Ghomstin Perbin Aberrant
Doctor Abberant
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Aberrant
Gender Male
Race/Species Rabodan
Faction The Extinctioners (Formerly)
Description Eye Condition, Intelligent Yet Worrisome, Bitter
Skills and Abilities Scientific Intelligence, Little To No Combat Experience
Status Sentenced to Community Service
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Aberrant City, Trecene (Hometown)
  • Aberrant Park, Trecene (Community Service Residence)
Alignment Misguided Evil

Doctor Ghomstin P. Aberrant is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Trecene. He comes from a long line of Rabodan scientists with doctorates in both bioengineering and evolutionary biology. However, his father ended up claiming the body of an AUU human soldier from the Human Protection Agency who donated his body to science before dying in action. What he discovered both fascinated and concerned him. He discovered that AUU humans had a genetic anomaly that gave them unlockable potential to be something bigger. This anomaly was theorized to be responsible for the genetic diseases and oddities they had yet to learn the source of, including the famous Cerwan's Mutation, named after the first AUU human scientist to inherit it, the AUU Father of Artificial Evolution and hundreds of evolutionary theories, Tharles Cerwan, which allowed individuals to evolve through their maturity depending upon the environment they grow up in. But what concerned Ghomstin's father was that this anomaly reminded him of a Teadr 1 race in the that, like humans, had a genetic anomaly that granted unlockable potential called the Ceallans. But 110 years after they reached their full genetic potential, they became a warmongering race that ultimately resulted in their extinction after the deployment of a genetic regression serum that took away their genetic anomalies and discovered potential, leaving them to easily be defeated. Since humans possess a genetic anomaly, Ghomstin's father understandably feared that they would share the same fate. However, the discovery ended up making people assumed for it to be nothing more then the nonsense of a now-declaired madman, even dispite legit evidence, which lead to his sons not exactly being treated kindly for the "Crackpot Throey" their father made, which was worse for Ghom due to his smaller stature, dispite actselly being considered the older broter of the two. Thus, Ghomstin became determined to wipe them out before they could get the chance. He gained this chance by joining The Extinctioners, a Rabodan terrorist organization that were planning a genocide of humans as their founder and descending leaders, the Sidebottom family, believed that the humans were a weak race due to them growing only thanks to their USRA alien allies, which the Rabodans themselves frowned upon before the Human-Rabodan War. When Ghomstin joined and explained his concerns, dispite still viewing it as a throey, the current leader, Overlord Gen I Side, did showed a slight concern that this could make humans stronger and more dangerous, but also states that it proves his beliefs as the humans could've evolved well enough on their own before the Naroudans arrived. Though he still took it with a grain of salt considering that it's an untested throey, he had Ghomstin created a genetic regression serum for him to use in order to be an easier match for the humans. Gen then manufactured a vast amount of this serum, and plan to implant hundreds of cocktails of the serum into RAPTURE Tactical Nuclear Bombs, which were massively stocked during the Human-Rabodan War on Trecene underground long before nuclear weaponry itself was banned. After learning through spying on Villains Act villains communicating with Grand Duke Kafar-Ja about how many colonies the humans had in The Tranquility Zone, he discovered that he had enough nuclear bombs to globally ravage each planet one-by-one. But the problem with using this serum was that it's effects on anyone without a genetic anomaly were so unspeakable, nobody fighting the Ceallans bothered to record said effects and thus it remained unknown, as apparently, the effects were that the serum literally tore the genetic code of it's victim apart until they were nothing but a toxic waste of torn apart molecules and organic material, the sight of which was sickening and horrifying. However, while Ghomstin would seek to destroy the humans, his brother, Celdrin, wasn't that concerned, and wished to prevent the humans from ending up like the Ceallans without genocide. Thus, he assists the Extinctioners' human hybrid enemy Tether Ruther in his quest to defeat them to keep his family name from being disgraced, and hopefully prove that Ruther shares the genetic anomaly his human heritage possesses, hoping it could assist him in achieving his goal. Outside of joining very unsavory folks, he is not doing it out of xenophobic intentions, for he bares no ill will for the humans, as suppose of, he can't bring himself to trust that the humans wouldn't fall into the same fate as the Ceallans, and everything he's doing is so the Humans would be better off dying as the heroes they're hailed as, vs. living long enough to see themselves become monsters as bad as the Ceallans, or even worse. Meaning he's not doing it out of being evil, as suppose to being afraid of humans turning into dark beings that would result in exinction by retailiation reguardless.


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