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is a minor thief who was the sidekick for the evil sorcerer, Merlock in Spongebob and friends in the ducktales move. He does not seem to be evil, other then his temptation to take what does not belong to him. He betrays Merlock when he steals the lamp and planned to protect Genie from Merlock, though a misguided way of taking away Scrooge's fortine and sending Scrooge to jail. but it backfired when Merlock found out and he ordered Gene to transform him into a pig. He soon turn back to normal after Merlock was defeated. At the end of the film, Scrooge and Pooh and his friends saw him stealing Scrooge's gold from Scrooge's Money Bin and they chased him through Duckburg yelling, "Somebody, stop those pants!".

he is another classic exsample of a misunderstood character, but somewhat well understand, like The Thief, or his possable pal for a future Spongebob and Friends project, Creeper. like Creeper, the lougers do understand his misunderstoodness, but he may not be able to join the shell louge squad so soon, mostly because he tried to steal Scrooge's gold and his (even though minor) helping of Merlock and the villain leage. but like Creeper, he may end up being a member irreguardless in a future project.

Djon will join the shell louge squad, as confirmed by the Spyro and Friends adventures intro, and Djon will appear with Creeper, Pain and Panic as they allied with Ronno in Spongebob, Simba, and Friends meet Bambi full story.

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