Dog John
Vital statistics
Title Doglin, Jonnyblin
Gender Male
Race/Species Dog-Goblin Hybrid
Faction Death Coffin (Formerly)
Description Cowardly, Regal
Skills and Abilities Natural Dog and Goblin Abilities
Status Alive
Location Equestria (Birthplace)
  • Equestrian Underworld (Former Death Coffin Loyalty)
  • Princess Cadance's Reforming Monastery (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Dog-John is a cowerdly Dog-Goblin regel that is a self-exile to escape troubles from home after he testified against a member of the Griffin Mafia. He was on the run ever since. Then one day, when he was about to be assassinated by a hired hit-Minotaur, the Minotaur was scared off by Death Coffin, who in return for saving him, Dog-John devoted his life to him. Coffin offered to grant John immortality so the Griffin Mafia can never be able to harm him ever, so Dong-John took his offer greatly. He became friends quickly with Cheepers and Injury and Fear. Dog-John often feels sad for Coffin and his personal race troubles. Dog-John is VERY uneasy on how Death Coffin wishes to resolve it: compromising the keyhole of Equestia, which he knew from old legends that doing so tends to bring form consinquinces in more ways then one, but Coffin considers it a risk worth taking in restoring the alicorn race. He often has to be insured by Cheepers that good things will come, but Dog-John can't help but to feel that soon, Coffin and the troup will be placed in a colition course against a force not even Coffin can stop.


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