When it was discovered that Discord was respondsable for the spreading plant attack that caused quite a mess, Discord became, slightly unpopular. It doesn't help to make Shen a glouting jerk that he was right about Discord, though it tecnecly was still when he was back when he was evil. Pred and the sisters deicated themselfs to try and slaughter Discord, though thanks to his unpredicability, it only whens with Pred and the Sisters humiliated. There is also a growing problem of Equestia now being defenceless. Villain Team attacks became more commen when they desired to get the Tree of Harmony for various of reasons depending on the team. Indepent Villains would retinely appear in Equestia and tried to congure it. However, there is now an even worse problem in the wings. Darkness Qui heard of this, and desires to get all of these villains to become part of a villain's act. Not only that, but to also used the growing dis-satisfaction on Discord to get a powerful ally on board, and it involved using the ones respondsable for his exsitence: King Wacky and Queen Pranks, feeling gravely embarised for the situation, are furious with Discord's actions and neglect to confess this before, and for being abit of a jerk, even if it was because of being insulted. Qui takes advantage of this, and corrupts Pranks and Wackt into wanting to attack Discord out of rage, causing even more choas in Equestia. However, fortunatly, they only lost the "New" Elelments of harmony for the canon show, they still have the ones for Lightning Dust and her friends. However, those elements are not as powerful anymore with the absince of the original, and the situations are too dire to go on a sagvinger hunt for the keys to the mysterious box. So, how is all of the rampaging evil is to be stopped without the elements? And what's stopping them of just taking the original new elements out of the tree, using them, and then putting them back? Well, they did plan that, but they also re-planted genecticly stronger versons of the plants that originally were the problem of everything, only the tree's magic can't so easily stop them. Well, the lougers have their work cut out for them.

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