Vorgo Oeth Scolex
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Scolex, OH Head of Science and Technology
Gender Male
Race/Species Scebuggean
Faction The Obsidian Hobnobbers
Description Comically Insane, Disturbing Experimentation, Peter Lorre-Style Accent, Intimidating Tone of Voice, Moderately-Slow Speech
Skills and Abilities Natural Insect Abilities, Natural Scientific Prowess, High-Level Genius Intellect
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tidetown, Herizon (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Uon System) (Hometown)
  • Obsidian Castle, Ofleyzunkote (OH Residence, Death Location)
  • Oranos (Haunting Future Ghost Residence)
Alignment Insane Evil
Doctor Vorgo O. Scolex is an Alternate UUniversal Scebuggean from Planet Herizon. Raised as one of the many Scebuggeans outside of the mercy of the Jalladome Confederation, Scolex grew up on a world of increased tidal effects as the result of it's additional moon, and lived in an AFT where he became a high-degree scientist until he became a tiny-bit loopy as the result of his ambition causing doubt, which resulted in him getting fired for refusing to cease pursuit of this goal, thus creating controversial and rather disturbing experiments, to where he eventually became the head of science and technology for The Obsidian Hobnobbers. Though he is constantly accused of tampering with technology that is 'not to be tampered with' and 'Playing God', and utterly killing any ethicist who accuses him of such, his experiments aided well in his beginning days and favored the OH well. However, later on when law enforcement evolved and threatened their existence, Scolex became more desperate to aid the OH in their senseless act of bribery, by using illegal mind-control serums to manipulate anyone he wishes, including police by spiking money with the serums. However, this plays in their weakening power since this leaves circumstantial evidence pinning them to the crime, thus risking their destruction more. He has grown so insane, he has lost much of his sense of logic. He is killed by his leader President Shi Thole senselessly with the rest of the Council when he suggested an idea that Shi Thole liked but didn't offer a timeframe suitable for the problem at hand, and he gets payback with the others thanks to Elder Xomplex, by haunting him in his prison cell. He has the comical insanity of Final Fantasy Machinabridged Dr. Hojo, but his is taken to higher but less-disturbing levels.


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