Doctor Whooves

Doctor Whooves

Dr. Whooves, AKA Time Turner, is an Earth pony from Equestria who is one of the show's main background ponies. His name seems to be a reference to Dr. Who, and he has been popularly put in the same kind of media. In Ponyville, he enjoys science because he believes that it and mathematics are just as strong as magic, and has been studying it for all his life. He has his own lab where he conducts several experiments.


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Role in the series

Since Dr. Whooves is Ponyville's best expert in science and math, he will eventually be chosen to represent Intelligence, one of the many components of the ancient Alicorn weapons known as the Elements of Peace. However, he is often kept down by Dr. Eureka, a so called "Vastly superior" genius of Equestia and Whooves' personal rival.

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