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Dergue Loco Inquitis
Doctor Iniquitous.png
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Iniquitous, AUU Doctor Nefarious (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Robot (Formerly Kraetan)
Faction Villains Act (Formerly), Leader of Team Iniquitous
Description Robotized, Insane, Takes Joy In Being Evil, Anti-Biology, Faulty Wiring, Crazy, Comical, Mad, Insulting
Skills and Abilities Natural Robot Abilities, TBC...
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Gastar (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Theelon System) (Homeworld)
  • Iniquitous Space Station (Current Residence)
Alignment Insanely Evil

Doctor Dergue L. Inquitis, AKA Doctor Iniquitous, is an Alternate UUniversal robot, formerly Kraetan, from Planet Gastar. He is a robot criminal mastermind and a former D-List member of the Villains Act, who is utterly egomaniacal, and used to be set on a mission of eternal life, yet after years of doing nothing but failure in that regard, testing them on himself as he was on borrowed time as the result of drugs and overdoses of faulty serums, even being frowned upon in these efforts by his normally-kratocratic race, he was ultimately resorting to turning people into robots, even if he had to annihilate all life in the AUU to do so, formulating that plan secretly during the Ohrugan-Kraetan War, doing anything in flawless planning yet egomaniacal glee, all until he was killed by a witty and utterly egotistical Ohrugan Ranger Core rookie soldier and a few witty non-Ohrugan vigilantes raised among them on the Ohrugan colony of Tharvis by falling into his home planet's lava pits, turning him into a robot in the process. He then proceeds to go on countless attacks attempting to destroy life or simply turn them into robots, all until he seemingly died when attempting to abuse time travel of Xomn origin to create a new villain dystopia, when he was later repaired and founded Team Iniquitous, gaining other villains to aid in his evil schemes, only to be thwarted by new enemies in the form of the Clam Lounge Squadron. He believes that biology is weak and machinery is strong, so he attempted to create an empire of robots so he can make a 'perfect' society. He is the AUU version of Doctor Nefarious.


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Iniquitous has a robotic body that, despite suffering occasional glitches, is an effective body for combat. Made from high-durability horsepower hydraulics, synthetic muscle, and neutronium, the strongest known metal in the AUU, it is able to withstand blows for long periods of time. He has the ability to manipulate any energy around him, including kinetic and potential energy, into offensive and defensive energy weapons. Such weapons have color based on energy type. Red energies such as concentrated beams or bolts, volleys of bolts, and shockwave or focus beam orbs are based on plasma. Yellow-orange energies such as force fields, energy claws, laser swords, and offensive holograms are based on hardlight. Blue energies such as telekinesis and hovering are based on kinetic or potential energy. Other colored energies are for minor use. Green is for chemical energy used in nanotech for repair, or as a caustic attack. Purple is for atomic disintegration.


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