Dodge Errúe Redds
Vital statistics
Title Dodger Redicus
Dodger (not to be confused with Dodger)
Gender Male
Race/Species Frilled Red-Headed Oragma (Eurythoragma frillbus)
Faction Juno City Crime (Formerly), Independent Hero, Heroes Act (Future)
Description Tough, Wise-Cracking, Smart, Easily-Bored, Thrill-Seeking, Good Insulter
Skills and Abilities Natural Lizard Abilities, Acrobatic, Regeneration, Golden Crowbar, Contraband Paraphernalia, Criminal Experience Aids Well, Stealth Master
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Juno City (Space City) (Hometown)
Alignment Antihero
Dodge E. 'Dodger' Redds, AKA Dodger Redicus, is an Alternate UUniversal Oragma from the Space City of Juno City. He is a red-headed lizard with the oral frills of a toad-headed agama, a red-striped tail, and is passionate and carefree long ranger who wears a tech-retro suit, wields a common golden crowbar, had awesome equipment regardless of being contraband technology, named himself after the AUU biblical Ehaexon who knew nothing but killing and growing in power, in order to make himself look intimidating to the traitorous friends in Juno City's criminal underworld run by the evil Jonkogont named Boss Rixis Montgomery. Ever since Montgomery pushed him too far multiple times, he abandoned the criminal underworld, and achieved his dream of being a sport star after winning multiple awards for it in his childhood, only with a new twist as he became a freerunner who thwarted the plans and illegal acts of Montgomery every day. He still does this to this very day but one day, when Montgomery goes too far one day by killing his Oxoxder friend in cold-blood and he takes revenge with the help of two certain birdbrains, he ends up later joining the Heroes Act when turning Montgomery in earned him a bounty for his head, leaving the Heroes Act to bring him in as a new member.


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His UIS Identity, Ryne Staebler, is a creature called a Hingoraptor, which is a small raptor noted for it's speed, scaling ability, gliding, and it's toad-headed-agama mouth and four jaws. He is relatively the same and got his UIS mission in a space city. He has the same skill and equipment, but it's different in many ways: He wears a smart-fabric hoodie and smart-fabric pants that both respond to his oPhone and his holo-blasters, which helps provide extra fire alongside his armosis ability, and his trademark golden crowbar is replaced with a golden Halligan bar.

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