Dolby Dan Wolbfe
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race/Species Sand Eriulf (Eris sandus)
Faction Sheriff Moreland's Second-in-Command
Description Cerebral Hypoxic, Bad Memory Skill, Comically Naïve And Emotional At Times, Tough, Persistent
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities,
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
Alignment Lawful Good

Dolby Dan Wolbfe is an Alternate UUniversal Eriulf from Planet Carbungia. He is a scale-backed canine who is a partner and best friend of Sheriff Moreland. Despite suffering cerebral hypoxia during a fight against Xerxes XX trying to defend his Hydrocabiais friend and crush from her untimely murder, making him slightly bad in memory and functionality, he is still a capable fighter and good second-in-command deputy for Moreland.


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