Domino Effect
Vital statistics
Title Dominotaur
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Minotaur
Faction Power Pony Enemy
Description Fictional, Brutal, Surprisingly Strategic, Deadly, Deceptively Cunning
Skills and Abilities Invulnerability, Near-Herculean Strength, Surprisingly Tactical Mind, Silver Tongue
Status Fictional, Alive
Location Power Pony Universe
Alignment Evil

Domino Effect, AKA Dominotaur, is a fictional Equestrian Minotaur and an enemy for the Power Ponies. Developed during the days of Humdrum's newfound character development thanks to Spike's comic adventure, Dominotaur was meant to be a better villain compared to the now-obscured and shamed Mane-iac. Dominotaur is a Marvel Blockbuster-like villain with invulnerability to damage, near-Herculean strength, and named himself for his legendary achievement of toppling over buildings like dominos, initially plotting to create a domino effect where he would bring crime to Maretropolis, and create a criminal army to take over nearby cities. He has a dark brooding voice, and has a domino-themed appearance as tattoos. Though the Power Ponies manage to take him out despite proving to turn them against each other and nearly destroying Humdrum in the process. His reasons for being like this is because he was a known domino fanactic growing up and his love for dominos litterally became destructive to even fellow minotaurs when he kept wrecking their cities in simular fastions of dominos falling down and was unsurprisingly banished from Minotauria for it. He ended up in Maretorplis to persue his passions, even at the ponies' expense, unsurprisingly making the Power Ponies come and "Spoil (his) fun as well".


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