Ogel Prinby Gribanov
Doctor Ogel
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Ogel
Gender Male
Race/Species Centarric Terrapede (Terrapleurus centarrus)
Faction Yellow Revenant, Villains Act
Description Cybernetic, Insane, Wicked, Cunning, Resourceful, Egomaniacal, Grudge-Holding, Temper-Tantrums
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, High-Level Intelligence In Nuclear Fusion and Physics, Master Mechanic, Uranium-Plated Life-Support Cyber-Suit, Increased Strength, Endurance, Flexibility. Sharp-Clawed Left Arm With Fusion-Powered Energy Cannon That Also Grants Enhanced Punches, 3 Cybernetic Eyes, Night and UV Vision, Glass-Cased Helmet Grants Air Support And Has A Holographic Screen Interface, Radar, oPhone Interface
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Phalanx City, Roozsia (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Negatratt System) (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil

Dr. Ogel P. Gribanov is an Alternate UUniversal Terrapede from the Planet Roozsia. He is an armed centipede who was a well-known member of the Villains Act who once owned a billion-dollar military cybernetics facility. He created a robotic army meant to boost the Heroes Act, but Ogel secretly programmed them to serve the Villains Act instead in order to wipe out the Heroes Act for good. However, after being foiled by Team Positron, they destroyed his laboratory, and he was arrested. Now, apawn hearing what became of the Villain's Act during years of being absint, Ogel plans to create a new Villains Act by indirectly and anonimusly gain the aid of 4 corrupt dictators through getting each of them re-elected and, in a complicated and well-thought out plan, get their 4 planetary systems to declare war on each other.


Ogel was born on Planet Roozsia, and grew up as a military cybernetics professor. He lived long before the Interuniversal War, and served in the military since the end of the Alternate UUniversal Cartoonian War III. After helping Roozsia survive the Cartoonian War, he built a new factory on Oaxa, providing his technology to the Oaxan military. Throughout the Interuniversal War, he provided Roozsia and Oaxa with cybernetic technology such as war drones, combat bots, prosthetic weapons, and so on. He was an ally to an Oaxan space marine named Gorbin Argon. The two were great acquaintences, and Gorbin even rescued Ogel during an invasion of his factory, which left most of his body destroyed. Gorbin was able to repair him with his own technology, and he was revived as a cyborg with a holographic screen-helmet, a clawed left arm with a fusion-energy cannon, and tough uranium armor. However, during the end of the war, Gorbin rejected Ogel's work even after it saved him from certain death. For what reason is often for debate. Some argue morality issues, budget concerns, Ogel becoming alternate then what he was before, a combination of these, it's not exactly known due to the history is mostly so long ago that the people and files about the event had been lost during Ogel's eventual uprising. As an act of payback, Ogel framed Gorbin, and got him suspended from the Oaxan military.

Secretly joining the Villains Act years later, Ogel went to the Oaxan's Villains Act enemies, the Yellow Revenant, and struck a deal with them. He would provide the Villains Act with his technology in exchange for helping him kill Gorbin's family. The Yellow Revenant agreed, and they invaded Gorbin's hometown searching for the hotel Gorbin's son, Ace, lived in. When they found it, they planted a fusion bomb. Gorbin found out, and tried to diffuse it, but a Yellow Revenant soldier shot him down. Ace was able to survive the tragedy when his father evacuated him out before he went to try and diffuse the fusion bomb, and didn't know that he was dead until the fusion bomb detonated. This, in turn, convinced Ace to join the Oaxan military and destroy the Yellow Revenant.

Since then, Ogel had thought Ace was dead. But when the Yellow Revenant was taken down, he decided to help the Villains Act by creating an army of robot soldiers which would destroy the Oaxan space marines, and allow the Villains Act to take over the planet. However, when he found out that Ace was alive and helped the Oaxan military defeat the Yellow Revenant, he framed him, and got him fired, and arrested, thinking he was finally out of the picture. He even used his robots to destroy the Oaxan military and mindfucked the Leader of the millaterry into sueiside with the truth of the framing, just to be a jerk.

Years later, he continued creating his robot army, and came to Oaxa, claiming that his robot army was for the Heroes Act, and that no one recognized him as a villain. All except Ace, who escaped from prison, and rounded up a team called Team Positron, which was meant to be a secret vigilante team that would combat the Villains Act in total secrecy. They managed to discover his true intentions, and stop him. With Team Positron deemed as a myth, Ogel was fired, and sent to Planet Oranos. He has yet to return.


Being a centipede-like creature, Ogel can climb on any surface quietly. He also has a high-level intelligence, and is a genius in nuclear fusion and physics, and is a master mechanic. And being a cyborg has a lot of advantages. He wears uranium plating that protects him from different forms of damage, and he is given greater strength, endurance, and flexibility. His left arm is tipped with 3 sharp claws that can be useful as a weapon not just by wounding, but by the fact that it's got a palm-mounted fusion-powered energy cannon that fires pure-fusion blasts, and can even charge up the arm for very devastating punch. His head-machinery is capable of sustaining the remains of his head. His 2 eyes were replaced with cybernetic eyes, and a third artificial eye located on his forehead gives him better vision. These can allow him to see in the dark, and see in UV light. The most distinctive feature is the durable-glass casing on the head part, making it serve as a gas-mask. The casing also features a holographic screen that can give him better aiming with his arm cannon, it can pinpoint his location on a planet, and serve as a kind of oPhone, giving him access to the Omninet, and several other features.


  • "Resistance is futile. Submit to the machine."
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