villains Act after the Alpha Federation found one of his designs very offensive. He had blamed the splitting up of the United Sentient Races Alliance for the loss of his human friends, and decided that the Legion needed to step up their game. Thus he designed a robot that was the shape of the extinct Crabypods, which were the steeds of the extinct Veexomites, the Cunones' old enemies. Because they found it frightening, the Legion fired him and made him a janitor in Globex Industries. Feeling betrayed, Dirk stole back his schematics for the robot, and donated them to the Villains Act. As a result, most rebellions were destroyed by the robot, called the War Spider which was a new addition to the Starbot Drone Series, and plans for an assault on Peerbon were halted. Dirk may've been hated from that day forth, but he was sure that the Legion paid the price for 'betraying' him. He was finally assassinated in 2007. Dirk was a diplomatic tactician, and a master in mechanics. He enjoyed being smart, and it was how he was able to live this long in the battles against the Villains Act.


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