Doctor Meridian G. Traveloce, AKA Doctor Travelocity, was an Alternate UUniversal Slien from Planet Jenovis. He was once a scientist for Globex Industries that, after helping save the AUU from the Interuniversal War with the intelligence he gained from his endless travels across the AUU, but he grew to become extreme after the downfall of Jenovis by the hands of the VA, thus he began to exspeariment with rather extreme practices that ended up leading to him being fired because his work ended up too controversial and too overkill for even the Grand Council and Legion to accept in desperation. He left the planet and took all of his work with him digitally before it could be confiscated, and begrudgingly came to work for Corruption Co., though he insisted that he is working SOLELY for Corruption Co. itself and admits ZERO love for the VA for what they did to Jenovis. He did however promise to make the AUU regret rejecting his work of which he viewed it as "Disrespectful to his love for Jenovis", and promsied to make Corruption Co. the ultamate weapon, even if he admits disgust that it would tecnecally be for the VA, and did this by traveling the AUU once more and stealing the genetic makeup of the best heroes or warriors. He created a new biomechanical being with this genetic material and dubbed it Extron, who was generally perfected to be the ultimate weapon against the Heroes Act, though he intended it to be more against Globex Industries but had admited unsurprised disgust that the VA would have other plans and how Corruption Co. would be too spineless to defend his OWN plans. However, Extron, upon his creation, proved too evil and too nihilistic to be used, as he brutally murdered his own creator and ended up forcing Corruption Co. to hide his pod where he could never be found.


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