Zode-Code Barth Ekkage
Doctor Zode
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Zode
Gender Male
Race/Species Jungle Numcep (Sphaeracephalus jungalcolus)
Faction Vault Seekers' Illegal Medic
Description Insane At Times, Resourceful, Reliable
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Intelligence and Steel-Hard Skull Plate, Healing Equipment
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Luiter (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Homeworld)
  • Fyregem, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero Black Marketer

Doctor Zode-Code B. Ekkage is an Alternate UUniversal Numcep from Planet Luiter. He is a pachycephalosaur-like dinosaur who is a former medic that lost his med-school degree after a crazy incident, and is now a black-market provider of recharging energy shields, STIMS, augmentation serums, and other medical products, particularly for the Vault Seekers in Fyregem. He is a little bit insane, but he is nevertheless a reliable asset to the Vault Seekers since he's pretty much all they've got, stealing control of several medical vendors of the Beofynzeny System's Phase-Med Vending Company since he lost his medical license. He also had a twin brother in the form of a mad scientist named Doctor CZ who tried to make the cure for death and only created a zombie serum and became the half-zombie leader of the highly-quarantined Zombie Hive of the Beofynzeny System. He helped guide the Vault Seekers for a while, but since they were mind-controlled by Awesome Jaxtom, he tried to keep a low profile and waited for the chance for his heroes to come back. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Dr. Zed, and has the same personality.


Born in Luiter, a planet in the Beofynzeny System which was known for the battle royales held by Armatage and Huncus as a substitute for their sour relationship with each other after the Armatage-Huncus Feud, each using their weapons in verses matches, viewers placing bets on each other's competition, and using clones and robots instead of live people. Though seeing the clones being killed gruesomely as his bloodhungry twin brother Code was more into the blood and gore and disobeying his parents not to watch it for it's violence, all with the excuse that blood and gore was already the norm in this lawless system. This inspired Zode to do something about the people who he shuddered to think was helpless out there when they were killed or injured.

Thus he grew up trying to rise through the ranks at medical school. He had help from many associates including his brother. They were also medical scientists that earned high-rank medical licenses for working for the Ansher Corporation, which specializes in military medical and defense technology. They aimed to create cures for hundreds of ailments. But both brothers ended up going to illegal means of research when they hit roadblocks in their research goals. Code was intent on curing death in a project called the Luvius Project against his brother and superiors' wishes due to concerns from the Globex Confederation of Corporations, after his parents died of an incurable illness and saving his cryogenically-frozen wife from the same illness. In response to his insubordination, his attempt to stop his superiors from shutting down the project, they accidentally killed his wife by accelerating the illness. Enraged, Code accidentally knocked himself into an imbalanced serum that became his zombie serum, making him and the executives undead in the process. In response to his wife's death, he nearly infected the entire Ansher Corporation until they fled, leaving the area he infected to be the Zombie Hive of Luiter that is highly-quarantined, especially since it was on an island.

While this was happening, Zode was developing more subtle ways of curing anything. His methods used illegal tech that was engineered into legal boundaries, and yet he was still in legal trouble because 'crimes are still crimes'. Thus he was forced to keep this project a secret until he finally tested them on a terminally-ill Ansher executive. It was a digital anatomy cleanser that was not fully tested because of being derived from black-market bootlegs, and tech that was never perfected because of it's illegal status. It ended up making the executive's nervous system come to life and take his own doctor's body, getting the both of them to run off into the harsh lands of Luiter. This, along with the analysis of the devices' black market origins, cost Zode his medical license and banned from medical work for life, and when he was compared to his brother, he angrily stormed off with all his dreams ruined. He fled to Uridia where he founded his own black market medical market that traded illegal or legal medical technology, rising up his experience in making both through gory yet effective means, finding his place in the black market trading town of Fyregem, and even becoming the medic for the Vault Seekers.


  • "I might not have a med-school degree, but when you get shot you'll be happy I'm here."
  • "Who needs a real doctor when you got my machines and their scary needles?"
  • "If you ain't dead, I'll keep you that way."
  • "Who needs a medical license when you got style?" (Response: I can safely say there are some reasons.")
  • "Please insert any donated organs into the receptacle below."
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