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Bellamy Chucker Gearhard
Doc Gearhard.png
Vital statistics
Title Gearhard, Doc Gearhard, Doctor Gearhard, Hardgear, Gearhead
Gender Male
Race/Species Qlarg
Faction Independent Overlord
Description Repressed, Wronged, Vengeful, Corrupted By Robotic Composition, Relentless, Determined, Surprisingly Well-Mannered Unless Provoked, Amoral
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Scientific Intelligence, Android Composition Grants Increased Strength, Reflexes, Stamina, Endurance, Durability, Intelligence, And So On, Space Station Between Adora System's Three Suns, Robotic Forces, Two Bodyguards, RO-Virus That Turns People Into Will-Less Robots (As of Corruption), Connected To The Mainframe of Life As A Prime and Only Source Of It's Power
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Gearton City, Sproy (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adora System) (Hometown)
  • Gearhard Space Fortress (Current Residence)
Alignment Corrupted Morality

Doctor Bellamy C. Gearhard, often times Gearhead because he likes to honor the fact that he likes to boast that his mind is like complex gears, is an Alternate UUniversal Qlarg from Planet Sproy. He is a partial-android dictator genius who rules over his entire home system, the Adora System, and he is on par with the Robotnik of Sonic Underground. He rules the system on a space station in the center of the system's three suns, and declared a campaign against a formerly-aristocratic Cunone family of rulers known as the Oborlodeons. Before his takeover, he was an inventive politician who created the RO-Virus, a virus capable of turning people into robots, first introducing it in a campaign for leadership as a means to grant immortality. Dispite sounding kinda akin to Doctor Nefarious and Ringmaster Omega, he was actselly a relitively nice guy with big ambitious dreams who tecnecly didn't mean any real harm when he introdused his RO-Virus, in fact, he was also considered a promising leader cause of asperations to "Obsolete The Fear of Death" and tecnecally "Re-invent the ideals of Immortality".  At first, he gained a ton of supporters and was so close to succeeding. However, the Oborlodeons suddenly came and turned the thousands he had support of, against him when they labeled his invention too dangerous for anyone to possess. Gearhead tried to insist that those of malevolent intentions would never be able to process his virus as it only obeys him and that aside from being robotic, their personalities will be unchanged and that people can opt for the opition of donning sympethic organic skin. But the Family proved unchanging and too uncompromising and saw him as nothing more as "An overly ambitious madman", and kept the people from supporting him ever since. Thus, Gearhard lost his chance of being a ruler, and in an almost sympathy worthy tearful outburst like he was a child robbed of his fanasty, swore vengeance and ran away crying. The Oborlodeons were sure they did the right thing until an Anacondoran oracle named Oraco of Dell came after a son accidentally unearthed it from an Anacondoran Temple during a trip. She foretold that not only was having the people turn on Gearhead an ill-advised move, but they inadvertingly allow the RO-Virus to become the threat they feared when she reveiled that in his child-like rampage, Gearhead accsidently infected himself with his own virus and left him to become a machine driven by his anger and broken dreams, as well as the virus processing him and turning him into the mad robot he is now. In otherwords, they weren't done with Gearhard, AND that they screwed up, ROYALLY, and told a prophecy about how Gearhard will take over the Adora System and destroy the Oborlodeons forever unless a few individuals would step up, survive, and restore the family as a rebellion force that, with an other-worldly army at the helm, they would defeat Gearhard and restore peace to the Adora System. As a result, Gearhard in his state began using the RO-Virus to turn much of the system's population into robots, only because of the RO-Virus feeling it's creator's anger and dispear, became devoid of free will and paying taxes to him as tribute, and declared a campaign against the Oborlodeons to wipe them out as revenge, and did so to so many individuals, forcing the family to spread their descendants out into secluded areas until something can be done. Gearhard, as the usurping leader of the Adora System, plans to rule the Adora System in a twisted robotic dystopia former shell of his intended dreams, and destroying the Oborlodeons once and for all, starting with destroying their trademark palace and long-time home. But the Oborlodeon descendants have been spread out widely to the point where it is difficult for even him to locate them. With so much at stake and the Oborolodeon descendants' hiding from their children until the time is right, they were sure that the prophecy will come true. Gearhard in his robotisied state dominated by his anger and sorrow, transformed from a generally nice and ambitious being into a very menacing dictator that even the smartest and strongest Oborlodeon would prefer to stay away from because of not only his hidden android capabilities, but also because his two henchmen, Mortar and Caliber, are skilled bounty hunters, yet the Oborlodeons spread out are surprisingly able to dodge them. He has an entire army of robots of multiple powerful magnitudes, and he is not afraid to put his foes in agony if it means any threat to his rule is quelled. So far, his two henchmen have cataloged eight such Oborlodeon descendants that have joined in a group to make the prophecy come true: Breandan, Jotun, Tym, Natira, Jepper, Rodan, Kray, and Gadgey. But there's one last Oborlodeon descendant, and both sides are searching for him, and Gearhard's stepping up his game every moment.


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