Dr. Nefarious-2 (Casual Appearance)

Doctor Nefarious-2 is a dimensional twin to the original Doctor Nefarious native to the same dimension as Doofenshmirtz-2 and Evil Buzz Lightyear who had the same history with Captain Qwark and Ratchet and Clank, but the difference is that he got a radically-different robot body that made him 10 times as powerful as his original counterpart, making the events of Up Your Arsenal and A Crack in Time to be much more difficult for the heroes, as he made the Biobliterator self-defensive and work differently, and he almost took his dimension's Great Clock my manipulating his dimension's Alister Azimuth into joining his side as they had the same intentions for the Great Clock and the final fight ended the same way with Ratchet being killed by Alister until Clank reversed time to stop it and Alister died and was made Nefarious' commander for his more competent robot forces, as Alister came back as a cyborg and erased of certain memories, killing Clank and making him the AI for his dimension's Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters, as Ratchet and Talwyn got married and the Freedom Fighters had much different yet sparsely different history than the original. Nefarious-2 shared the same fate when he learned the hard way what the Great Clock was for and died the same way, becoming a Darkspawn, but from there, the events of All 4 One turned out differently as Nefarious-2 stole the Ephemeris and refashioned it into a device similar to Borderlands Construction Bots known as Correctors, meant to augment and superiorly modify anything digitally, increasing his power and founding Team Nefarious this way, as everything and everyone into more competent versions, effectively making them able to turn incompetent individuals competent, making his new members more than capable of conquering their worlds, and it allowed him to conquer the UUniverses-2, but as usual, he does have his enemies. His dimension is similar to the Nefarious reality of Path to Redemption, but it takes place about 10 events afterward as robots and organic lifeforms are forced to coexist and the heroes do well to keep it that way. His army is much different as well including his Nefarious Troopers, having the basic one looking more like Norm Bots and behaving more like Lego Movie Micromanagers, and the Protomantises are large heavily-armored tank-like dual minigun-wielding war machines, and Lawrence-2 is nothing like his counterpart, being a Norm Bot-like combat-built butler robot. Even the VX-99s are like giant flying troop carrier mechs, delivery saucers are like mobile command centers, the Leviathan is a combat-built warship, the Hornets are lightning-fast foot soldiers built in Nefarious' image, Zurg and Darkmatter are much more dangerous and formidable, Zurg doing the previously mentioned fast food service as a cover and part-time job, Morgana is an alchemist specializing in techno-magic, the Brain Pods are much larger and make up armored labor forces, the Grubs are artificially cloned and purebred drones, the Drej Empire acts as the augmented public spokespeople for Nefarious, Bellwether is an android secretary and supervisor, Smarty-Smarts is a competent cybernetic scientist, Dedede is the supervillain distributor and delivery expert, and so on.


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Nefarious-2 has a much different robot body than his original counterpart that gives him a much different array of powers and abilities that greatly contributed to his superior fighting skills. His hands were made into sharp metal claws that display energetic orange shredder claws for close-quarters combat. He could also fly with booster jets in his feet and has a secret thruster pack in where his two retractable wings are usually found beneath his long cape, which can function as makeshift wings which are used to keep balance when flying, also allowing him to hover low above the ground. He has concentrated energy blasters in his hands, utilizing many different kinds of attacks against his enemies like orange stun blasts and a purple focus beam and lob purple energy balls that created shockwaves when hitting the ground. He can also rain down unexpected attacks like unleashing missiles, raising walls of energy from the ground, and move a floating circular vortex. He could also project combat holograms of himself and project blue force fields. His robotic composition is based on trillium, a durable metal in the Ratchet and Clank world, that blocks energy attacks and projectiles, and he has Corrector nanobots within him that can repair damage and improve his skill.

His most notable ability is having no glitches when raging out, as this is due to the improved and superior robot model, as well as his trademark Correctors and self-repair nanobots. His lunacy is still apparent but not fatal or compromising. He can even transform into a bigger and more dangerous model with a push of a button on his chest. This form allows him increased powers, but also greater durability and healing to near-invulnerable levels, he can control the energy he wields like a tangible force, and he can use Corrector beams to improve his forces. However, this form decreases energy and stamina at a faster rate.

Nefarious-2 also has robotic minions to aid him in battle, having them teleport onto the battlefield, or simply order assistance from Lawrence-2, who is much more combat-built than Lawrence-1, and aside from his much superior minions and team, his trademark creation is the Correctors, which can digitally fix and augment anything and make them actually useful and therefore harder to beat. It was not often that Nefarious-2 battled his adversaries himself, often having his servants do his work for him unless all options were exhausted or he had a personal desire to fight.


MSM Additions

When not in the appearance of the photo above, he can transform into an armored model coated with trillium similar to Norm Bots, has more wires on his body, his cape functions more like makeshift wings for his hidden flight pack and rocket boots, has a red head dome, a helmet similar to a Norm Bot, more red lighting, has qualities of his mostly-blue appearance in Up Your Arsenal, his robot body is more reinforced, and his eyes are more menacing.

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