Beed Sen Tzeeker
Doctor Beaker
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Beaker, Biology Division Head of Globex Industries
Gender Male
Race/Species Tiikon
Faction Globex Industries
Description Naturally Technophilic, Three Personalities Based on Brain Sleep Cycle:
  1. Over-confident and determined
  2. Enthusiastic and persistent
  3. Impatient, self-absorbed, and disruptive
Skills and Abilities Biological Knowledge, Natural Being Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • New Xzion, Tik (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Niogen System) (Homeworld)
  • Názulra, Sponex (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Trintyne System) (Current Globex Residence)
Alignment Neutral Good

Doctor Beed 'Beaker' Sen Tzeeker is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Tik. He is the current leader of Globex Industries' Biology Division. He got his nickname from learning how to use a beaker at a young age. He was fascinated with biological sciences, and when he made his first augmentation serum at age 12, Globex was impressed by this accomplishment, and vowed to make him a future employee. Once he did, he worked hard and well enough to earn the position as leader of the Biology Division. He and 2 other Tiikons would eventually become friends with an employee named Glitz Sirius and would help him build his career until he became the next president of Globex Industries itself. He has 3 personalities since, being a Tiikon, 2 of his brain lobes shut down every 12 hours, altering his behavior. His natural 3 brain-rest personalities are as follows:

  • Alfa Phase: Over-confident and determined.
  • Bravo Phase: Enthusiastic and persistent.
  • Charlie Phase: Impatient, self-absorbed, and disruptive.


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