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Meeves Jol Enzyme
Doctor Enzyme.png
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Enzyme, Biological Division Head of Corruption Co.
Gender Male
Race/Species Tiikon
Faction Villains Act (Formerly), The Dark Radicals
Description Naturally Technophilic, Three Personalities Based On Brain Sleep-Cycle:
  1. Modest and Sympathetic
  2. Bitter and Cruel
  3. Creative and Resourceful
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Scientific Genius, Biological Creations, Scouter-Like Eye Device, All-Purpose Handheld Emulator Device
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Eol (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Cirbdter System) (Homeworld)
  • Radical Temple, Goalax (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Doctor Meeves Jol Enzyme is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Eol. Raised in a city where genetic engineering is the norm, he was working as a genetic genius who worked for Globex Industries in the Biological Division, specializing in genetic pet husbandry, producing genetically-engineered pets as his work was very popular to the people of Eol, and he made thousands of dollars selling his creations. However, as this business remained popular for 20 years, he gained unexpected backlash against people who claimed that his business is not ethically sound as it might possibly involve illegal genetic experimentation on harmless or endangered animals. This earned him a nasty reputation and reduced his popular career as everybody stopped buying his pets when a picture that look like he's doing illegal genetic experiments goes viral, when it was all actually fake pictures created by a very bitter and mentally-unstable bioethicist reporter who felt sad about the business in the first place. The picture ends up alerting authorities and it ended up not only costing him his job, but it cost him all the fortune he earned from his business in fines. However, the scam was discovered too late as Enzyme ended up committing a bioterrorist act on the reporter's home, turning him into a deformed freak that ended up dying in a freak show 4 years later. As for Enzyme, he was taken to prison for his crimes. He was later broken out by Corruption Co. forces to work for them as the head of their Biological Division, as they felt that his work could be useful in creating biological weapons. With his life ruined, Enzyme agreed and has since served Corruption Co. well even after the death of the Villains Act as it was left in the care of The Dark Radicals. As a Tiikon, he has 3 personalities based on the parts of his brain that are active.

  • Alfa Phase: Modest and Sympathetic
  • Bravo Phase: Bitter and Cruel
  • Charlie Phase: Creative and Resourceful


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