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Rene Hape Scranton
Vital statistics
Title Agent Scranton, Doctor Scranton, Miss Hume, Doctor Hume
Gender Female
Race/Species Human
Faction Outer Force Junior Scientist
Description Loopy, Paranoid Due To Line Of Work, Eccentric, Super-Geeky
Skills and Abilities Secret Psychic Powers, Genius In Scranton Devices, Master Engineer And Inventor, Experience In Combat
Status Alive
Location Outer Force HQ, Gravity Falls (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Doctor Rene H. Scranton is a 24-year-old human girl and a young reality-bending technological expert for the Outer Force. She is renowned as the daughter of Doctor Robert Scranton and Dr. Anna Lang, who are the head researchers of Site-120, an SCP site for researching reality-bending SCPS, and they are the creators of many reality-bending devices like the Scranton Reality Anchors, devices meant to anchor reality as it was when installed to protect it from being altered, and in the SCP Universe, reality is measured in a unit called a 'hume' (Hms), with normal reality being the medial measurement on a scale of 0-100hm, while areas with low hume readings (0-50hm) were prone to higher universe breaches and anomalous events like Gravity Falls and most locations in the UUniverses and could allow humans to have reality-bending powers, while areas with high hume readings (above 50-100hm) had too much reality for humans to process and can hinder the presence of anomalous entities, all measured by devices called Kant Counters all connected to a complex structure of two pocket dimensions each with Reality Anchors, each called Kant-1 and Kant-2. However, her father would end up stuck in SCP-3001, the Red Reality, when he attempted to create a new variant of the Reality Anchor with his wife called the Lang-Scranton Stabilizer, which was compromised and cast Scranton away from existence with the console after an unexpected earthquake destabilized the controls. This would put Rene in a state of grief, and when the console returned with all the info that confirmed he was alive in some capacity, she soon insists on joining the SCP Foundation in the hopes of getting him back, but the O5 Council constantly deny her requests. This is where she is instead offered the opportunity by Mr. Lifecraft, leader of the Outer Force. From there she took her father's work and highly improved on it. She created devices that would protect people from reality-bending anomalies, called Type-Greens, alongside others like Pattern Screamers. She studied all her father's theories on how reality is structured, and she even managed to successfully create the LSS while avoiding the same seismic activity that got her father stranded. She even developed medications using cosmicium, or timespace in a state of matter, and ways to perceive what cannot be seen through normal human senses. She has done all that she could with the research and resources she had available to her in the hopes of finding a way to bring her father back. But another secret she keeps from everyone is that, in her research, she has developed some psychic powers. With them she can act as her own reality anchor, possibly as a result of what she calls 'reality poisoning' from being stuck in a realm with high Hume level, allowing her to not bend reality, but sense humes greatly. But this messed with her ability to perceive what's real or not real, and as such she can be a bit paranoid. Yet she keeps her sanity in check with the right amount of her own medications.


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