Epoch Ethan Terrion
Vital statistics
Title CEO of Epoch Corporation, Dinosican Dr. Peagore
Gender Male
Race/Species Titanis walleri Terror Bird
Faction Epoch Corporation
Description Bird-Style Personality, Anger Issues, Easily Frustrated, Easily Inspired
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Genius-Level Intellect
Status Alive
Location Zootopia World
  • Cenozoic District, Dinosica (Subterranean Prehistoric City)
Alignment Neutral Good
Doctor Epoch E. Terrion is a Titanis walleri from the Zootopian subterranean prehistoric utopia called Dinosica. He is a terror bird and the proud owner of Dinosica's top scientific research corporation, the Epoch Corporation, which was briefly going to be called the 'Terrion Corporation' until he decided his first name sounded cooler. He helps the place adapt well to the 'Surfies' modern-day technological society, and developed much of it through his many Australopithecus staff, has security in the form of Gorgonopsids, many Ice-Age animals, and a handful of dinosaurs, along with an assistant Dodo named Doth DuDode.


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