Dr. Ogel is not done yet. With the loss of Team Negitron, his control of the no longer conflcting universes, and his robot army, Ogel is basicly on his own at this point when he vanished after his defeat. He secretly escaped to the original universe and remains in conito, till he heard that Glowrod has manage to re-establish the villains act, if only with just some of the original villains from the alternate universe. Ogel came to the act, and joined as the team sciencetist and stragitest. After Ogel was de-briefed of what was discovered pre-dating the New villain's act, Ogel offers a plan that'll garrantie victory, create a dragon-hybreed army with Power Gems. only few know locations of the Power Gem mines, so Ogel has found one that'll be easily malmitulated: Mr. Oilspill. Ogel mind-warpped Oilspill to start a mining in an isolated Power Gem mine and collected many gems, estracted the powers within, and started to inject various creatures with the powers. Dragons started to become weak with the uncontroled mining, so have Spyro and Cynder, and the Dragon Guardians, the other lougers and the Non-Dragon Realm dragons must find where the New Villain's act is mining, free Oilspill of mind-control, and send Ogel and Glowrod packing once again.

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