Doldrumsta Blue
Doldrumsta Blue
Vital statistics
Title The Glooming Reaper, Pony of Shadows (Formerly)
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Pitch Black (Formerly), Taraxippus Race (Formerly)
Description Eternally Gloomy, Mentally Tormented and Constantly Tortured With Remnants of Taraxippus Form, Mood Swings, Eternally-Teary Eyes
Skills and Abilities Natural Unicorn Abilities, Advanced-Level Magic, Fluent in Old Ponish, Remnants of Taraxippus Form Grants Her Advanced Yet Unstable Knowledge of Black Magic
Status Missing
Location Equestria
  • Location unknown...
Alignment Gloomy and Unsure

Doldrumsta Blue is an Equestrian unicorn who was hardly infamous for being the previous Pony of Shadows before Stygian during the dawning days of the Great Fear Wars back when Pitch Black was terrorizing with fear with an alliance of the Pony of Shadows' kind, the Taraxippus, or ghosts that terrify ponies and was their previous image of the boogeyman before Pitch came as he made his hideout in an old hippodrome called the Woe Hippodrome which was a grand palace back when the Taraxippus reigned supreme with fear in the days of the Alicorn Gods, created by Prince Woeus, the Alicorn God of Fear, Pain, Trauma, and Suffering back before he was defeated by his kind and his Taraxippus followers were exiled to a shadow realm accessed within a Ponehenge-like room within the hippodrome that Pitch was able to exploit and use the Taraxippus to help induce fear as their new leader after Woeus was turned into shadow and darkness forever. However, since they lost a Pony of Shadows, which was in charge of the ultimate dark fear harbinger for the Taraxippus and the most horribly feared, they chose one pony who was ruined permanently by the effects of the Fear Wars as she lost her entire family, home, and everything she had ever loved to mass hysteria and self-destruction, as she watched her own parents kill themselves with the Deconstruction Spell, turning themselves into Taraxippus, and left her so mentally destroyed, her power became enough to create the perfect Pony of Shadows, as her parents brought her to the Woe Hippodrome where they turned her into such, as she helped Pitch induce fear. However, she was later saved from this form by Halo Epiphany as she tried to turn Celestia and Luna into their kind through their own fears, by sacrificing her soul, but since the Pony of Shadows didn't keep her promise to spare them in exchange for the soul, the soul ended up so enlightened by the sacrifice after the years she suffered in limbo that nearly turned her into a Taraxippus, that it purged Doldrumsta of her Taraxippus form, and saved both her and Halo from a darkened fate. Doldrumsta was released back into Equestria, though not out-of-sync of the UUniverses' time scale like Halo, and thus came into the modern world. However, because of the years of torment being the Pony of Shadows, she was cursed doomed to eternal sadness, tears, and misery, especially as she was cursed with immortality, and thus she hid in the darkest corners of Equestria to forever sulk in sadness. However, Halo, upon discovering her foe's true form, found it one of her priorities to find Doldrumsta and cure her of her gloom while also saving her brother Stygian, who was chosen to be the next Pony of Shadows after Doldrumsta was freed as an act of revenge following him being cast out by his considerable father Starswirl the Bearded after his parents were lost during the Fear Wars. Doldrumsta is still out somewhere moping in eternal sadness and needing a cure. She has similar powers and the same voice of Blue Diamond in Steven Universe as her magic is powered entirely by her sadness and thus she has the power to induce any kind of sadness, torment, and depression into anyone.


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