Tommit Ceu Worx
Doctor Worx
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Worx, Doctor Works, Robotics Division Head of Corruption Co.
Gender Male
Race/Species Tiikon
Faction Corruption Co., Villains Act (Formerly), The Dark Radicals
Description Naturally Technophilic, Intelligent, Resourceful, Three Personalities Based On Brain-Sleep Cycle:
  1. Creative and a Workaholic
  2. Egocentric and Holding Grudges
  3. Dishonest and Determined
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Tech-Glasses, High-Level Intelligence, High-Tech War Machines
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Monscore, Scarles (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Aithenus System) (Hometown)
  • Radic Temple, Goalax (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Current DR Residence)
Alignment Evil

Doctor Tommit Ceu Worx is an Alternate UUniversal Tiikon from Planet Scarles. He is a former genius worker for Globex Industries who worked in the Robotics Division, creating over a dozen war robots, droids, and androids. He was hoping to join a project meant to create a new fresh line of robot buildings. But because of his low-grade experience, his egocentric side, and for his dishonest record, he was forbidden authorization to join the project. Once he gets fired for trespassing on night duty, he stole the project blueprints and gave it to Corruption Co. as payback, which immediately granted the Villains Act the ability to produce mobile and robotic hideouts and bases. As a reward, Tommit earned not just a ton o money, but he also became the head of Corruption Co's Robotics Division, and he had produced a bounty-hunting guild which would hunt down lost technology from distant wars and refashion them for the Villains Act. As a Tiikon, he possesses three personalities based on the parts of his brain that remain active:

  • Alfa Phase: Creative and a Workaholic
  • Bravo Phase: Egocentric and Holding Grudges
  • Charlie Phase: Dishonest and Determined


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