Code-Zode Mervlin Ekkage
Doctor CZ
Vital statistics
Title Doctor CZ
Gender Male
Race/Species Jungle Numcep (Sphaeracephalus jungalcolus)
Faction Insane Criminal Mastermind
Description Incredibly Insane, Resourceful, Monstrously Evil, Dangerous, Strategic, Maniacal
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Intelligence and Steel-Hard Skull Plate, Scientific Creations and Equipment
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Luiter (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Homeworld)
  • Zombie Hive, Luiter (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero Black Marketer

Doctor Code-Zode M. Ekkage, AKA Doctor CZ, is an Alternate UUniversal Numcep from Planet Luiter. He is a pachycephalosaur-like dinosaur who is the evil twin brother of Doctor Zode, and is not only insane, but is more so than his twin brother. He is a mad scientist who resides on Luiter in a quarantined area called the Zombie Hive where he declared himself the leader. Starting out with a task to provide medical care for the people of his hometown through the Ansher Corporation that specializes in military medical and defense technology, being among their best scientists in the Beofynzeny System. However, not too long after Awesome Jaxtom took over, he tried to make the cure for death in a project called the Luvius Project, named after the Yatoran saint who stole unlimited healing technology from the Gods, despite being ordered out of it because of concerns by the Globex Confederation of Corporations, but he disobeyed them because he was trying to cure his cryogenically-frozen wife. But when they threatened to shut his project down and fire him, in response to his wife being killed by accident, his anger caused the imbalanced serum to mix with other chemicals and create a zombie serum, turning him into a half-zombie, and the executives into zombies. In response to his wife's death, he nearly infected the entire Ansher Corporation until they fled, leaving the area he infected to be the Zombie Hive that is highly-quarantined, especially since it was on an island. Sometime after this, he decided experimenting with his newfound power and started reanimating dead workers with assistants that ended up getting eaten 55 times. He ended up planning to create an army of zombies by distributing the serum in the form of pills everywhere, infecting many into getting dumped into his turf. One time, seeing a money-making opportunity, he decided to create an antidote for the zombie epidemic based on Skrag DNA. Unfortunately, the antidote was a failure, and only turned the users into Wereskrags, which he then added to his army. With the area abandoned and all its inhabitants killed and reanimated, CZ sat back and watched as warrior after warrior tried and failed to defeat the undead horde. It seemed that his plan was foolproof, but it wouldn't be for long as some concern would hire people undeterred by his power. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Dr. Ned, and is just as insane and cunning.


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  • "If you want free medical treatment, visit my infirmary and get the miracles that put Saint Luvius' stolen miracine to shame."
  • "Who needs Dr. Zode when you have Dr. Code?"
  • "People trying to blast your nuts off? Buy a shield! And then buy health augmentation serums and any other super serums in the market for when the shield inevitably goes down and you really need it."
  • "Oh come on, don't act like you've never had to wait on a turbolift during an evil outbreak before!"
  • "I probably went about this all the wrong way. I'm a doctor, and I make people better. I just wanted everyone to be okay, but ethics decided to say what should be controlled and what shouldn't be controlled! It's people like them that give science a bad name! Angry, I accidentally made the zombies. I was never as good as my totally-not-made-up brother, Zode, and we're totally different people. Ah, I need a drink."
  • "Damn, I need a drink. My liver is crying out in perfect health over here!"
  • "Thanks for gettin' back out there and risking your life while I sit back in safety up here and issue asinine directives. Nah, I'm just kidding, obviously you're expendable."
  • "Well, look what the skag dragged in."
  • "Well, well. Looks like you're worth your weight not getting killed, after all."
  • "Wipe your feet. Just 'cause it's the apocalypse doesn't mean you ain't need your manners."
  • "Try not to hurt your girl parts on the multitudes of minions I've set upon you!"
  • "Do you need a band-aid?"
  • "I'm baking brownyes, you want one? Oh s***, wait, I forgot about me trying to shove you off this mortal coil. Can't be givin' brownyes to just any justice-driven d-wad now can I? Hey, you know if zombies like brownyes?"
  • "Alright, what's Ansher paying you? I'd offer to double it, but I'm poor as dirt after spending every cent I had into the recreational use of the undead as money makers. So far, not diggin' my plan in hindsight."
  • "You smell like popseeds! Now I'm pissed!"
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