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Remy Edwin Reddick
Vital statistics
Title Scientist for Herbavoris Underworld
Gender Male
Race/Species Red panda (Ailurus fulgens)
Faction Herbavoris Underworld Scientist
Description Sensitivity to Species, Often Comically Crazy
Skills and Abilities Scientist Specializing In Feral Syndrome Given By Tame Collars, Naturally Vicious, Skilled In Self-Defense
Status Alive
Location Harbavoris, Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral Good

Doctor Remy E. Reddick is a red panda from the world of Zootopia. He is a citizen of the predator-segregating police-state city of Herbavoris. As a carnivore, he was mistreated and given a Tame Collar, which was Herbavoris' method of predator control. However, he eventually joined the Predator Underground where everyone was allowed to live without their tame collars. But Reddick noticed something off when Herbavorisian predators were stripped of their collars. He discovered that, as a result of young impressions left during their collar ceremonies at their young ages, and a lifetime of living in restraint and without freedom, the removal of a collar can cause a mental impact that Reddick named 'Feral Syndrome', as the effects of collar-removal range from ecstasy or downright effective savagery brought from restraint-based insanity, thus making the Predator Underground's leader, Leonty, accept his research on finding a cure to this syndrome to help Herbavoris recover from the impact the collar put on predator society since it's legal deployment. He first labelled the levels of the syndrome on a scale of 1 to 5, labelling every member of the Predator Underground to show how much of an impact their collar-based restraining left on them since they first gained it. But the higher-level predators who have experienced the worst impressions are thus prone to full-on rogue action and thus a depressant agent has to be deployed to calm them. He continues to do this today, all with the help of his raccoon assistant, Linnaeus, who was a former hobo, junker, and petty thief before the collars were made law, as he helps provide for Riddick and also others by scavenging anything from the dangerous suburban dystopia above them.


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