Biomensten York Gennersworth LXV
Doctor Genner
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Bio-Genner LXV, Bio-Genner
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction BioGen Inc
Description Cocky Dictator, Cares Little For Anyone Around Him, Jerk, Blindness to Pain, Virtuous
Skills and Abilities Random Genetic Augmentation Serums Grant Superhuman Powers, Scientific Genius
Status Still at Large
Location Mutantus (Homeworld)
Alignment Amoral Evil
Doctor Biomensten Gennersworth the 65th is the owner of BioGen Inc in Mutantus. In due result of the mutant uprising cause of years of mistreatment, BioGen had to instate very strong control on the world. Doc Bio may be a person of big promises and dreams, but he's nothing more then amoral decidive absolute controler of the troubled normals. He doesn't even care about being rich and profitable. He only cares about advancing biological capabilities for the aim of inproving sentient lives at the expense of unsentient animals, willful or drafted "volenteers", and even his own followers for the persuit of science. While he does intend to mend the mistakes of BioGen, it is not out of true remorse as it is like he's cleaning up a bad business deal and likely any new mutant-free age will just be a repeat of the days before the mutant outbreak and would just risk history to repeat itself. With aide of forces like Team Gunz, he is able to avoid a rebelion against BioGen cause of the obvious fact that the rise of Mutantus as it is was because of BioGen's long history of shady practices and many twisted and flawed exspeariments that in some way or another, lead to the uprising. He may be a skinny old man, but he processes herculian strentgh thanks to both augumentation exspeariments and deceptively strong robotic hands no more skinnier then a naked animontronic's. Meaning that even if he never had Team Gunz, a rebelion against him is either way inadvisable. 


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Augmented Form

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