Axye Jomeson Emulus
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Emulator
Gender Male
Race/Species Bottom-Dwelling Bosbir (Behemobottomus littoralis)
Faction Villains Act
Description Cybernetic AI Headgear Causes Increased Intelligence And Thus Increased Self-Entitlement, Self-Confidence, And Superior Thoughts and Creativity, Intelligent, Cocky, Mean, Smart-Alecky, Cynical, Tough, Power-Hungry, Egotistical, Egocentric, and Egomaniacal
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Cybernetic AI Headgear Allows Connection To Omninet, As Well As Infinite Knowledge, Communicates With Unintelligible Robots, Scientific Genius, Cybernetic Inner Implants
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Zirciania (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Kitoka System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Doctor Axye J. Emulus, AKA Doctor Emulator, is an Alternate UUniversal Bosbir from Planet Zirciania. He is a marine hippo-like scientist who had formerly been a worker for Globex Industries who specialized in network technologies. He was known for being a member of a family of inventors who created over a thousand wearable computer models, as well as smart-lenses, smartglasses, augmented reality devices, artificial intelligence, and so on. Their technology was among the most successful since before the Exo-Wars. However, Axye was the first to use this technology to go down a dark path. As the result of being continuously outshined by dozens of insensitive and sometimes mean colleagues, Axye has sworn to be better than his other ancestors, and created a cybernetic AI headgear which allowed him to connect to any known network in the AUU. He used this technology to control the entire Globex facility's networks and Omninet. He deleted all data, information, passwords, and everything powering machinery, and took complete control over it. He demands to be treated with respect as he had created an ingenious piece of hardware and software, but all it did was get him fired and arrested by the Human Protection Agency. He was later broken out by the Villains Act, who saw his technology as useful, and so he swore to develop his technology in Corruption Co., as well as give full access to his family's technology and secrets. The VA staff started using this technology to it's fullest, and developing it through Corruption Co., and Axye, now called Doctor Emulator, swore to create a powerful AI for the Villains Act. However, the Villains Act fell and he was arrested before he could make this a reality. But he won't remain in prison forever, and he'll plan to commit a greater network control on his own home planet through the ENTIRE Omninet, and considering the Omninet has a greater field of control than the Internet, that will mean he can do anything.


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