Ochsner SS-5
Doctor Ochsner
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Ochsner
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Futurasian Mega-Sci Corp Robot
Faction Hivemind University
Description Emotionless, Merciless, Monotone Voice, Efficient, Resourceful
Skills and Abilities Natural Robot Abilities, Digitized Phaser Cannons and Holo-Armor, Solar-Powered, Jet-Pack
Status Still at Large
Location Futurasia
  • Ochsner MSC Facility, Superiority (Birthplace)
Alignment Evil

Doctor Ochsner SS-5 is a robot that was created by a Mega-Sci Corp robotics facility on Futurasia. He is a white-and-blue robot that was meant to be a leading and maintenance robot, though the staff had started hearing rumors that his creator, also sharing the same last name, wanted to use robotics to do the work of people so they won't have to work, which was a serious problem. When this came to awareness of Ochsner, he went rogue and left Futurasia, eventually touching down on the world which housed Hivemind University, where he eventually used his robotic maintenance genius to provide HMU with identical robots for security, as well as two additional robots named VE-X5, and the secret superweapon project for a nearly-unstoppable robot named HS-86. Despite being a maintenance robot, he was fitted with his own self-defense systems in case of emergencies.


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