Junsei Saiko Subarashīko
Doctress Junsei
Vital statistics
Title Doctress Junsei, Female Doctor Strange with a mannorisums of A Female Tony Stark
Gender Female
Race/Species Human
Faction Former Uniter Princess
Description Middle-Aged, Cybernetic Limbs and Eyes, Oftentimes Comical, Very Smug Scientific Observations, Wisecracking, Very Smart
Skills and Abilities Vast Scientific Intelligence, Combat Experience, Amazing Inventions, Cybernetic Lifelike Limbs Grant Enhanced Strength, Cybernetic Eyes Grant Enhanced Vision, Accurate Senses, Engineering Mastery, Alchemy and Magic, Mythril Longblade
Status Alive
Location San Fransokyo
Alignment Pure Good
Doctress Junsei S. Subarashīko is a human female cyborg from the world of San Fransokyo. Being a prized genius even for her young age, like with Doctor Strange, she lost her limbs and eyes in an accident caused by a jealous genius and ended up meeting a Lightfly named Techtress Giftware, who gave her not just cybernetics beyond any existing technology and made her a Uniter Princess after defeating a manipulative and power-hungry technocrat, earning her countless Familiars in the form of digitized unrecognizable video game characters collectively called the Matrix Knights, as well as her own hero team with two pyrokinetic twins Shiro and Leyu Taiyoma, a tech samurai named Ebon Ha Ken, a girl android with an enhanced cybernetic eye named Furi Tamashi, the super-intelligent older sister of Hiro's rival Karmi Marys, and Giftware, with her first victory as Uniter defeating her evil rival Reisu Shimigama and his three-woman split personality henchwoman Badgal. Unlike many other Uniter Princesses, Junsei's bread and butter was technology and alchemy. Thing is, her ex-Uniter Status was because she had the ego of Tony Stark and assentually sensationalised her Uniter Status to the world of San Fransokyo and acted like being a Uniter was status bling, which, while it didn't made the Lightflies hate her cause she does do the job well, they did felt disheartent about her ego and were concern for her safety and that of the world's cause she tends to avertise her Uniter Hood TOO damn well. She ended up being overwealmed by an army of Uniter-Slaying Robots unleashed by a royal Mothron Sciencetist named Imperial Sciencetist Cyberus, Reisu and Badgal's former master which was doing desistating damage to the city, forcing Lightfly intervention that lead the the robots' destruction, and Cyberus to retreat. Having been humbled greatly by this, Junsei desided that being a Uniter "Doesn't Match her Sytile", humbly desiding to surrender the title, even when informed she was gonna lose it anyway cause the ego got abit much and that there was a concern of corruption, which only motivated Junsei's willing departure from it. She even asked for the world to forget about her uniter status and about the attack, of which the Lightflies supplied very well. Giftware stayed with Junsei even in spite of everything, though the two have abit of a Captain America and Iron Man relationship and have stern debates about the right way to do heroisum, the two still succeed a strong friendship reguardless, albeit not without friendly potshots at eachother in harmless teasing.


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