After getting several complaints from the Lodgers of Mr. Krabs' being annoying with his cheapness, Ignitus has no choice but to cut off his access to their money and learn to improve with it on his own with his own money. And he starts getting upset since he needed to buy his daughter Pearl a house after her 18th birthday. But being too stubborn and cheap to spend the money he has, he makes a loan with Prince Scorpo, and gets enough money to buy Pearl a house. But he still had to pay Scorpo back, or he would be put under a lawsuit that would take the Dragon Temple in payment, getting multiple more competent lawyers than Hammy that gravely rival 'Harvey Wadder' to see it through. Mr. Krabs, still being cheap, still refuses to give up his own money. But he soon gets himself in trouble after the Shell Lodge had to pay his debt by giving up their entire charity money. Now, for his failure to be responsible, Mr. Krabs is officially kicked out of the Shell Lodge Squad. But they may have gone too far as well, because The Flying Dutchman is back to try to send Mr. Krabs to Davy Jones Locker once again for his disgrace to the Shell Lodge. Can the Shell Lodge discover that they were wrong to kick Mr. Krabs out before he is sent to Davy Jones' Locker FOR ETERNITY?!?

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