Doctor Francis Blowhole
Dr Blowhole
Vital statistics
Title Francis, Flippy
Gender Male
Race/Species Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
Faction Villain League
Description Cybernetic Eye, The Rest is Okay
Skills and Abilities Human-Hating, Genius Mastermind for the Villain League, Former Aqua Park Attraction
Status Alive, Got Mind-Wiped On One Occasion
Location Dragon Realms
  • Villain League Castle (SAF Residence)

Kingdom Hearts World

  • Hollow Bastion/Dark Cynder's Fortress (Formerly)

Madagascar World

  • SeaVille Aqua Funpark (Formerly)
  • Coney Island (Formerly)
Alignment Evil

Dr. Blowhole is a mad dolphin sciencetest, who cause of a tragic accsident, ended up becoming the Big Bad of Penguins of Madagascar. Blowhole is also the head of intelligence and inventor for the Villain League.


He is the arch enemy of the Penguins, but he despises Skipper the most. it could be a result of a terrific accident involing a ring of fire, a trick done in aquriums. Blowhole's Ring of Fire was destroyed by Julien, because Julien had become a Double-agent. He returned in the revenge of the return of dr. blowhole. In it, he uses his new 'MIND JACKER' to wipe out Skipper's memory, and use it to plan an attack on the Penguin's HQ. He enters the HQ through a 'SUBTERRANEAN ATTACK POD' where no one could hear him outside the pod, except for his Max Voice. He uses a device he calls the 'DIABOLIGIZER', which turns people into evil mutants, to try to turn the 3 penguins into monsters, but he misses the shot, and the blast hits King Julien's MP3 player with Kowalski's experimental power cell in it (Which King Julien wanted so badly when his original battery died), which caused the MP3 player to turn into a giant monstrous mind-controlling MP3 player which produces an energy bubble around it whereas anyone who was in the energy bubble would talk by singing. Blowhole manages to tame this MP3 player by using a 'power ballad' song. He begins riding it, and causes musical mayhem in NYC. The penguins use King Julien's mad singing skills to distract the beast long enough for the penguins to leap on it and stop Blowhole, but it backfires. Skipper, having regained his memory back with the help of his spirit guide version of Alex the Lion, defeats Blowhole by taking out the power cell inside the MP3 player beast, and the Diaboligizer's effect wears out, and the MP3 player turns back to normal. Blowhole, having been defeated, loses his memory when Skipper backfires the Mind Jacker at him. He is then placed back at his old routine as 'Flippy', and goes back to doing Rings of Fire again. But he'll eventually get his memory back somehow.


Dr. Blowhole is one diabolical dolphin. This marine mammal determined to rule the world. With a love of high-end technology and fresh fish, he wants nothing more than to defeat the penguins, especially his nemesis Skipper. Humanity made him jump through one too many hoops, and now he's determined to make them pay with his mad science and army of crustacean cronies.

Role in the series

Dr. Blowhole made his first appearance in Spongebob and Friends and the emperor's new groove, a moisode when Cynder was Dark Cynder. He was recruited into the Villain League through his brillients, the lobster henchmen, and Crome Claw, and that Dark Cynder beleaved that the villain leage needed to be high-tec, and now warning the Penguins to face him or see the end of Spongebob and his friends. though, cause of him warning the penguins in Spongebob and Friends and the Emperor's New Groove, and the fact he's in the villain leage at all, this resulted with the penguins joining the shell louge squad. incredabley, dispite Blowhole's ego resulting him to blab his newfound allience to the leage, he still has a pretty resecpable title as their brittlent sciencetest and the inventor of many of the villain leage's gagjets. he is also offenly the last and usually only (if Facilier has not been defeated) to offen retreat when the other villains get defeated. In the Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, Blowhole teamed up with Hans to get his next revneg on the penguins, only to have his memory erased by Skipper, and returned to being Flippy the Dolphin at Coney Island. Whether or not this will have any effect on the series is unknown, besides the fact that Hans revealed himself to be a slave to the Villain League. But it can be assumed that Mirage won't let Blowhole go that easy, you can bet on that. He and dr faciler are probely partners because their in the same moisodes so they could be partners.

Right now, he's currently working on keyblades for Xigbar, Saix, and Marluxia to use in the Nu Organization, as well as create a ghost summoner device for Mirage to use in order for her to summon the ghosts of her evil allies from within the worlds of Spirit Tokyo and the Underworld.

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